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(M-Cn) Then how often would you say a person should eat, to keep his
Lesson 1: Eye on Health or her energy level up?

(M-Cn) This is Henry Davis, with Eye on Health. I'm here today (W-Am) Every three hours or so. Eating nutritious food every three
with our nutrition expert Professor Charlotte Neumann, of hours will give you energy throughout the day.
Lincolnwood University. We're going to be discussing her
best-selling book "Lose Weight by Eating More!" Thank (M-Cn) Some days I get so busy, I don't even have time to eat two
you for joining us this morning, Professor Neumann. meals...

(W-Am) Thank you for having me, Henry. I'm delighted to be on (W-Am) Skipping meals is a bad idea. People often think that if they skip
your show. meals, they'll lose weight. Not only is this incorrect, but the
opposite is also true. When you skip meals, your body holds
(M-Cn) In your book, you explain that in order to lose weight, it's onto the fat instead of burning it.
better to eat five or six small meals a day rather than
three big meals. Why is that? (M-Cn) What are your thoughts on snacking?

(W-Am) There are many reasons. For one thing, eating small meals (W-Am) Snacking is fine, provided you snack only on nutritious foods,
throughout the day keeps your blood sugar levels steady, like fruit, vegetables and nuts. And you still want to eat only
rather than alternating between high and low. When your limited amounts.
blood sugar levels are balanced, you're less hungry, so you
don't feel a need to eat as much.
(M-Cn) Thank you, Dr. Neumann. We're going to take a commercial
break, and when we return, Dr. Neumann will answer
(M-Cn) Does that mean that eating a heavy lunch might actually questions from listeners.
make you feel hungrier?

(W-Am) Yes, and it'll probably also make you tired. When you eat a
big meal, or when you don't eat for many hours, the
energy level in your body decreases. You're too tired to
exercise, yet you need to be active to lose weight.
Lesson 2: Ten Miles Premium Members can also enjoy our:

- I just ran ten miles! I'm exhausted.  Spa Treatment Facility—With steam room, sauna, and massages
- You shouldn't have run so far.  Physical Therapy Rooms—With a physical therapist to help you
- And now I'm going to do some weight lifting! overcome injury
- By yourself?  Cardio Center—To give your heart a good, safe workout!
- Yes.
- You shouldn't lift weights without a partner nearby. It's dangerous. We offer individual and group workouts and over 200 classes a week,
ranging from the familiar to the most extreme - like our hula hoop
workout classes or our Cuban Dance and Samba Swing classes, where
Ad: Flexor Sports Gym you move and dance your way to better health.

Get your heart pumping at Flexor Sports Gym Our personal trainers are leading fitness specialists. They'll work with
you at your own pace to both build up your strength and work on your
The most innovative gym in the city cardiovascular ability. No matter what condition you're in, you'll find
that you're capable of reaching your fitness goals more quickly than you
Visit our: ever imagined.

Bulk-Up Arena Looking to improve your diet? Our nutrition coaches will provide you
Huge open area with free weights and state-of-the-art weight machines with nutrition counseling and planning.

Fitness-to-Film Room With such a range of options, it's no wonder Fitness Time magazine
Movie theater with treadmills and exercise bikes so you can run or ride named us the "most energy-inducing gym in the country" and Body
while watching your favorite movies! Workout named us "Chicago's number one gym!"

Sports Courts So what are you waiting for? Join today!

Basketball and Volleyball Courts
Outdoor Running Track We offer yearly, monthly, and weekly memberships at reasonable
Jump Rope Station prices.
Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools
For this month only, you'll not only receive a discount of 60% off the
enrollment fee but also four free guest passes for family and friends.

And if that's not enough of an incentive, then sign up for a free two-
week trial membership, and see for yourself.
Match the locations to the activities mentioned in the text by dragging
But beware. Once you enter Flexor Sports Gym, you'll never want to the correct words from the bank below to the appropriate column.
Activity Location
Flexor Sports Gym
Location: 3255 W. 112th Street, Chicago, IL Run while you watch a movie Fitness-to Film Room
Hours: 6:30 A.M. – 11:30 P.M. 7 days a week Lift weights Bulk-Up Arena
Phone: 312-555-4937
Get a back massage Spa Treatment Facility

Do specialized exercises to Physical Therapy Room

Match the expressions to the definitions by dragging the correct words recover after a knee injury

from the bank below to the appropriate column. Play a game of volleyball Sports Court

Expression Definition

state-of-the-art advanced, the latest technology

physical therapy treatment of physical injuries through specific Who is the advertisement mainly intended for?
¿A quién se destina principalmente el anuncio?
at your own pace according to your personal level and abilities

fitness goal a level of physical ability or strength you aim to


nutrition counseling advice on healthy eating

enrollment fee the amount of money you need to pay to sign

up for something

guest pass a ticket or card that allows you to enter a place

as a visitor

trial membership permission to try something out for a limited

amount of time
16. When ------- for new staff members, the Grayton Sports Center values (D) drop back
friendly individuals with a background in healthcare.

(A) will look

20. Patient information is confidential and should be discussed only
(B) looks with individuals ------- involved in each person's care.
(C) to look
(A) directly
(D) looking
(B) brightly
(C) accordingly
17. Crayworth Clinic offers a multitude of career opportunities to
healthcare professionals who seek ------- jobs that provide a challenge. (D) forcefully

(A) reward 21. Drivers are required to inform the Department of Transportation
(B) rewarding of any health changes that are likely to ------- their ability to drive
(C) rewarded
(D) rewards (A) cause
(B) find

18. Patients must bring their healthcare records with them when they (C) respect
are ------- to the clinic. (D) affect

(A) admitted
22. Patients who need to change an appointment ----- their contact
(B) admitting information should call the receptionist at 800-555-458.
(C) admit
(A) but
(D) admits
(B) or
(C) because
19. Patients are requested to ------- their mobile phones when they are
(D) so
in the waiting room and for the duration of consultations.

(A) calm down

(B) switch over
(C) turn off
26. What is the main purpose of the flyer?
(A) To warn people about the dangers of overeating (A) Not to keep junk food in the house
(B) To advertise the services of a nutritionist (B) Not to skip breakfast
(C) To encourage people to take exercise classes (C) Not to eat too much protein
(D) To inform people about the benefits of healthy eating (D) Not to eat any foods with added sugar

27. According to the information, what is a benefit of drinking water?

(A) It cleanses the body.

(B) It eliminates cravings.
(C) It strengthens one's teeth.
(D) It balances one's diet.

28. The word 'portion' in paragraph 7, line 2, is closest in meaning to

(A) division
(B) serving
(C) plate
(D) container

29. According to the information in the flyer, what is a healthy eating


(A) Eating breakfast as late as possible

(B) Eating lots of protein
(C) Eating slowly
(D) Eating sweets only after exercising

30. What does the flyer claim is the most important tip for healthy eating?
Portability is another factor. Are you looking for something small and
Lesson 1: LECTURE ON PHOTOGRAPHY light, or are quality photos your main concern, so you won't mind
carrying around a DSLR, even though it's much larger than a compact?
Welcome to "Photography for Beginners." I'm Rudy and I've been
working in the photography industry for over ten years. The topic of our Finally, how much are you willing to spend? A DSLR can cost a few
first class is "How to Buy a Camera." Nowadays, there are so many hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars. You'll want to find the best
cameras on the market that the task of choosing one can be very quality camera within your price range. Sometimes spending a little more
overwhelming. Tonight I'm going to give you some tips to help you will get you a better quality camera, which you'll be more satisfied with
narrow your search. in the long run.

Basically, there are two types of camera: the compact camera, and the Now that you know what questions to ask before buying a camera, I want
Digital Single Lens Reflex or "DSLR". The compact camera is automatic. you to think about how you'd answer each one. Then, we'll discuss which
You press a button, and it takes a picture. It's also very small. The DSLR is type of camera might be most suitable for each of you.
the kind professional photographers use. It has manual settings, so you
can adjust settings yourself, and change lenses.
 nowadays (adv): these days, actualmente, en la actualidad, hoy en dìa.
I'm going to pass around a few cameras of each type, so you can compare  overwhelming (adj): to much, abrumador
them. I use these for my own work in my, please handle them  narrow (v): reducir
carefully!  pinpoint (v): locate a place very specifically, determinar con precisión,
Before choosing a camera, you should ask yourself a few basic questions.  snap (v): tomar una foto
Your answers to these questions will help you pinpoint which type of  shots: tomas – scenary shots tomas de paisajes
camera is best for you.  willing (adj): dispuesto
 suitable (adj): adecuado, apropiado, conveniente
Your first question should always be "Why am I buying a camera? What  rush hour: hora punta
will I use it for?" Do you want something simple that will let you snap
pictures of your friends and family? Or do you need it for those fabulous
scenery shots you plan to take on your next vacation?

Next, think about how comfortable you are with new technologies.
Are you interested in learning photography techniques, or do you just
want a camera that'll get the job done?
80 Glasshouse Street
They're coming out with a camera that has amazing features; I plan to London
get one as soon as it's available on the market. W1

If you're unsure which cameras to choose from, I can help you narrow July 28
your search.
Mr. Laurent
If you're serious about learning photography, then a DSLR would be Didier Laurent Studios
most suitable for you. 27 The Mews
They joined up for the class because they were interested in learning Surrey GU1 6BS
new photography techniques.
Dear Mr. Laurent,
The shop has an overwhelming selection of cameras, from the simplest
compact cameras to the most sophisticated DSLRs. I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Evanston International Arts
Festival in May. I visited your booth and fell in love with your incredible
This digital camera takes great pictures and is well within most people's sculptures. I was particularly impressed with how you take everyday metal
price range. objects, such as house keys, silverware, and watch parts, and fuse them
together to create beautiful sculptures. It's no wonder your booth had a
constant flow of visitors.

Lesson 2: HOLE IN SWEATER As I mentioned when we spoke, I've been considering opening an art
gallery for some time. The Evanston Arts Festival made such an impression
- What can I do for you, ma'am? on me that I decided to go ahead with it. My gallery will be called Artisans
- There's a hole in this sweater that I bought only yesterday. and Apprentices, and will sell one-of-a-kind artwork made by craftspeople
- Would you like to exchange it for another sweater? from around the world. I hope to display the work of each artist in his or
- No. I'd rather get a refund. her own special display cases on which there will be a plaque with the
- Do you have the receipt? artist's photograph and a description of his or her background and
- Yes. Here it is. techniques.
Now that I've started the process, I would like to inquire about obtaining Lesson 4: PREPARING FOR PART 2: QUESTION-RESPONSE
ten to fifteen pieces of your artwork. Your sculptures would fit in
perfectly with the folk-art feel of Artisans and Apprentices. Analyzing indirect questions

Please let me know if you would be interested in having me display your In this part of the test you hear a question or statement from one speaker,
sculptures. If so, I hope I can also persuade you to e-mail me a portrait followed by three responses from another speaker.
photo along with a brief biography telling about your life and work.
In authentic English, the speaker often uses an introductory phrase before
Thank you in advance for your support, and I look forward to hearing asking a question. These kinds of questions are sometimes called indirect
from you! or embedded questions. It is important to pay attention to the actual
question that follows the introductory phrase in order to identify the
Sincerely, correct response.

Rosario Cruz Here are some examples of introductory phrases:

Do you know if/whether...?

booth (n): a stand at a fair for selling things - un puesto en una feria para
vender cosas. You don't know... do you?
go ahead (v): start to do something, do it - seguir adelante

craftspeople: artesanos Could you tell me...?

one-of-a-kind: único en su clase You couldn't tell me... could you?

inquire (v): ask about something – preguntar
Have you got any idea...?
folk-art: arte popular
You haven't got any idea... have you?
If so: Si es así
Would you mind...?
Portrait: retrato

Along with a brief: Junto con una breve You don't mind... do you?

Thank you in advance for your support, and I look forward to hearing from
you!: ¡Gracias de antemano por su apoyo, y espero escuchar de usted!
What information are the following indirect questions asking for? Match
the information to the appropriate indirect question by dragging the USO: Para describir cuando una persona permite, pide, obliga o sugiere
correct words from the bank below to the appropriate column.
que otra persona realice una acción.

Question Information EJEMPLOS:

Do you have any idea how often the number 9 bus frequency  'My dad never let me drive the motorbike when I was younger.
runs? He had my sister drive me everywhere.'
Could you tell me how long the meeting will last? duration
 'The motorbike's dirty; I must get it washed. Dave! I want you to
You don't know whose bag this is, do you? ownership wash the motorbike.'

Would you mind finding out how much these earrings cost  'Get Jan to do it!'
Do you happen to know what the board thinks of the opinion ACTIVE CAUSATIVES AND PERMISSIVES
new sales figures?
USO: Para describir cuando una persona permite que otra persona realice
I don't suppose you know where the nearest directions
supermarket is, do you? una acción (LET) o cuando una persona obliga o persuade a otra persona

Can you show me how to change this ink cartridge? instructions a realizar una acción (HAVE, MAKE o GET).

Ownership (n): the legal possession of something – propiedad FORMA: Generalmente se usan los siguientes verbos en Causativos Activos
find out(v): learn something either from research or by asking - Averiguar (en todas las formas incluyendo Modales):
either: ya sea LET, HAVE, MAKE, GET
Do you happen to know what the board thinks of the new sales figures?: (También PAY, BRIBE, PERSUADE, FORCE, OBLIGE, ASK, BEG y EXPECT.)
¿De casualidad sabes qué piensa la junta de las nuevas cifras de ventas?

Right away: inmediatamente

ink cartridge (n): cartucho de tinta

[SUJETO + LET, HAVE, MAKE + OBJETO + VERBO (base)] USO: La forma pasiva se usa con los Causativos como con los demás verbos
EJEMPLOS: para poner énfasis en el receptor de la acción. La usamos cuando
 'I'll have her clean the dishes.' queremos que se haga algo a alguien o a algo.
 'You're making him get nervous.' FORMA: Generalmente usamos los siguientes verbos en CAUSATIVOS
 'She lets them do what they want.' PASIVOS:

[Sujeto + GET + objeto + INFINITIVO] WOULD LIKE/'D LIKE (más formal que WANT)
 'We'll get him to do it for tomorrow.' GET (menos formal que HAVE)
 'He got her to clean the car. El verbo que expresa la acción está en la forma del Participio Pasado.

Si queremos mencionar el AGENTE (la persona que realiza la acción),

usamos la preposicion BY despues del verbo.
Podemos usar LET, HAVE, MAKE y GET en sus formas negativas e
Nota: WANT normalmente no asume la forma del Perfecto o del
interrogativas normales:

 'She didn't let me go home when I wanted.' AFIRMATIVO

 'We are not having our car painted this year.' [Sujeto + CAUSATIVO + Objeto + PARTICIPIO PASADO]
 '"She couldn't get her to wash the pots.' EJEMPLOS:
 'When will she let me use the shower?'  'I want the car cleaned!'
 'Can't we get her to do it?'  'You're getting your house furnished by the best designer in the
 'Where are we getting her to take us tomorrow?' city!'
Podemos usar WANT, WOULD LIKE, HAVE y GET en sus formas negativas

e interrogativas normales: - I finally got my science report ______

a) typing
EJEMPLOS: b) typed
c) type
 'I don't want the car painted pink!' d) to type
 'I won't have my legs waxed tomorrow.'
- Who did you get ______ it?
 'He didn't get the homework done yesterday.' a) Type
b) To type
 'Did he want that email sent?' c) Typed
d) typing
 'When do you want the trip to be arranged?'

 'How would you like your salad, sir?' - My sister. I paid her $20 ______ it.
a) Done
b) To do
c) Do
d) doing

- Where's your car today, Fred?

- I'm getting it ______
a) repairing - That's a good-looking suit, Phillip.
b) repaired
c) to repair - Thank you. I had it made by a tailor in Hong Kong.
d) repairs
- I'd like to get someone to make my suits!
- Oh. Then how did you get to work?
- I had my wife ______me. - Why don't you? It's not too expensive.
a) Brings
b) Bring
c) Brought
d) To bring

- Why didn't you come to the library last night, Anne? I was waiting for you. The police officer wouldn't let me park in front of the shop. He asked me
- My dad wouldn't let me ____ . He made me stay home. I really needed to move my car across the street.
that book, too.
a) going QUESTION 8
b) gone
- Have you ever had _______?
c) to go
a) pulled a tooth
d) go
b) a tooth pulling
- Don't worry. I asked the librarian _____ it for you.
c) a tooth pulled
- Thanks a lot!
d) to pull a tooth
a) Saved
- No, I haven't. Have you?
b) Saving - Yes. I had one _____ out last year. I begged the dentist ______ it, but he
c) Save said he had to.
d) To sabe a) Take
b) To take
c) Taken
There's your car. I had it washed and I got them to clean the inside, too. d) Took

QUESTION 6 a) don’t do
b) not doing
- Did your mom find out about the lamp you broke, Jim?
- No. I paid my little brother ______ quiet, and I got it _____ that same c) not to do x
day. d) not done

a) to keep
b) kept - Isn't this castle impressive, Charles?
c) keep - Yes. Let's get that man ____ our picture.
d) keeping a) take
b) takes
a) repaired c) to take
b) repair d) took
c) repairing - Sure. Let's make it _____ like we actually stayed here!
d) to repair a) to look
b) will look
- Lucky you! c) look
Robert's mother urged him ____ music classes, so he agreed ____until - What did I miss in French class yesterday?
the end of the year. (Urged: persuadir)
a) Not quitting - The teacher told us she wants our essays ____ by tomorrow, and she
b) Don’t quit wants them_____.
c) Not quit a) Completed
d) Not to quit b) Completing
c) Complete
a) Stayed d) To complete
b) Stay
c) Staying a) Typed
d) To stay b) Type
c) To type
d) Typing
- She sure makes us ____ hard.
- Did you hear Mary was going to have her hair dyed red? a) Work
a) dye b) Will work
b) dyed c) To work
c) to dye d) Working
d) dyeing
- No! Did she actually get it done? - Hey, Mom. Will you ____ me go to the beach today?
a) do a) want
b) done b) make
c) doing c) let
d) to do d) get

- No. We finally persuaded her not to do it. - First you have to ____ your room cleaned up, and I ______ you to finish
a) not do your homework before you go.
b) not to do a) do
c) don’t do b) make
d) not doing c) get
d) let
a) Get
b) Make - Yes. Come in. I'd like ____ in the bedroom window.
c) Expect a) It to put
d) Have b) It puts
c) Put it
- OK, OK. No problem. Then can I go? d) It put
- Sure. No problem.
- After we boarded the plane, the pilot said our flight was going to be QUESTION 16
delayed. Tom's mother said she would pay Tom to wash the windows, but he was
- Did they let you ____ off the plane? too busy. She finally had her husband wash them.
a) to get
b) got QUESTION 17
c) get - Has Gary signed the contract to play with the Reds?
d) getting - Not yet. He wants to have the contract ________ by a lawyer before he
- Yes, they told us all our hand luggage should be ____ off, too. Then after a) looked over
only half an hour, they ____ us board again. b) to look over
a) Took c) looking over
b) Taking d) look over
c) Taken - He's smart to have someone ______ him.
d) Take a) Advise
b) To have advise
a) Got c) Will advise
b) Asked d) Advised
c) Had
d) Wanted QUESTION 18
- Guess what! I got my parents ____ me a new car.
QUESTION 15 a) buy
- Hello. Did you call to have _____________? b) to buy
a) installing an air conditioner c) will buy
b) installed an air conditioner - Great! Are you going to ____ me drive it?
c) to install an air conditioner a) get
d) an air conditioner installed b) let
c) want
- Hmm. I don't know. QUESTION 4
Would you like me ______ why I was going so fast?
QUESTION 19 Sure, but you won't persuade me _____ you a ticket.
I've just bought a new sofa. I'd like it delivered today, but they've asked a) Explaining
me to wait until tomorrow. b) To explain
c) Not to give
QUIZ d) Don’t give
e) Not giving
Of course we'll let your dog _____ with you. You can even have dog food QUESTION 5
_______ to your room. I want that TV ______ right now! Why can't I ever get _____ your
a) Stay homework?
b) To say a) Turned off
c) Brought b) You starting
d) Bringing c) You to start
d) To turn off
QUESTION 2 e) You started
Aren't you going to ____ me ride in front of you?
No. I'm having ______ behind me because I know the way. QUESTION 6
a) Ask I'd like to have it _______ a little. Can you have someone ____ it for me
b) Let today?
c) You sit a) Short
d) Get b) Shortened
e) You to sit c) To do
d) Do
QUESTION 3 e) To shorten
Did you get Betty _____ the report so I can go over it?
Yes, and I had an extra copy of it ____ for myself. QUESTION 7
a) To print out - How was Sam able to afford a new stereo?
b) Print out - He ___ his sister to lend him the money.
c) Prints out - I hope she can ____ him pay her back. He still owes me $50.
d) To make a) Had
e) Made b) Wanted
c) Let
a) Working
d) Got b) Work
c) Worked
a) Let d) To work
b) Get
c) Have
d) Make
QUESTION 8 You should hold the bat near its base so as to maximize the power of your
- Hello. swing.
- Hello. Is Mary there?
- No. She's _____________ Thanks, Uncle Phil. Now that you're teaching me, I know I'll get on the team.
- This is James. Please have _______ me.
You actually have a chance, kid, as long as you keep practicing.
a) Having cut her hair
b) Having her hair cut
c) Had her hair cut USO: Para referirse a los motivos o resultados de una acción o hecho.
d) Had cut her hair
F0RMA: Se usa SO y SUCH en la oración principal para explicar un resultado
a) She called de la oración subordinada que comienze con THAT.
b) Her call
c) Her to call Se usa SINCE, AS, AS LONG AS y NOW THAT para introduir una oración
d) She calls
subordinada que explica el verbo de la oración principal.

- The new office building is beautiful. Who did you have _____ it? 'He is so fast he always wins all the races.'
- We hired a team of architects from Chicago _____ on it.
'Dave is such a good student, that everybody looks up to him.'
a) designed 'We decided to stop, since we were very tired and bored.'
b) to design
c) designing 'As long as he agrees with my proposal I will do it.'
d) design
'I think I'll leave, now that the class has ended.'
Tenga presente que el artículo indefinido A(N) se usa antes del adjetivo con
USO: Estos se usan en la oración principal para explicar el motivo de una
sustantivos cuantitativos en singular.
acción o hecho. SO... THAT se usa con adjetivos o adverbios y SUCH... THAT
con adjetivos y sustantivos.
'Dave is such a good student, that everybody looks up to him.'

'This is such a good meal that I'm going to come here every weekend.'
WITH ADJECTIVES 'They are such good friends that they are going to live together.'
Todas estas expresiones se usan como conjunciones al comienzo de
'Usain is so fast that he always wins his races.'
ORACIONES SUBORDINADAS. Las dos oraciones normalmente van separadas
'I am so pumped that I can't go to sleep.'
por una COMA [,].




EJEMPLOS: SINCE: Introduce un motivo para la acción estado o hecho descrito en la FRASE
'He was going so fast that he arrived before us.'
'Peter is so charming that everybody loves him.'
'Since you speak perfect Spanish, I want you to translate this for me.'
WITH ADJECTIVE + NOUN 'We decided to stop, since we were very tired and bored.'

a) as long as
b) so
NOW THAT: introduce una condición nueva o reciente que explica la acción, c) so that
estado o hecho descrito en la ORACIÓN PRINCIPAL. d) because
e) then

'Now that he's sixteen years old, he may decide to start working.' QUESTION 3
You won't get sick again, ______ you take your medicine.
'I think I'll leave, now that the class has ended.' But that medicine tastes terrible! I'd rather be sick.
a) So
AS LONG AS: introduce una condición necesaria para la acción, estado o b) As long as
hecho descrito en la oración principal. c) Then
d) Now that
EJEMPLOS: e) such

'As long as he agrees with my proposal I will do it.'

'You can drive the car, as long as your very careful.' - What are you going to do ______ school is out for the summer, Tommy?
- I'm going to sleep late and swim every day.
a) because
b) so
PRACTICE c) that
d) now that
QUESTION 1 e) as
- Can I borrow a dress to wear to the party?
- Yes. You can take any one you want, _______ you're careful with it. QUESTION 5
a) So - Has the wind died down? (calmado)
b) As long as - I think so. Do you want to sit outside ______ it's a little warmer? (cálido)
c) As - OK.
d) Now that a) now that
e) Since b) that
c) so
d) as
QUESTION 2 e) because
- I'm going to the supermarket now.
- Will you buy me some tomatoes, _______ you're going?
- Sure.
- Can you show me how to use this computer program, ______ you have d) As long as
one just like it? e) Because
- Sure. It's not too hard.
a) Since QUESTION 4
b) so - Doesn't Mike take the bus to school anymore?
c) because - No. He's just bought a car. ______ he has it, he insists on driving.
d) as long as a) that
e) such b) such
c) now that
QUIZ d) so
QUESTION 1 e) so that
- I've made coffee. Would you like some?
- I'll have a cup, _____ it's already made. I have to leave soon. - I've made QUESTION 5
coffee. Did you hear that Gary has started a new job?
a) so - ________he's started working he wants to save up for a guitar.
b) as long as - That's great.
c) so that a) So
d) such b) Now that
e) because c) As long
d) Such
- Can the children watch TV? QUESTION 6
- They can, ______ they've done their homework. Otherwise they can't. - Who do you think we should hire for that job at the steel plant?
a) now that - I'd choose Ed, _____ he has the most experience.
b) as long as a) since
c) because b) as long as
d) so c) now that
e) since d) so
e) while
The nurse said we could take the baby home, ______ we brought him in for QUESTION 7
daily checkups. ______ Ralph's parents trust him so much, they let him come home
a) Now thar whenever he likes.
b) Such a) As long as
b) When (W-Am) That's good. So why do you want to go back to being a full-time
c) Since employee?
d) So
e) That (M-Cn) I actually hadn't intended to, but when I saw your ad for a
marketing writer, I knew I had to apply. You see, I love technology
UNIT 3: PERSONNEL and I've been a fan of Final Version Technology's products since my
Job Interview days in college. I'm thrilled with the prospect of combining my
(W-Am) Hi, Emmanuel Crompton? Welcome to Final Version Technology. writing experience with my interest in technology.
My name's Elaine Hird and I'm the company's hiring manager. (W-Am) That's great to hear. It's difficult to find someone who can cope
(M-Cn) It's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Hird. with both the marketing and technological aspects of this position.
(W-Am) Emmanuel, I must apologize. I didn't have a chance to read your Now if you'll wait here for just a moment, I'll call in Vince Costa, our
résumé before the interview. I do remember from your application head of Marketing. He'll be able to tell you in more detail about the
letter that you've contributed articles to some very well-known marketing department and the requirements of this position.
trade magazines. But have you had any experience in marketing
writing? PRACTICE

(M-Cn) Yes. In addition to writing articles for Plan and Build Magazine, I
He has designed the _______ for sports shoes.
wrote content for their Web site and promoted the magazine on
various social-media sites. I also blogged for Flash Sports Magazine
The hiring manager asked to see some _______.
and headed their advertising campaign.
(W-Am) That's interesting. When you worked for Plan and Build and Flash She is _______ of writing for a national newspaper.
Sports, were you a full-time employee or a freelancer?
(M-Cn) I worked in-house for both companies as part of their permanent They work in the _______ of a large multinational company.
staff. Then about five years ago I started freelancing and have been
doing so ever since. I generally _______ in team situations.
(W-Am) Can you send me some writing samples?
(M-Cn) Sure. I'll e-mail them to you today. a) Social media
b) Cope With
(W-Am) Great. Now, at Final Version, employees work very closely together. c) Writing samples
Are you comfortable working as part of a team? d) Production department
(M-Cn) Yes, of course! At both Plan and Build and Flash Sports, I had e) Perform well
regular contact with their design teams and marketing staff. I think I f) Advertising campaign
performed very well in these environments. g) thrilled With the porspect
 Ensure that applicants understand exactly what they will be
BLOG: Interviewer’s Guide expected to do, at what pay, for whom, etc. Not being clear at the
beginning has caused me a lot of problems later on.
The Interviewer's Guide
By HR Specialist, David Flasso  While interviewing, generate a hiring priority list of the best
Posted on Monday, May 24th at 06:30 P.M. Comments 0 candidates for the position, noting who seems to be best for the
I have been working in the Human Resources Department at Red Shark
Manufacturing for 11 years. When I started at Red Shark, I was the only HR  Hiring the wrong employee is costly to the company. Do not rush
person. With no guidance, I had to manage by myself and learn along the the hiring process. Invest the time and energy needed to find the
way, making many mistakes in the process. So, I have decided to provide best candidate for the position and do not settle for someone who
those in my field with the kind of advice that I could have really used back will only make a mediocre contribution.
Next week's topic: Asking the right interview questions
To start out, here is a list of points to keep in mind when searching for
prospective employees: PRACTICE

 Before starting the hiring process, clearly define the position you are Even though it was her first day at the new firm, Ms. Santana, having over
hoping to fill. Identify the necessary duties, skills, and responsibilities a decade of experience in the field, required ______ in performing her job.
required for the job. Once you have defined the position, make sure to
assign it an accurate title. All ________ who pass the first round of interviews should expect to be
tested on their programming proficiency in the second round.
 Make sure the job title and its requirements are clearly stated in the job
description in your advertisement. Keep your advertisement short and to Due to the high number of qualified candidates this year, the _______ at
the point. H.B. & Hutch may take up to three weeks.

 Review résumés, cover letters, and job applications carefully. Weed out Having assumed far greater responsibilities than those listed in the
applicants by pre-screening them over the phone. I have found this to be initial_______ , Martin felt that he deserved a promotion.
a very effective time-saving measure. A brief phone interview will often
help you determine whether or not it is worthwhile to invite the Maintaining a schedule of high-priority tasks can serve as an
applicant for a face-to-face interview. effective_______, since it helps individuals to focus on one task at a time.

Reviewing one's résumé with a human resources expert may prove to be

a __________ in the process of securing a job.
For the project to run smoothly, no team member can afford to make
a______. QUESTION 1
- I _____ Richard much lately.
a) hiring process - Neither _____I. _____a lot.
b) timesaving measure
a) Didnt’t see a) am a) Has worked
c) no guidance
b) Haven’t seen b) have b) Has been working
d) prospective employees
c) Won’t see c) did c) worked
e) mediocre contribution
f) job description QUESTION 2
g) worthwhile step - How long have you _____Harrison High School?
- _____three months, since we _____here from Bellsville.
a) attended a) For a) Moved
Word Synonym b) Have moved
b) attend b) Since
c) attending c) in c) Have been
party celebration

buy purchase Five years ago the city _____ land for a stadium, but they _____it

money payment
a) Is buying a) Don’t build a) Lately
b) Buys b) Didn’t build b) Recently
get receive c) Haven’t built c) Yet
c) Bought
d) Has bought d) Not building d) already
tell inform

have own QUESTION 4

ake organize
- _____my brother, _____ you?
- No. I don't think I _____.
give back return - Let me introduce you.

give provide a) You’ve met a) Don’t a) have

b) You meet b) Aren’t b) do
c) You’ve met c) Haven’t c) did
- _____ for Jack. Do you know where he is? - What is the farthest you have ever thrown a baseball?
- I think _____for football practice a little while ago.
- Once I threw a ball 250 feet.
a) I look a) He left - That's pretty far.
b) I’ve looked b) He leaves
c) I’ve been looking c) He’d left a) threw
d) I looked d) He’d leaving b) did
c) have
QUESTION 6 d) ever
- Have you _____ news from Mary since she left for school? e) thrown
- No. I _____ her a letter a month ago, but she _____ back yet.
a) Been having a) wrote a) Wrote not
b) Have b) am writing b) Isn’t writing USO: Para hablar sobre acciones o condiciones que comenzaron en el pasado y
c) Had c) write c) Doesn’t write
d) Having de alguna forma se conectan con el presente. El Presente Perfecto a menudo se
d) have written d) Hasn’t written
utiliza con expresiones que comienzan con "for" o "since" y los adverbios "just",
- Did you hear about Roger? He _____ his finger playing ball yesterday. "already" y "yet". El Presente Perfecto también se utiliza para hablar sobre
- That's too bad. I've never _____ anything myself.
- I _____ either. acciones o hechos recientes ("noticias").

a) Breaks a) Breaking a) Don’t

b) Is breaking EJEMPLOS:
b) Break b) Didn’t
c) Broke c) Broken c) Haven’t 'Hi Dave! I haven't seen you lately. Where have you been?'
d) Has broken d) broke d) Hasn’t
'I've been really busy. I'm playing with a football team called Arsenal. Have you
heard of it?'
- The baby looks like she's been crying. Is she OK?
- I think so. She hit her head on the door earlier but she's fine now. 'Yes, of course.'
a) she cried
b) she cries a) Was writing 'Well, come and see me on Sunday!'
c) she’s cried b) Is hitting
d) she’s been crying c) Has hit
d) hit

[HAVE/HAS + SUJETO + BEEN + VERB + ing...?]

'They've worked here for three years.' EJEMPLOS:

'She's been there since 5 p.m.' 'Have you finished your homework yet?'

'I've already done my homework.' 'Has Ana arrived here yet?'

"Has Peter come home yet?"



Progressive: Simple:

["WH" - WORD + HAVE/HAS + BEEN + VERB + ing...]
"We haven't met her yet."
"He hasn't made a sound."
"Who's eaten all the candy?"
"You haven't been doing your homework."
"Who's been sleeping in my bed?"
PREGUNTA-WH SOBRE EL "RESTO DE LA ORACION" HOW LONG se utiliza para comenzar una pregunta sobre duración
"How long have you had that sweater?"
"About six months."
[PALABRA "WH" + HAVE/HAS + SUJETO + BEEN + VERB + ing......]
"How long have you been living here?"
"For two years."
"Where has he put my coat?"
"Why have you done that?"
"What have you been doing?"
EVER se utiliza antes del verbo para preguntar si algo acontecio, pero no


FOR o SINCE se utilizan al inicio de una expresión de tiempo.
'Have you ever jumped of a cliff?'
Para cuanto dura la acción o el estado, utilizamos FOR:

'... for 20 minutes.'

JUST, ALREADY o YET se utilizan para hablar sobre acciones o hechos
'... for 10 months.'
recientes (noticias).
'... for 2 years.'

'... for a long time.'

JUST (hace poco tiempo) y ALREADY (antes de ahora) por lo general van
Para decir cuando comenzo la acción o el estado, utilizamos SINCE:
inmediatamente antes de la tercera forma del verbo y YET (antes/hasta
'... since 5 o'clock.'
ahora) a menudo se utiliza al final de una oración o pregunta negativa.
'... since last Thursday.'
'... since 1965.'
'I have already seen that film.'
'... since the end of the World Cup.'
'But I haven't seen it yet!"'
- When _______ this book?
USE: - A month ago. I __________ time to read it yet, though.
A diferencia del Presente Perfecto, el Pasado Simple o Pasado Progresivo se a) haven’t had
usa para hablar de una acción o evento que ocurrió durante un período que b) don’t have
no incluye el presente. c) did you buy
d) hadn’t
e) have you bought
"Have you seen Pat this week?" QUESTION 2
"No, but I saw her last week." - How many times ____ the actress Pamela Naylor ______?
- Seven, I think. She _____ her present husband four years ago.
"Have you talked to Sharon?"
a) Has
"No. I haven't talked to her since she came back from France."
b) Has married
c) Been married
A veces, una conversación comienza en el presente perfecto y continúa en el
d) Married
pasado simple: cuando la primera pregunta ["¿Alguna vez ...?" o "¿Cuánto
e) Did
tiempo hace que ...?"] cubre un largo período (incluido el presente),
mientras que el resto de la conversación trata sobre una acción o evento
particular del pasado. - ____ you ____ sailing yet this year?
- Only once so far. We ____ again next weekend.
EXAMPLES: a) have
b) went
c) been
"Have you ever been to New York?" d) going
"Yes, I have. I went in 1989. I loved it." e) are

"How long have you had that car?" QUESTION 4

"We've had it for five years." Why ____ you ____ your homework?
____ already ____ it, Mom.
"How much did you pay for it?"
"Not much, but we had to do a lot of work on it..." a) Aren’t
b) Do
c) Doing
d) I’ve
e) Done
These boxes ____ down here for years. I ____ them here myself.
It's a good thing you ____ where they were.
a) Have put
b) Have been
c) Put
d) Knew
e) Were

- ____ you ever ____ on a jumbo jet?
- No, but my father ____. He ____ on one from Paris to New York last year
on a business trip.
a) have
b) has
c) flown
d) did
e) flew

- How much ____ Adam ____ for his motorcycle?
- About $2000. He ____ ____ it all yet, though. He still owes $500.
a) paid
b) pay
c) hasn’t
d) did
e) has

Tom ____ ____ his bike yet this week because the weather has been so
wet. Last week he only ____ it one day.
a) Ridden
b) Ride
c) Hasn’t
d) Rode
e) Didn’t