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accept (akcépt) accepted (akcéptid) accepted (akcéptid) aceptar

add (ad) added (ádid) added (ádid) agregar
admire (admáiar) admired (admáiard) admired (admáiard) admirar
admit (admít) admitted (admítid) admitted (admítid) admitir
advise (adváis) advised (adváisd) advised (adváisd) aconsejar
afford (afórd) afforded (afórdit) afforded (afórdit) afrontar
agree (agrí:) agreed (agrí:d) agreed (agrí:d) estar de acuerdo
alert (alért) alerted (alértid) alerted (alértid) alertar
allow (aláu) allowed (aláud) allowed (aláud) permitir
amuse (amiús) amused (amiúsd) amused (amiúsd) entretener
analyse (énalais) analysed (énalaisd) analysed (énalaisd) analizar
announce (anáuns) announced (anáunst) announced (anáunst) anunciar
annoy (anói) annoyed (anóid) annoyed (anóid) molestar
answer (ánser) answered (ánserd) answered (ánserd) contestar

pedir disculpas,
apologise(apolodchais) apologised(apolodchaisd) apologised(apolodchaisd)

appear (apíar) appeared (apíard) appeared (apíard) aparecer

applaud (aplód) applauded (aplódid) applauded (aplódid) aplaudir

appreciate appreciated(apríshieitid) appreciated(apríshieitid) apreciar


approve (aprúv) approved (aprúvd) approved (aprúvd) aprobar

argue (á:rguiu) argued (á:rguiud) argued (á:rguiud) discutir
arrange (arréindch) arranged (arréindchd) arranged (arréindchd) arreglar
arrest (arrést) arrested (arréstid) arrested (arréstid) arrestar
arrive (arráiv) arrived (arráivd) arrived (arráivd) llegar
ask (ask) asked (askt) asked (ask) preguntar
attach (atách) attached (atácht) attached (atácht) adjuntar
attack (atáck) attacked (atáckt) attacked (atáckt) atacar
attempt (atémpt) attempted (atémptid) attempted (atémptid) intentar
attend (aténd) attended (aténdid) attended (aténdid) asistir
attract (atráct) attracted (atráctid) attracted (atráctid) atraer
avoid (avóid) avoided (avóidid) avoided (avóidid) evitar
1 .I went to Honduras»»»

2. I played soccer in the beach. »»»

3. I rode a horse in the beach.««««

4 .I ate tomatoes in my house»»»

5 . I went to the museum. «»»

6. I finished my homework in the holidays. »»»»

7. I studied physics ..»»»

8. I slept a lot..»»

9. I saw movies.»»»

10. .I bought a pet.