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Rulebook - Version 1.6

Artwork and Layout is Subject to Change
In 2056, a breakthrough in genetic reconstitution allowed the collaboration proved unfruitful as tourists didn’t want
a small research institute in South America to recreate true to life dinosaurs; they wanted the dinosaurs they
once extinct lifeforms from a fraction of genetic material. dreamed about as a child.
In hopes of attracting new benefactors, the institute
With the promise of
rebranded themselves as DinoGenics.
ever increasing revenue,
A new venue for greed was born as industry leaders DinoGenics gave into
from around the world flocked to the area in hopes of demands and engineered
building the first successful dinosaur park. Early days of the dinosaurs the world wanted.

Table of Contents Game Components

Introduction 2 Mainland Game Board 1
Summary 3 Visitor Track Board 1
Setup 4 Island Park Boards 5
Overview of Play 5 Facility Tiles 48
Visitors 6 DNA Cards 72
Upkeep Phase 7 Manipulation Cards 36
Dinosaur Rampage 7 Breaking News Cards 18
Assessing Damage 8 Rampage Dice 2
Assigning Workers 9-10 Visitor Cubes 30
Structures 11 Workers 25
Pens 12 Player Order Markers 10
Dinosaur Reference 13 Dinosaur Meeples 54
Facilities Reference 14 Scandal Tokens 10
End Game Scoring 15 Fence 95
Quick Reference Back Cover Meat Tokens 20

Facility Tiles

Visitor Cube Rampage Dice Meat Token Fence

Manipulation Card Breaking News Card DNA Card Money

Scandal Token
DinoGenics is a worker placement game where players will collect resources to enhance their individual parks. At
compete to build the most popular and wealthy dinosaur the end of seven rounds, the park with the most victory
park. Each player owns a private island and takes turns points is deemed the winner and acquires enough market
deploying workers to areas of the Mainland; there they shares to buy out his or her competitors.

Workers Your Personal Dinosaur Park

As the owner of a dinosaur park, you have Each player has a personal park island board. This island
complete control over where your workers are board is where you will place all resources, dinosaurs and
assigned each season. Workers come in five park facilities that you acquire from the mainland.
different colors; at the start of the game, each You may only place one dinosaur or facility in each space
player should choose a color and collect all workers of (square) of the island board.
that color.

During each turn you will assign one worker to an

unoccupied space of the Mainland. When you do so,
collect the resource as indicated.

The Visitor and Reputation Tracks

Each season a number of tourists will want to visit your
dinosaur park. The park with the most desirable dinosaurs
will have the best reputation and thus attract the largest
number of visitors. Each season, you will look to the
Visitor Track to determine how many visitors come

Each player will have all of their workers returned to them to each players park. Each visitor your park attracts
will give you one money at the start of the season.
at the end of the each season.

Gaining Victory Points

Players gain Victory Points (VP) at the end of each season
based on the number of visitors their parks attracted and
kept alive as well as the dinosaurs their parks contain.
Certain constructible facilities also grant bonus victory
points based on various aspects of a players park.

Place the Mainland board in the center of the table. Each player should now draw three Dinosaur DNA cards
Each player should take an Island Park board and set it in and one Manipulator card.
front of them.
Place each player’s reputation cube on the 0 space of the
Shuffle the Dinosaur DNA deck and the Manipulation reputation track.
deck and then place them on their designated spaces of
the Mainland board. Choose one person to be the first player at random.
Player one receives three starting money, players two
Separate out the 8 Budget Hotel tiles and place them and three receive four starting money and players four
on the first column of the City Center tile spaces, then and five receive five starting money.
shuffle the remaining facility tiles and place them near
the board. Draw three facility tiles to the remaining tile Complete setup by placing the first Breaking News card
spaces of the City Center. in the Upcoming Event slot of the main board and by
drawing three DNA cards to the DNA Market.
Each player claims four fence blocks and forms them into
a 1x1 pen on the park side of their personal Island board. All other components should be placed within arm’s
reach of all players.
Hand out workers to each player. For:
3 Players - 4 workers each You are now ready to start the Pre-Season.
4-5 Players - 3 workers each

Each player will gain one additional worker at the start of

Season 4.
Overview of Play
DinoGenics is played out over seven seasons, each the Mainland. Placing your workers on action spaces will
composed of two phases. The Open Season phase is generally grant you a resource as indicated by the space.
concerned with collecting resources and building your Some action spaces incur a cost to use. If you do not have
park. The Upkeep phase is when you must check that your the required resource, you may not assign a worker to that
dinosaur needs are met and is also when you get to score space.
victory points.
After all player workers have been assigned for the
During the Open Season, each player will take turns season, the game will advance to the Upkeep Phase.
assigning one worker at a time to an action space on

Pre-Season (First Round) Open Seasons (Round 2-7)

The Pre-Season represents the preparation phase of a new Open Seasons represent the standard play cycle of the

park opening and will only occur during the first round of game. During the Open Season, players will assign visitors,

the game. The Pre-Season functions similar to a normal collect money, and deploy workers to the mainland.

Open Season except no visitors can be taken and the

board refresh steps are ignored. 1. Check the reputation level of each park to determine

player order (higher reputation is better). In the event

In this phase it is encouraged that each player try and of a tie, player order is determined first by number of

get at least one dinosaur into play before the end of the buildings and then by amount of money.
season. Dinosaurs are the primary decider in how many 2. Assign Visitors. (See page 6)

tourist visit your park in the Open Season. 3. Each player gains 1 money per visitor taken.

4. Draw a new Breaking News card and place it into

1. No visitors may be taken in the Pre-Season. the upcoming event space. This will push the current

2. Assign workers to unoccupied areas of the mainland news card into the active position. Resolve the new

to gain resources. active card if applicable.

3. The Pre-Season concludes with the Upkeep Phase as 5. Draw one new facility to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th building

in a normal open season. stacks.

6. Each player takes turns assigning workers to

unoccupied areas of the mainland.

7. After all workers have been assigned, advance to the

Upkeep Phase.
The Visitor board tracks a parks reputation, player order space of their colored reputation track. Place the Visitor

and the number of visitors that a park will receive each Overlay so that the arrow points to the Pre-Season column

season of the game. At the beginning of the game, each header. At the end of each season, you will move the

player’s reputation cube should be placed on the zero Visitor Overlay one column to the left.

Each Open Season, players will receive the number of

visitors shown by the number of red visitor cubes icons in

their column as indicated by the Visitor Overlay. The first

player always gets the column furthest left in the overlay.

One red cube icon represents one visitor. Throughout the

course of the game, the number of visitors available to

each player will increase significantly.

After normal visitors are taken, players assign bonus

visitors (if they have space) to their parks based on the

current season bonus shown below the current season

column. Provided they have space, the first player may

always claim the first two visitors from the bonus pool

first. After that, each player takes turns (in player order)

claiming one visitor from the bonus pool until none

remain or until all player hotels are filled.

Upkeep Phase Dinosaur Rampage
During the Upkeep phase each park owner must Dinosaurs that are not properly cared for will become violent

attempt to feed any carnivores in his or her park. Failure and attempt to escape. This is called a Dinosaur Rampage.

to feed carnivores or properly pen dinosaurs will result

in the potential destruction of park facilities. Following A Dinosaur Rampage will occur if:
the feeding step, all visitors are returned to the main • A dinosaur occupies a pen smaller than its physical

stockpile and any building resources or benefits are requirements. (see page 10)
generated. • A dinosaur other than a brontosaurus is in an Open

Space. (any area not enclosed by fences)

1. Feed all carnivores. (Optional, feed mutants) • A carnivore is not fed its allotment of meat

2. Check for Rampage conditions. Perform a Rampage for the season.

Check if necessary. • Two or more unique dinosaur species occupy a pen.

3. Return visitors. Every two visitors returned nets 3 (Exception: Ankylosaur)

Victory Points. • A global event forces it to occur.

4. Calculate victory points from dinosaurs and building

effects if applicable. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to perform

5. Gain building effect resources if applicable. a Rampage Check, you will need to roll Rampage Dice.

6. Return Agents to each owner’s park. Some dinosaurs have special traits that affect the number

7. Advance Season track overlay 1 space. of dice you roll, but in general, you will roll one die per
8. Continue to the next Open Season round. dinosaur Rampage Check.

Feeding and Meat Limitations

Feeding Carnivores is not optional. If you have meat and a carnivore in your park, you must feed it even if doing so
would not meet its feeding requirements. (Example: Adam has a T –Rex in his park but only one meat in reserve. He
must feed the meat he has even though it will not fulfil his T –Rex’s feeding requirement. Adam will still need to perform
a rampage check.)

If a player has multiple carnivores but limited meat, he may pick which dinosaur is fed. Note: A Mutant is not classified
as a carnivore even though you can feed it meat.
Assessing Damage
Dinosaurs will always assign damage to a building within Rampage Fatality – 2 in 6 Chance
their Pen or Open Space before attacking a fence. When The Rampage Fatality is the worst
this happens, flip the building tile, it cannot be used until possible result that can occur during a

repaired. Rampage Check. If you roll this result,

your dinosaur will assign one point of
damage to an adjacent park structure
If a hotel is chosen for damage, all visitors in that hotel are
and then kill one visitor.
killed. If the visitor center (starting building) is chosen,
the owner must take a scandal token as well as one If you do not currently have any visitors, the dinosaur will
scandal for each visitor it held. If there is further damage still assign one point of damage but the kill result will be
to be assigned, it must now be distributed among the ignored.
remaining adjacent fences in the park.

Rampage Slash – 3 in 6 Chance

If there are no adjacent buildings, a dinosaur will always The Rampage Slash is the most
attack an adjacent fence with the most direct route to a common result and one that will be
board edge. (least number of blocking fences) If after detrimental but not disastrous unless
destroying a fence, a dinosaur is now adjacent to the things have already started to go wrong
edge of the board, it is considered to be in an Open in your park. If you roll the Slash result,
your dinosaur will assign one point of damage to an
Space and is adjacent to all other non-fenced areas of
adjacent park structure.
the board, including the Commercial Sector.

Visitor Death Naive Visitor – 1 in 6 Chance

The Naïve Visitor result is the only
Each visitor death in a player’s park will result in the loss
positive outcome that can occur from
of the visitor. The park owner must discard the visitor
a Rampage Check. If this occurs, your
cube back to the general supply. The owner must also
park security holds fast and one of
claim a scandal token each time a visitor dies. your visitors was so trusting as to think
the dinosaur’s display of aggression was all part of the
Scandal Tokens show. Your visitor will give you One Money for a good
At the end of the game, each scandal token a player has performance.
will lower their final score by six points. Certain events as
If you do not have a visitor when this result is rolled, the
well as the Agency board action allow players to discard
reward is ignored and is instead treated as a blank result.
scandal tokens.
Assigning Workers (pt1)

Assigning workers to the Mainland is the main method by Board, or in rare cases, an Action Space or on an active

which you will grow your Dinosaur park. On a player’s Breaking News card. Once placed, a player immediately

turn they must pickup one of their unused workers and pays any associated costs and receives the benefit of the

assign it to an unoccupied Action Space on the Mainland chosen Action Space.

The City Center DinoGenics IOM

Perform two different actions from the following: Turn in a set of matching DNA cards to immediately

• Purchase a Facility – Purchase one face-up facility tile place a dinosaur into your park. When placing a

from the city center. Players must be able to pay the dinosaur you must immediately check if its pen is valid; if

full cost as represented by the number in the lower it’s not, you must perform a rampage check.

left-hand circle.
Each dinosaur has a different DNA set requirement and
• Purchase Fence – Purchase three fence tokens
is specified by the number in the top right corner of the
for two money. Purchased fences must be placed
DNA card.
immediately; however, any number of fences and or
dinosaurs may be re-arranged whenever a Purchase
You may also turn in three of any type of DNA (a mixed
Fence action is taken.
set) to place a mutant into your park.
• Use the Market – Buy any one DNA card currently
on the market for its current Buy Cost OR sell any one When you place a dinosaur, immediately increase your
DNA card from your hand for its Sell value. When a Reputation Track by the reputation reward amount.
card is sold to the market, move all other cards one
space to the right, potentially moving a card into the
• Repair Facility – If one of your facilities becomes
damaged you can spend three money to return the
tile to the functional side.

Token Limitations
Dinosaurs are limited to the number of wooden
meeples in the game box. There are six of each type of
standard dinosaur and twelve mutants. All other tokens
are considered unlimited.
Assigning Workers (pt2)

Site A The Boneyard

Receive two cards from the DNA Deck. Receive one scandal token; you may then claim any dis-
carded DNA card from the boneyard.
Site B
Receive three cards from the DNA Deck; keep one and The Uplink
discard the other two. Play one Manipulator card from your hand.

The Farm The Ferry

Receive three meat tokens. Receive three Money.

The Agency Time Share

Receive two Manipulation Cards; you may also Receive one money and one visitor (You must have suffi-
discard a scandal token. cient hotel space).
Facilities are any of the tile-based structures that can be and are indicated by a green sector indicator. Commercial

placed onto a player’s island. Facilities come in two types: Structures must be placed in the Commercial Sector

Park Structures and Commercial Structures. Park Structures (right) side of a player’s island and feature a grey sector

must be placed on the Park (left) side of a player’s island indicator.

Fences are purchased at the City Center and placed onto a
Moving Fences
player’s island board. Fences can only be placed between
Fences and dinosaurs may be moved anytime a Build
the habitat spaces on the Park side of a player’s island.
Fence action is taken. Moving fences in this way will not
A player needs a minimum of four fences to completely
make you suffer a Rampage Check unless a dinosaur is
enclose a habitat space and create a pen.
left unpenned at the end of the action.
Dinosaur Pens and Requirements
Once you have the requisite number of matching DNA
cards, it’s time to create your dinosaur. Assign your
agent to the Dinogenics IOM board space, discard your
complete set of DNA cards, and claim your matching
dinosaur meeple.

Your dinosaur meeple must be placed on an unoccupied

space on the Park side of your player board. Pens are
designated by the white fence blocks and must completely
surround a space or number of spaces to be a valid pen.
Cascading Failures
Only dinosaurs of the same species can occupy the same If a dinosaurs placement violates another’s habitat, or if
pen enclosure. Placing multiple dinosaurs in the same a Rampage Check breaks the fence of another dinosaur,
enclosure does not increase the habitat size required of
the affected dinosaur or dinosaurs, must also perform
the pen as long as each dinosaur has its own space.
a Rampage Check. However, each dinosaur can only

rampage once per phase, regardless of how many

cascading failures occur.

Special Placements
Dinosaurs placed as the result of Manipulation Cards,
Breaking News events or the Monstrous trait must still
obey all placement rules. A dinosaur placed by one of
these means must still be placed in a valid pen or suffer
an immediate rampage check.

If you choose to place a dinosaur into an invalid pen or no

pen at all, you must immediately perform a dinosaur
rampage check.

If you do not maintain your dinosaurs habitat requirements,

you will have to perform a dinosaur Rampage Check
during the Upkeep phase.
Dinosaur Trait Reference
Tyrannosaurus: Brontosaurus:
|7VP|3R|3H| 3 DNA |5VP|2R|0H| 4 DNA

Destructive: During a Gentle Giant: This dinosaur

rampage check, roll two dice will not trigger a rampage
for this dinosaur. check unless placed in a pen
or if contained in an open
space with a differnt species.

Pterodactyl: Ankylosaurus:
|5VP|4R|1H| 3 DNA |4VP|1R|2H| 3 DNA

Flight: This dinosaur will Defensive: This dinosaur will

trigger a Rampage Check not trigger a Rampage Check
every Upkeep phase unless if penned with a different
placed into a Bio Dome species.

Raptor: Stegosaurus:
|4VP|2R|1H| 2 DNA |3VP|2R|2H| 3 DNA

Clever: During a Rampage Simple Minded: This dinosaur

Check, slash results are treated ignores all negative effects
as fatality results. from Breaking News cards.

Mutant: Triceratops:
|2VP|0R|1H| 3 Random DNA |2VP|1R|1H| 2 DNA

Monstrous: During the Herd Animal: During scoring,

Upkeep phase, you may feed receive an additional Victory
this dinosaur two meat to place Point for every two Triceratops
an additional mutant into your in the same pen.
park. You may only do this
once per mutant per Upkeep
Facilities Reference
Budget Hotel: Holds two News Room: Whenever
visitors. you place a newly created
dinosaur, receive two Victory

Food Court: Receive 1 money Private Satellite: Receive

per hotel in your park every one manipulation card every
upkeep phase. upkeep phase.

Watch Tower: Once per turn, Hotel Resort: Holds five

ignore one slash result during visitors.
a Rampage Check.

Large Hotel: Holds three Statue: Useful for its high end-
visitors. game Victory Point value.

Bio Dome: Allows two Fine Diner: Receive two

dinosaurs of the same species Victory Points for each hotel in
to be penned in the same your park every upkeep phase.
space. Satisfies Pterodactyl
pen requirements.

Goat Farm: Receive one unit Tourist Agency: When you

of meat after the feeding assign a worker to the Time
phase. Share, receive one additional
money and visitor.
End Game Scoring and Victory
At the end of Seven Seasons, the player with the most Final scoring bonuses

victory points wins the game. Each player should calculate
For each TYPE of legally penned dinosaur
their final score based on the criteria below: in your park, Score three Victory Points.

• Illegally penned dinosaurs are not

• Calculate building multipliers if present. counted.
• Calculate building bonus points. • Brontosaurus do not require pens and
thus DO count as long as they do not oc-
• Add final scoring bonuses. cupy an open space with another species.

• Remove 6 Victory Points for each scandal token.
Score one Victory Point for every three
In the event of a tie, the player highest on the final round
reputation track wins.

Score one Victory Point for every DNA
Card in your hand.
Game Setup
Quick Reference
• With three players use four workers, the upcoming slot of the News Room.
otherwise all players take three workers. • Each player draws three DNA cards
• Place all basic hotels in the first slot of and one Manipulation card.
the City Center. Draw three additional • Player one receives three money.
facilities at random. Players two and three receive four
• Place three DNA Cards into the market. money. Players four and five receive
• Draw the first Breaking News card to five money.

Receive DNA Money Scandal

Resource Card

Play card or Manipulation Meat Visitor

place dinosaur Card

Open Season Phase Upkeep Phase

No Visitors are taken in the Pre Season 1. Feed all carnivores. (Optional, feed
1. Determine player order. Ties are 2. Check for rampage conditions.
broken by number of buildings and money, Perform a rampage check if necessary.
in that order. 3. Return visitors. Every two visitors
2. Assign visitors based on player returned is worth 3 victory points.
order. First player gets the furthest left slot. 4. Calculate victory points from
3. Assign bonus visitors. First player dinosaurs and building effects if applicable.
may take the first two visitors, and then each 5. Gain building effect resources if
player may claim one in player order until applicable.
no more visitors or hotel spaces remain. 6. Return workers to each owner’s park.
4. Each player receives 1 money per 7. Advance Current Season track one
visitor taken. space.
5. Draw one new Breaking News Card, 8. Continue to the next Season.
pushing the upcoming event into the active
position. Resolve new event is applicable.
6. Draw one new facility to each of the
2nd, 3rd, and 4th building stacks.
7. Players take turns assigning workers.