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Rachel Ollestad

Spring 2018

List of Curriculum and Supplementary Resources

for use in the Elementary General Music Classroom

 First Steps in Music (k-2): John Feierabend

 Purposeful Pathways- John Feierabend (3-5)

 Recorder karate and Recorder Routes

 Conversational Solfege (3-5): John Feierabend

 1, 2, 3 Echo Me (hello, warm-up songs)

 Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move: Lynn Kleiner

 Jungle Beat- Lynn Kleiner (use in conjunction with Rumble in the Jungle for a


 All kinds of other kids make music- Lynn Kleiner

 Shenanigans, Sashay the Donut, and Chimes of Dunkirk -Folk Dancing, etc

 Hot Jams for recorder and drums -Jim Solomon

 Books for different styles- Tinter

 Singing Indiana History

 Game Plan- Jeff Kriske, Rande DeLelles

 120 Singing Games and Dances for Elementary School- Lois Choksy

 Playing With Improvisation-Lisa Sullivan

 Mallet Madness-Artie Almeida