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SBMPTN 2017 B.

Soal SBMPTN 2017 Inggris
Doc. Name: SBMPTN2017ING999 Version: 2017-08 Halaman 1

TEXT A The retail field is one of those growing
career opportunities. Workers can start as
In today's economy vocational jobs are trainees and then reach management posi-
becoming more and more important. This is tion. Most retail companies have their own
why vocational education programs are po- training programs for specific jobs. These
pular. Vocational education training provides make retail even more welcoming to new
career and technical education to interested employees. Tourism is also a great field to
students. These students are prepared as consider in the vocational field. This area
trainees for jobs; jobs that are based upon includes planning trips to being a tour guide.
manual or practical fields or jobs that are (Adapted from:
related to specific trades, occupations, and vocational_ed/)
Instructors teach students the knowledge 01. What is the topic of the passage?
required for their field. Community colleges (A) Jobs based upon manual or practical
have long been offering vocational educa- fields.
tion. These colleges around the country pro- (B) Increased opportunities for vocational
vide certificates in various vocational fields. career.
They also offer certain degree programs that (C) Vocational education for vocational
focus on some popular occupations. The jobs.
vocational field expands each year to include (D) Variety of choices of vocational jobs.
new fields. (E) Training programs for vocational jobs.
The training for vocational jobs requires
less education than four year degree pro- 02. The word "manual" in paragraph 1 means ....
grams. They are also much less expensive. (A) hand-operated
Instructors at this level of education use tra- (B) customary
ditional methods of teaching. They use les- (C) doable
son plans, teacher resources, worksheets, an (D) habitual
other tools in this process. One difference to (E) concrete
other education programs is the on-the-job
training component. Many students will have 03. The following statements are true based on
the opportunity to work in their field while the passage, except ....
being educated. Some will be accepted into
(A) tourism is a potential field in vocational
valuable apprenticeship programs. Some of
the jobs in vocational fields include
(B) every year new areas of vocational edu-
construction workers, blacksmiths, and steel
cation are developed
workers. Today, there are other great choices
(C) on-the-job training is a typical compo-
of vocational jobs. These include retail, tou-
nent of vocational education programs
rism, and cosmetology. Also, there are some
(D) retail companies open new opportunities
portions of the information technology field
for vocational jobs
taught. This allows students to decide from a
(E) now a days young people prefer practi-
variety of career choices.
cal jobs

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ther purchases. However. they are not the most always the best ones for supporting more likely to establish a love of learning and to lay the foundation for their future deve- lopment. SBMPTN 2017 B. Some will expose your child to ad- paragraph 2. because they are too easy views and check the privacy policy if you are (C) there is no convincing prediction for the worried about the personal information that future of the games and apps the app might be collecting. 05. vertisements... provide them (E) apps star rating provides users with re- with a range of games and apps. Choosing an app needs the same kind of (A) open-ended games can stimulate chil- thought and care you would put into buying dren's love for learning anything else for your child.. advertisements or in-app purchases. therefore. and so that children can learn freely think about things creatively. Soal SBMPTN 2017 Inggris Doc. (Adapted from : http://www. Instead. storyline and then demand payment before (C) Sentence 6 strongly contradicts the other they can go any further.. But. develop curiosity. Name: SBMPTN2017ING999 Version: 2017-08 Halaman 2 TEXT B 04. This can lead to ideas in paragraph 2. If you want your (D) it is better to pay for games in advance child to enjoy learning. just as long as children's time is made up of a balanced range of acti- vities. Children may enjoy (E) 2 and 3 these products for a while but then get a bit bored. Open. Thus. INGGRIS. Others are designed to wait (B) Sentence 6 is the result of the other ideas until your child is engaged in a game or in paragraph 2. (A) 1 The fact that they are interactive does not (B) 2 necessarily mean that they are much better (C) 3 than an old-fashioned workbook with its (D) 1 and 4 right and wrong answers. reading. read the user dengan memasukkan kode 6139 ke menu search. most parents do rely on screen devices from time to time to engage their child while they are busy with something else. This is not a problem in itself. The author reminds readers to be more care- The applications. frustration as young children do not under- (D) Sentence 6 is the implementation of the stand why they cannot continue.zenius. games. some applications are free to download and completely free of 06. views on the good things of games and ended games have become progressively apps more challenging and encourage children to explore and have fun.. They are. Physical activity. Sometimes theory discussed in paragraph 2. other ideas in paragraph 2? Treat so-called 'free' applications with (A) Sentence 6 elaborates the other ideas in caution. Copyright © 2017 Zenius Education .. it is better to make a small payment in (E) Sentence 6 provides another type of free advance if the application promises no fur- applications discussed in paragraph 2. and websites ful with commercialism in free applications that are promoted as 'educational' are not in paragraph(s) . How does the idea in sentence 6 relate to the ate or engaging way to Kunci dan pembahasan soal ini bisa dilihat di www. and other more 'traditional' activities continue to play a very important part in children's development. The author would apparently agree that . Do not rely only (B) some games and applications are boring on the star rating.

had slowed was no longer valid. tence “Climate-change skeptics have used nently. "There is (C) That global warming has come to an end this mismatch between what the climate has been used by climate change belie- models are producing and what the observa. SBMPTN 2017 B.nature. Regarding busy parents' reliance on screen The debate turns in part around statistics devices to help keep their children enter. tions are showing. meant that an assessment done by the The latest round in an ongoing debate influential Intergovernmental Panel on Cli- over global-warming trends claims that mate Change in 2013 showing that warming warming has indeed slowed down this cen. change disbelievers as a proof to stop dian Centre for Climate Modeling and Analy. tioned the existence of the slowdown cor- (A) it is the parents' responsibility to make rected known biases in the surface tempera- their children less engaged with screen ture record maintained by the US National devices Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (B) children whose parents are busy with (NOAA). INGGRIS.. Name: SBMPTN2017ING999 Version: 2017-08 Halaman 3 07. this as evidence that global warming has ence claimed that the hiatus was just an arti. They argue in Nature change disbelievers to claim that global Climate Change that even after correcting warming has come to an end.. of the twenty-first century. stopped” in paragraph 1? fact which disappears when biases in tem.113°C per decade." Fyfe uses (E) This can be used as evidence to stop cli- the term "slowdown" rather than "hiatus". global warming as evidence to stop this. This was referred (Adapted flora :http://www. Copyright © 2017 Zenius Education . Kunci dan pembahasan soal ini bisa dilihat di www. The finding showed differences in their activities must use screen devices temperature readings from ships and buoys. global warming. on temperature trends. vers as a proof. Fyfe is a climate modeler at the Cana. Climate- change skeptics have used this as evidence 08. The researchers also extended the dren's need for varied activities record to include 2014. it tury. Which of the following best restates the sen- that global warming has stopped perma. director of National Cen- proportion of other activities ters for Environmental Information in Ashe- (E) it is not tolerable as their children need dengan memasukkan kode 6139 ke menu search. mate change disbelievers. An obvious slowing in the rise of global can be concluded that global warming is a temperatures was recorded at the beginning fabricated issue. the author assumes that .zenius. (A) Climate-change believers have used perature data are corrected..19414) first observed several years ago. long as the children are given the right Thomas Karl. Now a prominent group of researchers is (B) This has been used as a proof by climate- countering that claim. less This effectively increased the record about (C) parents need to be aware of their chil. calculated the rate of global warming to have more physical activities between 1950 and 1999 as being 0. a study in sci. But in June last year.116°C a TEXT C decade calculated for 2000-14. "We can't ignore to as a "hiatus" or a "pause". This. Therefore. Karl said. The study that ques- tained. This set a new record (D) such parents' reliance is acceptable as high for average temperatures. these biases the slowdown was real. sis in Victoria. warming." says lead author John (D) This has been exploited by climate- Fyfe. He also stresses that it does not in any way weaken global-warming theory. Soal SBMPTN 2017 Inggris Doc. This hiatus was warming-hiatu-debate-flarets-up-again-1. This was similar to the 0.

they (C) The finding showed differences in tem. About 22. Alcohol and 10. three issues facing Australia.000 young people aged tions. Survey this year. “But I was really suffering and I didn’t (D) Thomas Karl calculated the rate of really know how to talk about it and I didn’t global warming between 1950 and 1999 really know that what was happening to me as being 0. 15 to 19 took part in the survey and more (E) A cause is followed by several effects. Copyright © 2017 Zenius Education . Name: SBMPTN2017ING999 Version: 2017-08 Halaman 4 09. wasn’t normal. Which of the following obviously shows the look at the issues and put in programs that author’s false idea? are going to support young people. the country that have doubled alarmingly (D) A problem is followed by some solu.” she said. than 20 per cent cited mental health as among their top national issues. since 2011. Savannah van der Veer. said. It can be inferred from paragraph 2 that John drugs were cited as their top concern. who has managed ning of the twenty-first century. Kunci dan pembahasan soal ini bisa dilihat di www. Soal SBMPTN 2017 Inggris Doc. “Let’s 11. fol- Fyfe is . lowed by equity and discrimination.” she perature readings from ships and dengan memasukkan kode 6139 ke menu search.113°C per decade. SBMPTN 2017 B. “If young people are (D) a model at the Canadian Centre for Cli- telling us that they think this is one of the mate Modeling and Analysis top three concerns facing the nation. then we (E) a debater at the Canadian Centre for Cli- should sit up and pay attention and we mate Modeling and Analysis should think about whether we’ve got the right responses in place. The survey (C) A claim is followed by quotations from found concerns about mental health across an expert. port. naming it as one of the top ments about it. INGGRIS. “People don’t Centre for Climate Modeling and Analy. depression and obsessive compulsive disor- (B) Fyfe is a climate modeler at the Canadian der for more than a decade. do strange things that don’t make sense. mental health in Mission Australia’s Youth (B) A claim is followed by contrasting argu. dren are kind of moody and unusual . take you seriously.” (A) An obvious slowing in the rise of global The results did not surprise 19-year-old temperatures was recorded at the begin. they just assume all chil- sis in Victoria..zenius.. Mission Australia chief executive Cath- (A) a disbeliever of hiatus theory erine Yeomans said concerns about mental (B) a proponent of climate change health were at their highest level in the sur- (C) an opponent of climate change vey’s 15-year history.. How does the author organize paragraph 2? TEXT D (A) A claim is followed by a description Young people have put the spotlight on about this claim.” Miss van der Veer said she (E) It can be concluded that global warming turned to her mother and counselors for sup- is a fabricated issue. show young people that there are crimination. Name: SBMPTN2017ING999 Version: 2017-08 Halaman 5 Youth mental health group Batyr held 15. people out there like them who are suffering (B) Unlike what most people believe. Which of the following is the best summary more than 150 workshops in Australian high of the passage? schools last year. What topic does the paragraph preceding the sues can relate with them well passage most likely discuss? (D) Mental health has become a main issue (A) Alcohol and drugs for Australian teenagers according to a (B) Mental health of adults survey this year. (A) high school programs prioritize social welfare (B) workshops on mental health are effec- tively conducted (C) their family and school consider mental disorder seriously (D) more research on mental health reveals the roots (E) mental health becomes a school subject Kunci dan pembahasan soal ini bisa dilihat di (C) Youth mental health workshops are held (Adapted from : http//www. (E) Critical 14. (E) While many people did not expect it. designed to do is to make it OK to not be while the third one was equity and dis- OK . young people will un- derstand their own mental health condition if .” chief executive The government has quickly reacted to a Sam Refshauge said. INGGRIS. The tal health issues. and youth mental (D) Mission Australia’s Youth Survey health programs are held in Australian (E) Mental problems faced by Australians high schools to support young people. Based on the passage. survey result and provided free counse- rate music and activities to shift negative ling for everyone who needs professional stigma around mental health issues. many teenagers suffer from depres- (B) Ignorant sion and obsessive compulsive disorder. SBMPTN 2017 B. mental and going through tough times but that we health is a serious issue for Australians. can talk about it as a group. Soal SBMPTN 2017 Inggris Doc. help. “What our programs are first top issue was alcohol and drugs. What is the author’s attitude toward the topic mental health apparently became a sig- of the passage? nificant problem in in 150 high schools. Copyright © 2017 Zenius Education . The sessions incorpo. The workshops are mental-health-top-concern-among-young-australians-survey facilitated by teenagers who have reco- -finds/8092846) vered from mental health problems so that participants with mental health is- 12. This problem receives (C) Equity and discrimination serious attention. The program is facilitated (A) A survey this year named mental health by young people who have experienced men. In particu- (A) Concerned lar. they need help from their (D) Doubtful family and dengan memasukkan kode 6139 ke menu search. (C) Pessimistic Therefore.. as the second top issue in Australia.