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Lesson Plan Mar.

21 Science
Grade/Subject: 2/ Science Unit: Boats and Buoyancy Lesson Duration: 1 hr.


General Learning Outcomes:

2-7 Construct objects that will float on and move through water, and evaluate various
designs for watercraft.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

3. Assemble materials so they will float, carry a load and be stable in water.
7. Develop or adapt methods of construction that are appropriate to the design task.


Students will:
1. Write down what materials they will need to assemble their boat for next week.
2. Draw their boat if they did not complete in or was not present last class.


Observations: Key Questions:

● What materials will you need to help you build
the boat you have planned?
● Will these materials assist your boat in floating?

Written/Performance Assessments:
Complete their list of materials they need to build their planned boat.


Resource #1: Learn Alberta Program of Studies


● Material planning sheet


Introduction (__min.):

Hook/Attention Grabber: Grade twos last science class we started planning what our boats will look
like. Today day we are planning what materials that we will need to start building them on Monday.
Assessment of Prior Knowledge:
● Raise your hand if you completed drawing your boat?
● Raise your hand if you weren’t present that day?
● Raise your hand if you are happy with how your boat looks?
● Raise your hand if you want to do a different plan for how your boat will look?

Expectations for Learning and Behaviour: Todays class we will be doing some writing. Together we will
write possible materials that many of you may use. We will do this to help with spelling, but once you
see the items you want to use wrote on the board please write them down as quickly and neatly you
can on your own sheet.
Advance Organizer/Agenda: (write on the board)
1st Clarissa and ? share their boat drawing
2nd Draw your boats
3rd What items do you need?
4th Sharing Time

Body (__min.):

Learning Activity #1: Clarissa and () share their boat drawing

Assessments/Differentiation: We ran out of time last class and they wanted to share so I will make time at the
beginning of the class.
Learning Activity #2: Brainstorm together on the board
Assessments/Differentiation: I will write materials on the board so that the students that struggle with writing and
spelling will be assisted in those areas.
Learning Activity #3: Share your plans
Assessments/Differentiation: Students enjoy sharing their plans and when they share their plans they learn from
each other.

Closure ( __min.):
Consolidation/Assessment of Learning: Everyone has great plans and I am looking forward to next
Monday when we will start to build these boats.

Feedback From Students:I am going to take everyone sheets and start to gather the materials that we
need. If you have items at home that you think will help build your boat please bring them. You can
bring them any time before Monday and we can keep them in an area in the classroom to keep till
building time.

Feedback To Students: How does everyone feel about their plans?

Any questions?
Transition To Next Lesson: I want everyone to clean their area, stack your chairs and prepare to go