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Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security


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A Workshop on Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (16 Hours)

The rapid and dramatic advances in information technology (IT) in recent years have
without question generated tremendous benefits. However, they have created significant
and unprecedented risks to operations. Computer security has, in turn, become much more
important as all levels of an organization to utilize information systems security measures to
avoid data tampering, fraud, disruptions in critical operations, and inappropriate of sensitive
After the boom in Networking and Software jobs, the past two year have seen a sharp rise in
the field of information security. Information Security and Ethical Hacking is the latest
buzzword in the industry. In the past five years, the percentage of hacking crimes, data
thefts, data losses, viruses and other cyber crimes have increased exponentially.

A] Workshop Syllabus:

Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security

Modules Particulars
Ethical Hacking
Introduction to Ethical Hacking
• Hackers & Hacking Methodologies
• Types Of Hacker
1 • Under Ground hacker Community 0.5
• Step Of Conducting Ethical Hacking
• Hiding Your Identity While Performing Attack

Information Gathering (Foot Printing) & Scanning


• Get Know How Hacker Gather Information about Victim on

2 0.5
• Information Gathering of Websites & Networks
• Scanning Ports, Network, Vulnerability & Structure of
• Finding Admin Panel of Websites

Google Hacking & Advanced Google Hacking

• Using Google as Hacking Tools
• Basic & Advanced Syntaxes of Google
• Finding Vulnerable Websites Using Google
3 1.0
• Web Cam Hacking
• Google Password Hacking
• Mails Password Hacking By Google
• Sensitive Files Hacking
• Google Hacks Tool
• Google URL Hacking
• Passwords Steeling By Google Etc
• Directory Hacking

• What Is Enumeration
• Use of Enumeration
• Enumerates Username And Password of Victim
4 1.0
• Cracking Password Techniques
• Escalate admin Level Power
• Plant Backdoors & Countermeasures

System Hacking (Win, Vista & Win7)

• Bypass Login Password
• View System Account
• Reset Admin Password
• Reset Syskey Password
• Cracking Admin Password (Win, Vista & Win 7 etc)
5 • Make Backdoor for Future Use 1.0
• Convert Guest To Admin
• Open System Account
• Create User By bat Files
• Hidden User
• Edit System 32 Files & Many More

Trojans and Backdoors & Viruses

• Types of Trojans
• Famous Trojans
• Different Way a Trojan Can get Into A system
• Trojans Port Uses
6 • Hack system By Trojans 1.0
• Hacking Passwords By Trojans
• Controlling System By Trojans
• Analysis of Trojans/Virus

Sniffer Hacking Technique

• Overview of Sniffer
• Hacks Password Or many More By sniffers
• Types of Sniffing: - Active /Passive
7 • HTTP Sniffing Techniques 1.0
• Password or Data Sniffing Techniques
• Countermeasures Against Sniffing
Proxy Server Technologies
• What is Proxy?
• Use of Proxy
• Hide Your Identity By Proxy Server
• Open Block Websites By Proxy
• Online Best proxy
8 • Set Proxy on Your browser 1.0
• Proxy Tools
• Tor
• MultiProxy
• Ultrasurf
• Anonymizer Etc

Hacking Email Accounts & Email Security

• Understanding Email
• How it Works
• Tracing an E-Mails
• Fake Mailing Tricks
• Mail Bombing
9 • Hacking Email Account (See Password & Password View) 1.0
• Cracking E-Mails Account Password Methods
• Mails Forwards Tricks
• Securing Mails
• Security policy Or Activity of Email
• Spam Securing & Report

Phishing Hacking Methods & Countermeasures

• Introduction Of Phishing
• How it Works
• Cases of Phishing
• Technique of Phishing
10 1.0
• How Hacker Hack Password By Phishing
• Gmail, Orkut, yahoo Phishing Technique
• How to protect Yourself From Phishing
• Countermeasures

SQL Injection & Countermeasure

• What Is SQL Injection
• SQL Injection Techniques to gain access to a system
• Microsoft OLEDB Errors
• How Hacker Hack Website by SQL injection
11 0.5
• Query Use in SQL Injection
• SQL Injection Cases
• Prevention & Countermeasures
Data Hiding Techniques, Steganagraphy, Cryptography
• What Is Steganagraphy
• Use of Steganagraphy
12 0.5
• Secure Your data
• Hide Data behind the Image or Any files

Hacking Web Servers Technology, Vulnerability Assessment,

Penetration Testing
• What is Vulnerability?
• Method of finding Vulnerability
• Web Server Vulnerability
• Web Application Threats
13 • Exploit Against Webservers 1.0
• Hacking WebServer Techniques
• Cross scripting
• SQL Injection
• Penetration Testing Methodologies
• Countermeasures

USB Hacking Techniques

• What is USB Hacking
• Hacking Password & Cookies Etc
• USB Thief
• Make Your Own USB Hacking Tool
14 0.5
• USB Protection
• Double Password
• USB Safeguard
• USB Monitor Tools Etc

Hacking By Key loggers ,Root kits & Spy wares

• What are Root kits & Key Loggers?
• Use of Root kits & Key loggers
• Top Key loggers Tools
15 1.0
• How Steel Passwords or Many More by Key logger
• Tools: There Are Many Tools
• Countermeasures of Spy wares & Key loggers

Mobile Hacking Technologies

• Hack Mobile Phone
• SMS Forging Tracking
• Free Calls Hacks
16 • Fake SMS Sending Techniques 1.0
• Mobile Phone
• How to make free Inbound Phone Calls
• Monitor PC through Mobile Phones
• Some Another Tricks Of Mobile Hacks (GPRS Hacks Etc)
Software, Registry & Application Software Hacking
Technologies And Security & Protection Policy

• Make Your Windows XP Genuine By Registry Etc

• Modify Your Application Software’s
• Exe File Modification Techniques
17 1.0
• Make Your Own Software’s .exe Files
• Create Your Own Keys & Cracks of Software
• Customizing Windows through Registry
• Customizing Policy of Windows through Registry
• Many Other Software Hacking Tricks

Social Networking Websites Orkut, Facebook Hacking &

Security Policies
• Cases of Orkut, Face book etc
• Identity Theft Cases
18 • Virus on Social Sites 0.5
• Identity Hacking of Facebook & Yahoo Etc
• Security Tips against Social Websites
• Privacy Option

Credit Card Hacking

• Credit card cases
• What is Credit card Fraud?
19 • Tools That Use to generate credit card 0.5
• Detection of Credit card Fraud
• Countermeasures

Game Hacking & Computer Crime Forensic Investigation

• OS Windows Games Hacks
• Online Game Hacking
• Game Frauds
20 • Computer Crime Forensic Investigation 0.5
• What Is Computer Forensic
• Role of Computer Forensics
• Method Use by Computer Forensic


Note: These are just the major aspects that we will be discussing, each point will be
elaborated in detail with demonstrations of the tools and techniques.

B] Prerequisite for Workshop:

• Passion to learn new creative things.

• Knowledge of how to use Computer.
• Having basic knowledge of Web & Internet.

C] Who could attend ?

• College students seeking career in Cyber Security Industry.

• Person having interest in Hacking & Security.
• Education Faculty & Staff.
• IT Professionals, Web Developers, Network Engineers.
• Students from any branch can attend the workshop.

D] Requirements for Workshop:

• Minimum 100 students for conducting the workshop.

• A Seminar Hall.
• A Computer Lab with Internet Connectivity, if possible.
• Two Projectors.
• An effective collar microphone with a Sound System.

E] Program Benefits & Highlights:

• Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts

• Receive an unparalleled education on the art of computer security with personal one-
on-one attention.
• Hands on Demonstrations of Latest Hacking Techniques & Tools.
• Hands on Demonstrations of various cases solved by our Trainer.
• PowerPoint Presentation, Live Demos, Interactive Question & Answer sessions and
comprehensive reading material.
• Toppers of each workshop to be personally interviewed and will receive a chance to
work on security projects.

F] Key Benefits of i3indya:

• Conducted more than 100 workshops & seminars for Students & Professionals across
• Conducted workshops at Top most institutes of India including IIT’s and NIT’s.

G] Course Material & CDs:

• Comprehensive course material will be provided to participants.

• Ethical Hacking Toolkit worth Rs.400 (Containing Tools, Videos, Ebooks,
H] Workshop Duration:

• 2 Days (8 hours/day)

I] Charges for Workshop:

• Rs. 900/- per student.
(This includes Registration Kit, Toolkit, and Course Material).

J] Certification:
• Participation Certificate to all students from i3indya Technologies.