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FHS 2620 Activity/ Lesson Plan- Part 1

Preparing the Activity and Planning for Implementation

Spring 2018

Student Name___Tiba Alshreayda _____

Lesson Plan # and Title: _ Multi-Cultural and Nature-Inspired

Classroom / Lab Teachers: _______Grizzlies Classroom___/_____Lisa____

Today’s Date: _03/28/18_ Date of Activity Implementation (both days):___4/10/18____and _4/12/18_____

Course Instructor Approval before Implementation: _____________________Date: ___________________


Topic and Overarching Goal
The topic is “we are all equal.” My goal for this lesson plan is to make sure that each child understands that
we are all different in our appearance, but we are all capable of doing the same thing.
Behavioral Objectives:
1. When I ask the children to name two differences between the red and green apple. The children will be
able to answer me with in thirty second.

2.When I ask the children to name two similarities between the red and green apple. They should response
to me with in thirty -five seconds.

3.When the children paint using their self-made paint brush. They will be able to identify the difference
between the regular paint brush and the one that they are using.

Preparing The Activity

Observation and Assessment:
What interests, assessments, prior knowledge, observations, and/or experiences have you observed to explain
why you have chosen this activity?

As, I have been in the Grizzly classroom I have observed that we have different types of race in our classroom
such as Americans, Indians, and Mexicans. I realize that some of the children don’t interact with the other type
of children. For example, Samantha dose not enjoy playing with the other kids only the one girl from her
country. She really doesn’t engage with them. That’s why I chose to do the apple activity to let them know that’s
its ok to be different but still we still are the same also I want the children to understand that it is not okay to
criticize somebody because they are different from you. I want them to realize that no matter what you look like
or what you believe in we are all the same.

Activity/ies Description: What are you doing for your activity/ies? Describe in very specific step-by-step detail,
using numbers or bullets. Write descriptions as if you will be giving instructions to a substitute teacher:
Multicultural Activity
 Time before transitions; 8:50a.m. I will put the cleanup song kids will cleanup.
 After that I will sing the transition song (Everybody Sit-Down ).
 This will take place in the large group area (circle time).
 I will start to introduce the book I am going to read which will be (Same different)
By Calida Garcia Rawless.
 Meanwhile reading the book “Same different” I will start asking the children
questions about the book. Such as what they understood, and why they were the
girls confused.
 After, I finished reading the book I will the pull out the two apples from my pocket.
 one apple red and one green.
 I will ask the children to describe how the two apples are the same and how they
are different.
 As the kids answer my question I will have one of the teacher to draw a Venn
diagram on a big piece of paper were the class could see it.
 Then I will cut the two apples in half. Show the children that even though the skin
color is different, the two apples are both the same on the inside, just like us

 For this activity I will take the kids outside for five minutes to let them collect as much nature resource
they can. Such as leaves, tree sticks, rock, etc.
 When we go inside the classroom, I will let them sit in the art table and show me what they collected
while they were outside.
 I will explain that they are going to be making paint brushes using the natural items they collect.

2nd Day Changes: Specifically, and concretely explain how your activity/ies will change for the 2nd day. How
will you “extend and expand” the learning?

 I will extend my Multicultural Activity by repeating the same steps that I did on day one. I am still
going to read the book “Same Different by Calida Garcia Rawless.” Then I will ask them questions
about the book.
 After I’m finished with the book. I will have a big white poster next to me that already says “We
are all ONE but different, Different but the same.
 Then I will ask the teacher to grab the paint for me.
 After, that I will call up each child individually by there shirt color and have their hand prints on
the poster using the paint that matches their skin color.
 When all the kids have token their turn in putting their hands on the poster. I will ask them to look
at the poster and explain to me what the poster means to them.

On the second day I will give the children a white piece of paper and they are will
paint the paper using the paint brush they created for day one.

Planning Assessment
How will you assess your behavioral objectives?
I will asses my behavioral objective by writing down the result of each kid’s answer, for the multicultural
activity I will have a checklist that has all the children names to see which children are able to answer my

Explain why your plan enhances a child’s creativity
My plan enhances a child’s creativity because they will be able to observe, review, and express their learning.
For example, when I read the story to the children the children will listen to the story and answer the question.
For the nature inspired activity the children will be able to use their critical thinking to gather up natural
resources to make and use a paint brush.

Planning for Implementation

What center or places within the classroom will you be utilizing?
 I will be utilizing the reading center (circle time) and the art table.

List the materials you need to supply:

 Book
 Poster
 Red and green apples

List the materials you would like to have the lab school supply:
 Paint (Brown, and, white)

Address the documentation to be completed (how, when, who, what?):

 Observation check list, take pictures and notes.

Coordination between Student and Lab Teacher

I discussed this lesson plan with my lab teachers and my plan was approved for: (Initial each line)
____ Safety Issues
____ Scheduling Conflicts
____ Topic of Plan
____ Food Allergies