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Nombre : Ana Belisa Heredia Frías

Matricula : 16-0242

Tema : tarea 2

Asignatura : ingles II

Fecha : 14/03/2018
* Unit 6 Exercise A. Page 71.
* Unit 6 Exercises D, E and F. Page 72.
Read and practice the conversation with a partner.
Doctor: Hello, Anya .Please sit down.
Anya: Thank you, doctor.
Doctor: How do you feel?
Anya: I feel fine.
Doctor: Please read the eye chart.
Anya: E...N...F...R...S
Doctor: Very good .Please opens your mouth and say ah.
Anya: Ah
Doctor: Thank you. You are fine .See you in a year.
Read what the doctor says. Draw a line to the correct response.
1. Please open your mouth and say ah. a. The right or left
2. Please read the chart. b. Ah
3. Please let me look in your ear. C. In this chair?
4. Please sit down. d. Fine
5. How do you feel? e. E..N...F...R....S

Write a conversation and practice with a partner.

Doctor: Hello, Maria, how are you?

You: I 'm very well doctor
Doctor: Please sit down.
You: Thank you, doctor.
Doctor: Please open your mouth and say ah.
You: Ah.
Doctor: Ok very good Maria.
* Unit 6 Exercises D, E and F. Page 74.

Bubble in the correct answer.

1. Guillermo has sick.
2. Maritza has a headache.
3. Jhon has a runny nose.
4. We are sick.
5. Huong has healthy.
6. Mele is ill.
7. They have a fever.
8. Julio has a sore throat.
9. Maria and Claudia has a cold.
10. We have very healthy.

Read the chart.
Guillermo Antonio Maritza
See a doctor Once a year Two times a year Three times a year
Have a checkup Once a year Two times a year Once a year

Visit the eye doctor Two times a year Two times a year Once year
Go to the hospital Once a year Three times a year Once a year

* Unit 6 Exercises D, E and F. Page 76.

Complete the sentences
1. John has a headache. He needs aspirin.
2. Melanie has a sore throat. She needs cough syrup.
3. They have sore throats. They need aspirin.
4. We have stomachaches. We cold medicine
5. I have a backache. I need a hadapache.
6. You have a runny nose. You need aspirin.
7. Juan and Lien has headaches. They needs Acetaminophen.
8. Alexi has a fever. He needs antiacid.
9. John and I have fevers. We need aspirin.
10. She has a runny nose. She needs aspirin.

Practice the conversation. Use stomachache, runny nose, and cough.
Student A: What's the matter?
Student B: I have a headache.
Student A: You need aspirin.
Student B: Yes, I do. Thank you.
* Unit 6 Exercises D, E, F and G.Page 78.
Bubble in the correct answers.

1. Ayumi Julio don’t smoke.

2. He doesn't have a checkup every year.
3. They don't eat three meals a day.
4. Ayumi doesn’t eat fruit.
5. I don't exercise every day.
6. We don't sleep eight hours a day.
7. She doesn't exercise 30 minutes a day.
8. Julio doesn’t smoke.

Change the verbs to the negative form.
1. Hasna eats two meals a day.
She doesn’t eat four meals a day.
2. Julia and Hasna have a checkup once a year.
They don't a checkup every month.
3. Julia and Dalmar sleep eight hours a day.
They don’t sleep ten hours.
4. Ayumi exercises three times a week.
She doesn’t exercises every day.

Complete the setences about Exercise A.

1. Adriano Exercise 60 minutes a day.

2. Huong Checkup the doctor two times a year.
3. Huong and Aki Sleeping eight hours.
4. Aki and Adriano no smoke.