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30years of

Vacuum, Pressure, Chemical Process Pumps,
Promivac Plants & Systems

Oil Sealed Direct Drive Oil Lubricated

Rotary High Vacuum Pumps Rotary High Vacuum Pumps Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Highly compact in design & yet so simple at These are Direct Drive, Double Stage, Oil These are Single Stage, Oil Lubricated, Vane
the same time. Most reliable and efficient Sealed Rotary High Vacuum Pumps wherein, Type with inbuilt oil circulation & anti-suck
performer. An indispensable equipment for state of the art technique has been adopted back system and are coupled with reliable
Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Cosmetic, to ensure proper alignment and the fine electric motor. Low oil consumption, non-
Oil Refinery, Automobiles, Food, Flavors & setting of each & every component used, polluting nature, high pumping speed and
Fragrances, Refrigeration, Chemical, R&D remain ever undisturbed. These are designed Vacuum of 150 microns make them suitable
Centers, Scientific Labs, Pilot Plants, Vacuum to work non-stop without any problem, for a for a variety of applications straddling almost
Systems and host of industrial units. These are long period of time and come with in-built every sector.
available in single as well as double stage. NRV. These are light in weight, handy and can
conveniently be used for outdoor jobs. Applications: Printing & Packaging, Holding,
Applications: Vacuum Creation, Filling, Paper Feeding, Conveying, Lamination,
Drying, Lifting, Forming, Filtration, Deep Applications: Laboratories, Research & Labeling, Vacuum Forming, Sealing, Glass
Freezing, Distillation, Annealing, Development, Refrigeration, Deep Freezing, Blowing, Evacuation, Filtration, Distillation,
Impregnation, Dehydration, Sublimation, Scientific Equipments, High Vacuum Systems, Bottle Filling, Blister Packing & Food
Film Coating and many more Electronic & Electrical Industries etc. Processing etc.

Capacity - 50 to 20,000 LPM Capacity - 50 to 500 LPM Capacity - 150 to 2,000 LPM

Water-ring Direct Drive Double Stage

Vacuum Pumps Water-ring Vacuum Pumps Water-ring Vacuum Pumps
Unlike Oil Sealed ones, Water-ring Vacuum Working principle of these pumps is exactly These are double stage version of our vastly
Pumps are capable of creating Vacuum upto the same as that of their big brother. The patronized Water-ring type Vacuum Pumps
710 mm Hg only which is far less than what can Performance & Vacuum developed is also the and develop Vacuum of 720 mm Hg. These
be achieved by the former. But still are same. The only difference between the two is pumps are rugged, reliable, cost effective &
preferred in Chemical & Pharmaceutical that this is more compact, handy, portable, have extended service life. Available in
Industries. These prove economical and lighter in weight and hence is economically various material combination are a boon for
require less maintenance. Water is used in more viable for humble applications. Also industries where process vapours are a major
place of costly oil and no hassle of frequent oil these are best suited to OEM’s for concern.
changing. Require less energy to run and incorporating them in their industrial units
enjoys longer life. Even otherwise creates no and plants. Applications: Plastics, Confectionary, Leather
pollution, no fumes and produces very little Processing, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical,
noise. Higher Vacuum through them can also Applications: Pipe & Cable Extruders, Food & Chemical, Petrochemical, Breweries &
be achieved when made to work as backing Confectionery, Filtration, Distillation, Bottle Distilleries, Furnaces, Extrusion, Packaging,
pumps in systems. They suit all applications Filling, Evaporation, Drying, Priming of Larger Tiles & Ceramic Industries, Cement &
covered by Oil Sealed Pumps. Pumps, Tiles & Ceramics, Labeling etc. Fertilizer Plants, Metallurgical Laboratories.

Capacity - 50 to 35,000 LPM Capacity - 350 to 2,200 LPM Capacity - 1,300 to 20,000 LPM
Vacuum, Pressure, Chemical Process Pumps,
Promivac Plants & Systems

Rotary Vane Type Vacuum Pressure Side Channel

Vacuum - Pressure Pumps Turbine Blowers Blowers
Self lubricated & easily maintainable for These are maintenance free, noiseless blower These are turbine type, single stage, vortex,
efficient and care free Vacuum & Pressure because of no friction, no vibration & needs ring vacuum-pressure blowers and are
needs. These have low oil consumption and no lubrication at all. Consequently, these are manufactured from good quality die casted
are designed for self lubrication of all the vital completely wear & tear free. Since there is aluminum alloy. These are directly mounted
components of the pump. The oil thus used absolutely no friction between any two parts on reliable electric motor and are specially
does not contaminate the air, but is baffled of the blower, hence no lubrication is required designed to ensure high efficiency & trouble
from the exhaust, gets collected & returns to and hence the pressurized air or vacuum free operation.
the oil chamber and serves for long. generated is 100% oil free.
Applications: Aeration, Agitation, Conveying,
Applications: Widely used for Cow Milking Applications: Aeration -Aquariums, Swimming Drying, Hopper Car, Laminating Press, Vacuum
Machines, Bottle Filling, Blister Packing, Tea, Pools, Jacuzzi, Medical Bath Tubs, Agitation of Desolders, Blood Taking Equipment, Bottle /
Tablet & Pouch Packaging, Vacuum Sealing, Sewage in ETP / STP / WTP and Chemicals in Liquid Filling Stations, Air Pollution
Labeling, Printing, Vacuum Forming, Food Electroplating Tanks, Bottle Drying, Vacuum Monitoring, High Speed Printing & Labelling
Processing, Filtration, Vacuum Sealing, Conveying, Lifting & Feeding, Trim / Dust Machines, Paper Counters, Fume / Smoke
Conveying, Evacuation, Distillation etc. Collection, Vacuum Desolders etc. Extraction Units, Garment Vacuum Tables etc.

Capacity - 50 to 2,000 LPM Capacity - 1500 to 20,000 LPM Capacity - 750 to 4,200 LPM

Centrifugal Oil Free Diaphragm Type Piston Type

Blowers Vacuum - Pressure Pumps Dry Vacuum Pumps
Straightforward single / multistage design, These are 100% Oil Free, wherein not even a These are single stroke, air-cooled,
dynamically balanced Impellers minimize single drop of oil is used and are a boon for reciprocating piston type units available in
vibration. No fine internal clearances or Vacuum & Pressure applications, where even single and double stage configuration and can
wearing parts & hence no lubrication is slightest environmental contamination achieve vacuum upto 29.6" Hg (752 mm Hg).
required at all. The air delivered is 100% free through oil mist is forbidden. Also available These are quite reliable and maintenance
from moisture & oil vapour. Noise level & with internal parts teflon coated & complete free pumps, proving a boon for application
power consumption is low and air delivered is Polypropylene contact parts. where in oil mist contamination is not at all
free from pulsation & is uniform. There is no acceptable.
need for relief valve. Applications: Chemical Analysers, Pollution
Control Equipments, Gas Monitoring, Applications: Distillation, Vacuum Forming,
Applications: Garment Pressing, Steam & Nitrogen Generating Sets, Ozone Generators, Menthol Oil Extraction, Paper Handling, Food
Condensate Extraction, Dust/trim collection, Operating Clinical, Medical & Scientific Processing, Filtration, Sugar Industries,
Pneumatic Conveying, Ventilation, Air Laboratory Equipments, Suction of Centralized Vacuum Systems, Hospitals,
Blowing & Boosting, Handling Hot Flue Gases, Desoldering Waste, Filtration, Dentistries & Vacuum Impregnation, Dairies etc.
Bottle Drying & many more. Spray Painting etc.

Capacity - 10,000 to 1,00,000 LPM Capacity - 10 to 185 LPM Capacity - 300 to 5000 LPM
Vacuum, Pressure, Chemical Process Pumps,
Promivac Plants & Systems

Twin Lobe (Roots) Mechanical Vacuum - Pressure

Blowers Vacuum Boosters Sludge Suction Pumps
Roots air blower / twin lobe compressor is a The volumetric performance of the Specially designed and fabricated to satisfy
positive displacement, constant volume conventional Vacuum Pumps become very the ever increasing demand of
machine to operate against varying poor in low pressure operations. Since Twin municipalities and contractors for their
pressures. Operating at a constant speed Lobe Mechanical Boosters are capable of employing this pump for cleaning the
against almost constant pressure, it delivers handling large quantity of air even at low chocked sewage lines, emptying septic tanks
constant stream of pressurized air flow. No pressures, they are brought in conjugation & disposal of the accumulated sludge from
contamination, no oil, no spring, no valves with the existing Vacuum Pump to boost its the manholes and mobile toilet units by
or vanes, no internal contact of any parts performance both Volume & Vacuum wise. suction. This powerful suction system with
and hence is free of wear and tear. Since the boosters are totally free of any added benefit of being able to pressurize the
sealant fluid hence the pumping is dry. tank for fast emptying is the integral part of
Applications: Water Treatment Plants, a cesspool emptier or a honey wagon - the
Cement, Fertilizers, Grain, Flour & Sugar Applications: Vacuum Casting, Coating, large tanker lorries / trolleys specially
Industries, Ash Handling, Electroplating, Gas Degassing, Distillation, Transformer Oil designed to suck contaminated waste out of
Boosting, Liquid Agitation and Sewage Purification, Menthol, Food & Edible Oil cesspools, sewage tanks & airplane toilets
disposal etc. Processing & Impregnation etc. and carry it to a suitable disposal point.

Capacity - 600 to 43,000 LPM Capacity - 3500 to 85,000 LPM Tanker Capacity - 1,000 to 30,000 LPM

SS Horizontal Centrifugal Back Pullout Type Side Suction

Chemical Process Pumps Centrifugal Process Pumps Filter Press Pumps
High quality SS 304 / 316 material of These are self venting type with back pull- These are single stage, side suction type,
construction ensures effective resistance to out design which affords quick repairs. horizontal mounting, having semi-open type
corrosive liquids & slurries and hence pumps These require minimum spare parts which non-clogging impeller and are available in
made from this metal, undisputedly stands save considerably on maintenance costs as various capacities & material of
as an ultimate choice of every discerning well. Made from top quality material, these construction such as CI, CS, SS-304, SS-316,
user to resist the violent attacks of such hot pumps dauntlessly are capable of SS-316L, Bronze, Alloy 20, Hastalloy etc.
and cold corrosive mediums in their process withstanding high friction with minimum which ensures effective resistance to highly
industries. These are available in Gland Rope wear & tear. Use of Stainless Steel - 316 as corrosive liquids & slurries.
and Mechanical Seal type shaft sealing standard material of construction ensures
arrangement. effective resistance to highly corrosive Applications: Specially designed &
liquids and thus proved to be an ideal fabricated to satisfy ever increasing demand
Applications: Hot and Cold Chemical Process solution to most of hazardous pumping of Effluent Treatment Plants, Filter Press
Service, Thermic Fluids, Chemicals, operations. Pumps for specific applications Feeders, Slurry Transfers, Ceramics, Paper &
Petrochemicals, Sugar, Textiles, Effluent, can also be made available in CI, CS, SS-304, P u l p , C h e m i c a l , Pe t r o c h e m i c a l ,
Pharmaceuticals, Labs and Pilot Plants etc. SS-316L, Bronze, Alloy 20, Hastalloy etc. Pharmaceutical, Textiles & Rubber etc.

Capacity - 50 to 1,000 LPM Capacity - 500 to 25,000 LPM Capacity - 250 to 1,000 LPM
Vacuum, Pressure, Chemical Process Pumps,
Promivac Plants & Systems

Rotary Lobe Type Rotary Self Priming

Positive Displacement Pumps Gear Pumps Mud / Sewage Pumps

These are manufactured from good quality These are the most commonly used light Single Stage, Horizontal, Centrifugal, Self
food grade SS-316 & are also available with duty all purpose pumps for transferring Priming, End Suction, Mud / Sewage Pumps
steam jacket. Their trilobe design & timing variety of viscous liquids, may these be Oils, are of non-clogging type. These pumps are
gear drive enhances the performance of the Dyes, Syrups, Slightly Corrosive Chemicals, designed for higher efficiency having semi-
pumps and are popular in diverse industries Soaps, Detergents, Starch, Asphalts, Inks & open type impeller, which are hand finished
because they offer superb sanitary qualities, Paints etc. Gear Pumps belonging to for perfect smooth flow. Heavy duty, inbuilt
high efficiency, reliability, corrosion external bearing series are used for volute, having self-priming feature is cast
resistance & good clean / sterilize-in-place transferring viscous & semi-viscous liquids, integrally with the base from close-grained
characteristics. which have offending nature. Here this snag CI casting. All this along with dynamically
is removed by locating the bearings outside balanced rotating parts & selected top
Applications: Transfer of Jam, Jelly, Syrups, the pumping chamber where they remain quality material and precision workmanship
Chocolate, Paints, Dyes, Soaps, Surfactants, out of the reach of the inner criminal provide longer working life. The Mud /
Polymers, Adhesive, Rubber, Dairy Products, atmosphere & are lubricated independently Sewage Pumps are available in various
Chutny, Fruit Pulp, Honey, Yogurt, Gelatin, e.g. crude oil, cotton seed oil, dirty lube oil, capacities, different models and MOC like
Glucose, Ketchup, Glycerine & many more. diesel, varnish, transformer oil & molasses. SS-316, SS-316 L, Alloy 20, Hastalloy etc.

Capacity - 20 to 1000 LPM Capacity - 20 to 2000 LPM Capacity - 300 to 5,000 LPM

Self Priming Motorized SS -316 Magnetic Drive

Diesel Transfer Pumps Barrel Pumps Chemical Process Pumps
These are vane type, self-priming pumps & These are suitably designed for safe, Manufactured from superior quality, food
are directly coupled to a reliable electric effective & economical transfer of liquids, grade, rolled SS-316, these wonder pumps
motor. These are specially designed and chemicals & petroleum products from drums are 100% leak proof and have smooth surface
fabricated to ensure high efficiency & & carboys. These are light weight pumps & which minimizes frictional losses. Having
trouble free operation apart from being hence can be employed for stationary as high head & capacity, these pumps are also
compact, light weight & portable. These are well as portable services. Available in SS-316 simple & quick to dismantle and assemble to
available with 1 phase AC as well as 12Volts & Polypropylene material of construction. facilitate cleaning & sterilization. Can easily
DC Current Electric Motor. The suction & handle toxic & fuming liquids upto
discharge hose, manual fuel nozzle & flow Applications : These can handle water, fruit temperature of 150 Deg. C as the liquid
meter are also optionally available. juices, salt & soap solutions, electroplating transferred does not comes in contact with
& other chemicals & acids. Transfer of air.
Applications: Diesel, Light Oils, Transformer solvents, paints, pesticides, petroleum
Oils, Tarpentine, Heating Oil, Gear & Cutting products & inflammable liquids can be Applications: Can be used for Hot & Cold
Fluid, Mineral Oils, Menthol & Animal Oil. looked after by the models supplied with Chemical Process Service in industries like
Ideal for emptying Barrels, Jerry Cans. flameproof or pneumatic motor. Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Petrochemical.

Capacity - 40 & 80 LPM Capacity - 50 to 200 LPM Capacity - 25 to 2,000 LPM

Vacuum, Pressure, Chemical Process Pumps,
Promivac Plants & Systems

GFRPP Magnetic Drive Back Pullout Type Vertical, Semi-Submersible

Chemical Process Pumps PP Chemical Process Pumps Chemical Process Pumps
Magnetically driven, this is a wonder pump & The most sought after corrosive abrasion Its non-clogging features combined with
is 100% guaranteed leak proof. The medium resistant pump made from compressed ability to handle liquids containing small
does not come in contact with the shaft, moulded inert polypropylene. Excellent for solids have made it quite popular with the
hence no leakage at all. Pollution of course is host of highly corrosive & hazardous pumping electroplating units. Uniform consistency of
out of question. Light weight, easy operations. The pump is designed for back highly abrasive chemicals is achieved and
installation, cost effectiveness, compact pull-out. The complete rotor assembly can be maintained through continuous vigorous
designing, portability, reliability, safety and pulled out if & when required for repairing stirring done by this unique pump.
above all chemical resistance are a few and refitting thereafter without disturbing Consequently this adds to shine and gloss of
distinctive features of this special purpose the casing, suction/delivery piping & the the end product. Besides, it has also found
popular device. electric motor. favour with Picture Tube manufacturing,
Glass Etching, Refrigeration, De-scaling,
Applications: Photo Cine & X-Ray Plants, Applications: Transferring HCL, H2SO4, HNO3, Pharmaceutical Industries, Chemical
Filtration Systems, Photo & Film Processors, H3Po4, HF, Sea Water, Caustic Slurries, Processing Plants, Electroplating Industries
Electroplating Equipments, Metal Finishing Industrial Waste, Effluent, Electroplating and Photo Film Processing units as well as host
Machines, Descaling Chemicals etc. Chemicals and many more of chemical re-circulation applications.

Capacity - 15 to 280 LPM Capacity - 100 to 1000 LPM Capacity - 50 to 350 LPM

High Vacuum Twin Chambered Vacuum Mechanical

Pumping Units Impregnation Plants Vacuum Boosting Systems
These are high performance, reliable high These double chambered Impregnation plants These provide for fastest evacuating speed &
vacuum pumping units specially designed to are specially designed to ensure high quality immediate return to optimum working
create high vacuum of the order of 10-6 mbar. of Impregnation at a much faster rate than pressure. Boon for the batch / continuous
These pumping units consist of an air / water that of the conventional type. Here, both the operations where process warrants system to
cooled diffusion pump & a double stage rotary chambers in turns can be used as storage as face inevitable frequent / periodic exposure
vane oil sealed vacuum pump as a backing well as Impregnation tanks. Widely used for to atmospheric pressure. Available in
pump along with necessary paraphernalia like impregnation of motor windings, coils, choke, combination with Oil Sealed, Water-ring,
roughing line, valve, baffle & cold trap etc. electrical components, wood & ceramics etc. Rotary & Reciprocating Piston Vacuum Pumps.

Diffusion Pump Size - 60 to 1000 mm Chamber Capacity - 30 to 2,000 Liters Capacity - 1500 to 30,000 LPM


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