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Lesson Plan Mar.

Grade/Subject: 2/Science Unit:Boats and Buoyancy Lesson Duration: 1 hour


General Learning Outcomes:

2-7 Construct objects that will float on and move through water, and evaluate various
designs for watercraft.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

Students will:
2. Alter or add to a floating object so that it will sink, and alter or add to a non floating object
so that it will float.


Students will:
1. Alter (B) both something that floats and sink (P) and so that they do the opposite of what these
items normally do (M).


Observations: Key Questions:

How can we change something that floats to make
it sink?
How do we make something sink float?

Written/Performance Assessments:


Resource #1: Learn Alberta program of study
Resource #2:
Resource #3:


● 16 Oranges
● 3-4 totes for water
● 3-4 erasers
● Epsom salt


Introduction (__min.):

Hook/Attention Grabber: Today we are going to learn together how to make something that floats sink
and something that sinks float.

Assessment of Prior Knowledge: Last class we experimented with object to see if they float or sink.
Together lets list 5 things that float and sink.

Advance Organizer/Agenda:
Write on the board.
1. Experiment with Oranges
2. Experient with erasers
3. Clean up
Transition to Body:

Body (__min.):

Learning Activity #1: Students will first see that their oranges floats. Then in their table groups talk
about how we might make something like an orange sink when it normally floats. Give students 5 mins
to discuss and be prepared to share their ideas with the class. Ensure students that no idea is silly and
we want to hear all the great ideas.

I think students will come up with peeling the orange but if they don’t we can suggested it after trying
their suggestions. Maybe their suggestions will work too. Let students eat their oranges after if they

Learning Activity #2: Show students that a egg sinks. Have a short discussion about how we might
make the egg float. Let students take turns putting epsom salt in the water and stir the water. Put
enough salt till the egg float because the water has become more dense.
Learning Activity #3: Together everyone will clean up together.

Closure ( __min.):

Consolidation/Assessment of Learning: By raising your hands I want to see who thought before we did
the experiments who thought it was going to be possible to sink a orange and float a egg?

Feedback From Students: Was today’s experiments interesting for all of you?

Feedback To Students: For myself I enjoy learning through doing experiments.

Transition To Next Lesson: Next class we are going to start planning building boats. Everyone will be
able to build their own boat using their own design.