Aaron Brown

474 Van Buren, Apt. 3 Monterey, Ca 93940 Cell: 330.715.9651 E-Mail: awbrown@miis.edu

Professional Summary
I am an individual that works best when challenged and can compete under heavy pressure, while still outputting a superb of level of quality analysis. I strive for excellence in my daily life and will assuredly do the same as an educator. My language and cultural studies eventually led me to travel and study in the ancient, and vastly exciting, nation of Egypt. While studying in Egypt I was also granted the benefit of teaching a number of the lower-level Arabic students. These students were Egyptian nationals and I found it very rewarding to be trusted with their education, no matter how slight my role had been. When I was afforded the opportunity to assist in the children’s education I first assumed that it would be much like any other job I had taken. However, this preconception could not have been further from the truth. Decades of education could never have prepared me for the adventure in teaching I was to embark upon. Each morning I assumed the role of student as I absorbed the Arabic language in an intense program, which would be hard to rival even in the United States. Subsequently, each afternoon I took on the position as educator. I was granted the rare opportunity to watch a group of children not only realize their potential, but to assist them with the creation of goals and the meeting of the same.

Areas of Expertise
   Analytical Thought Process Informative Journalism Grammatical Structuring    Statistical Analysis Classroom Management Public Speaking    Research & Application Team Management Creative Writing

Professional Accomplishments
Journalism 

o Informative journalism o Creative Journalism Assisted in the overhaul of the Westfield Medical Bill Review Unit (MBRU) and turned around the production outflow. Designed smoother, more efficient way to engage and activate medical records o Ultimately allowing for increased output of bills. o This in turn saved an exponential amount of time and money for the unit. Trained Westfield employees on how to appropriately use software when working data validations. Consistently exceeded monthly quotas for worked data validations. Consistently exceeded monthly quotas for outgoing bill summaries. Increased output equals less turnaround time for processed bills, eventually resulting in a unit without penalties and fees with regard to medical bills. Successfully accomplished Operation Noble Eagle.

Aaron Brown, June, 2010


Guarded billions of dollars worth of sensitive equipment. Guarded billions of dollars worth of high priority personnel. Secured perimeters of Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB). Lead and participated in anti-terrorism simulations. Constructed defense locales. Brought security to the New Orleans region after Hurricane Katrina o Distribution of Goods o Securing city streets o Ensuring safety of public welfare

Teacher’s Assistant—Cairo, Egypt

  

Assisted in Classroom Management Tutored the Children With Prescribed Reading Materials Ensured Proficiency With Daily Readings

Demand Studios Article Consultant Journalism and Ethics Mustard Seed Market & Cafe June 2009- Present Caterer Preparation of Food Goods Customer Service o Delivery o Arrangement o Material Designation Big Fish Bar and Grille 2006-2010 Manager o Maintenance of schedule and hours o Enforcement o Recruitment o Retention Westfield Insurance 2005-2006 Date stamp, sort, batch, and scanned an average of 35,000 medical bills and records per month (Workers’ Compensation and PIP/Med Pay) Utilized CorVel Medical Bill Review Software to scan medical bills Worked Data Validations once medical bills were scanned into software to generate Explanation of Benefits Army National Guard 2001-2009 Active Duty – Wright Patterson Air Force Base Security o Flight Line Security Detail: Protection of high priority personnel and sensitive assets. o Perimeter Security

Aaron Brown, June, 2010


Active Duty-New Orleans o Securing displaced individuals o Distribution of needed goods o Security

Monterey Institute of International Studies 2010-2012

  

MA Candidate in TESOL and Applied Linguistics Furthering Arabic Language and Regional Studies PCMI Program

University of Akron 2005-2009 Bachelor of Arts in International Politics- University of Akron Minors in Homeland Security and English Certificate in Middle East Studies

Additional Skills and Abilities
Intermediate Proficiency in the Arabic Language o Currently in process of securing fluency Research and Statistics Knowledge in Global Affairs Knowledge in Ethics, Peace & Global Affairs

Personal Interests
Cooking o With special interest in Middle Eastern cuisine Reading o Primary interest being philosophy and Russian literature Hiking o Trailblazing Snowboarding o Extreme and leisurely

Aaron Brown, June, 2010


Eihab Abousena o eta1@uakron.edu o 330.972.7406 Dr. Janet Klein o klein@uakron.edu o 330.972.7006 Devin Carty o dcarty@vanguardhealth.com o 330.592.6653

Aaron Brown, June, 2010


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