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Single Girder (I-beam)

- Cut I-Beam according to site reading.

- Tag weld c-cap if necessary
- Cut the end plate (tag weld)
- Cut plate to replace the flange if necessary
- Full weld
- Complete

Single Girder (box)

- Cut steel (bottom, stiffener&square hole, sides plate)
- Arrange & alignment bottom plate
- Butt weld bottom plate
- Marking on the bottom plate (position of stiffener and side plate)
- Stiffener is attach and tag weld
- Side plates is attach to the bottom plate & alignment and tag weld
- Weld the stiffener and sides plate
- Spot weld between stiffener and side plate
- Insert angle bar & tag weld
- Spot weld between angle bar and side plate
- Full weld bottom plate and side plate (inner)
- Cover with the top plate. (weld a small piece of place with the inner end of the top plate to fit on
top of the angle bar)
- Align top plate and weld weld.
- Adjust top plate until correct dimension and tag
- Full weld bottom and side plate (outer)
- Tip the girder to full weld between side and top plate.
- Done (waiting for the alignment)

Portal Crane (frame)

- Plate are cuts according to the dimension given (top,sides,btm and stiffener)
- Stiffener is tag weld on the btm plate
- Side plate is erect the tag with btm plate and stiffener
- Full weld (inner btm, side and stiffener)
- Top plate is erect and tag weld
- Full weld (complete)

Portal Crane (leg)

- The Pin Box is fixed and undercoat
- The Pin Box then is place on the flat surface (ibeam flange)
Portal Crane (frame&leg assembly)
- The frame (Aux leg’ frame) is put on the flat surface
- Pin box(tag to avoid it rotate and connecting plate are put on the top of it
- Align and tag weld
- Full weld.
- The base is aligned (main leg’ frame)

Runway (ibeam)
- Cut ibeam into specific dimension according to the site reading (note: if the total length of the
building is less that 15m, may consider connect the remain length of ibeam to become one. .
- Tag weld c-cap if necessary
- Square bar (tag weld)
- Stiffener (tag weld)
- Full weld square bar and c-cap (100mm weld, spacing 300mm), and stiffener.
- Power brush and undercoat & epoxy.
- Complete

End carriage
- Cut plate (top, side, btm, stiffener)
- Place the top plate on the flat surface & (aligned surface)
- Stiffener is erected to the top plate (tag weld)
- Follow by the sides plate (tag and full weld)
- and lastly the bottom plate (full weld)
- Prepare the connecting plate(tag weld)
- Drill connecting plate
- Cut hand hole, fitting the wheel & motor, cut&fit the end plate
- Cutting the end plate (remember the safety issue)
- Brush (if necessary) & undercoat & epoxy
- Complete

Goods hoist
- Cut the Rectangular hollow section according to the dimension given
- Align the base of the cage and tag weld (top and bottom frame)
- Full weld of the top and bottom frame
- Insert the middle hollow & tag
- Full weld
- safety cage
- Cut Cage Bracket
- Tag weld & full weld
- Bend gi plate (side plate) *ss plate for food industry
- cut bottom and top plate
- tag & weld
- Cut guide rail (ibeam)
- Doing Frame if necessary
- Cute shs for shaft if necessary
- Only weld expended metal when the shs is completely cut
- Done