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Inside the Music

Mr. Paris

Course Description
Have you ever wondered how a piece of music is made? Inside the Music will put you into the shoes
of Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn and see what it is like to take an idea and turn it into a piece of
music. You will explore all the different aspects of creating music from

Course Objectives
This module, which is worth 1 music credit, will take an in depth look at all the elements of music
through study of music theory. Some of the topics will include key signatures, rhythmic analysis,
major and minor scales, functional harmony, melodic themes, form, vocabulary and instrument
ranges. We will explore the use of the above techniques through critical listening to master works
such as Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn. Students will also learn how to talk about and write about
their, and other, music using proper terminology. We will also be looking at the basics of using music
notation software.

Course Requirements
Students will be required to learn, master and demonstrate knowledge of the elements of music
through composition exercises, worksheets and exams. Students will also be required to have a
regular lined notebook as well as a notebook of manuscript paper, which can be purchased from Mr.
Paris. In addition to creating music students will also be critiquing and discussing master works using
proper music terminology to describe what they are hearing. The final project for this course is an
original composition written for string quartet with an essay describing their piece and the elements
that make up their piece.

Student Expectations
Students are expected to give their best effort during class and while working outside of class on their
materials. Students are also responsible for bringing a writing utensil, dedicated music folder, lined
notebook, manuscript notebook and any handouts or scores we may be working on. There will be a
lot of listening required during this course and students are expected to be actively listening and
demonstrating appropriate concert etiquette while listening. Since we will be listening to and
critiquing work during the course it is important that students are respectful of all the music that we
listen to.

Course Timeline
Week Topic Assignments
1 Clefs and notes of the staff
2 Accidentals and Key Signatures
3 Tonic and Dominant,
Accompaniment exercises
4 Chords and harmony
131 Avenue of the Americas, 5th Floor, New York, New York 10013
5 Form and intro to Finale
6 Functional Harmony
7 Creating Texture
8 Dynamics and articulations
9 Defining sections and expressions
10 Articulations
11 Parts preparation and clarity Rough Drafts Due
12 Conducting and performance Final Project Due

Coursework will be weighted as follows:

Final Composition 30%
Rough Draft 10%
Composition #1 10%
Harmonic Analysis 10%
Out of Class Work 10%
Work Habits 20%
Contributing Factors 10%

Course Policies
Make Up Work: If a student is absent on a regular class day it is their responsibility to find out what
was missed and to make that work up within 2 school days. If a student is absent on the day of a
performance exam it is their responsibility to schedule and make up that exam within 2 school days.
No exams will be made up after that.

Late Work: Teachers will accept late assignments 5 school days after the original due date. The
assignment must be completed in the presence of the assigning teacher (i.e. during Office Hours, or
by appointment). At this time the teacher has the option to assign additional work before deeming
the original assignment complete. This includes playing exams.

 Students should get in the habit of checking iSchool email regularly, as teachers will communicate
instructions, group feedback, etc. through email.
 Students should check the course Moodle daily, as assignments, templates, and resources will be
posted there.
 Additional help is available from all teachers, before- and after- school, by appointment.
 If you have additional concerns please e-mail me at:
 My office hours are: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:23 – 4pm in room 510.

131 Avenue of the Americas, 5th Floor, New York, New York 10013