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Sr No Project Name Dept Problem Date (tentative) Work Executed by Problem Pointed by

The % boroscopy selected for electropolished

Purified water at tubing in Unit-1 is 20% and DLP was 10%.This 2/24/17
1 Design Phase Nishith/Aditya Mr.Dharmesh Panchal
DLP was being debated and the ASME BPE
guidelines specifies minimum 20%.

The PCD of the manual flush ball valve at

reactor bottom was not matching with
2 Decoquinate - SRU Instrumentation Actuated FBV PCD. Also, the FBV stem was 1/1/17 Ilayaraja/Irshad Irshad
designed to move upward which was fouling
with bottom valve

Decoquinate Critical spares not considered in budget. Also, 12/1/16

3 Design Phase Ilayaraja/Abhinav Mr.Dharmesh Panchal
24TPM they were not ordered on time

Modifications done in clean area without

4 PWS API-1, 6 & 7 Mechanical clearance from all departments. HVAC 2/23/17 Nishith/Bharathiraja Mr.Vishakanta - QA
integrity was lost.

MSGLR's for Gabapentin process ordered to

Gabapentin Tech Swiss Glass coat. Based on Engg dept
5 expansion at API-7 Design Phase experience, GMM reactors are recommended 1/1/17 Veeraraghavan TP Prashantha
and Swiss Glass coat has repeated failures

The PCD of the flush ball valve at reactor

6 Instrumentation bottom R 510 was not matching with Pad 12/20/16 Abhinav/Sachin Abhinav
24TPM flange PCD

The GA drawing was approved with

Venlafaxine, RCVD Bonfiglioli gear box. Final, As build drawing
Project for GA Approval &
7 was found with premium make gear box. (The 16-02-2017 TPI/ Pednekar Naveen
Intermediates Fabrication premium word is typed in brackets on the
drying above row under Motor, Bill of materials)

Some Centrifugal pumps are procured with a

NPSH-R of 2.8 m , where as NPSH-A is 23 m. TPI/Abhinav/ Mohan
8 API-5 Expansion Design Phase Excess NPSH resulted in deviation of pump 3/30/17 Ilayaraja kumar
performance and pressure w.r.t design.

During comissioning of pumps in more

quantity, discrepancy in pump start up
Ilayaraja/Abhinav/Aditya Ilayaraja/Abhinav/TPI
9 API-5 / SRU Execution Phase related to seal cooling and pump number 3/30/17 /Santhosh
mismatch resulted in mechanical seal
Corrective action taken How to implement for future projects

1. Study the related guidleines prior to

Under discussion with vendor to designing.
implement 20% boroscopy 2. Understand from SME (subject matter

1. GAD of reactor (pad flange PCD) to be

Spare valve available with Engg verified with PCD of FBV & manual valve prior
was utilized to ordering. 2. Instrumentation, PE & Project
engineer to check the drawings and orientation
prior to ordering

Spares ordered during execution 1. To be included in IP file

of project

Particle count etc scheduled for 1. Execution to be done with documented

the areas clearances from all dept's involved

1. Discuss with site engineering team prior to

Under discussion release of order for major equipments.

1. GAD of reactor (pad flange PCD) to be

Spare valve available with SRU is verified with PCD of FBV. 2. Instrumentation, PE
utilized & Project engineer to check the drawings and
orientation prior to ordering

As the supplied, gear box of 1. Unnecessary words mentioned in the GA

other make premium drawing to be removed, if there is ambiguity
transmission also is technically find meanings only from Vendor, not google.
ok and already used in the site, 2. Increase awarness on various vendors who
there was no further concern supply major parts of your equipment

Under discussion

Dedicated checklists prepared

for pump comissioning , covering It is mandatory to comission the pumps by de-
coupling as per the checks.
all the steps to be followed.

Design Phase