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The Campus Alliance for Dedicated and Unified Action condemns in the strongest possible terms

the brutal dispersal of our National Minorities by the elements of the Philippine National Police
(PNP) earlier, October 19, 2016 in their protest in front of the US Embassy. Since yesterday, the
different groups protested at Camp Aguinaldo and in front of the US Embassy to rally against
Military Presence and Imperialist Plunder in their ancestral lands. This is a part of the Lakbayan
2016 where members of different indigenous and Moro groups from Luzon, Visayas and
Mindanao convened in UP Diliman last October 15 until 21 to build solidarity.
When the event, which was according to accounts were peaceful, was near to its end, the
elements of the PNP set off tear gas, drove a police vehicle through the protester’s ranks, and
arrested around 30 members of the group. Just yesterday, they were dispersed by water cannons
during their protest at Camp Aguinaldo.
As an element of the State which ought to protect the most marginalized sectors, the Philippine
National Police once again proves that their duty to “Serve and protect” is not towards the
Interest of the Indigenous Peoples, but of the few. As a state element, the PNP must be able to
exercise maximum tolerance in handling protest actions and must never repress the people’s
right to assembly and speech.
We believe that struggles that our IP brothers and sisters brought with them in the protest are
legitimate calls and clamors that the state must be able to answer. These include pulling out
elements of the Military in their ancestral domains, and the provision of their ancestral lands
where their life, culture and identity is rooted. The march of our national minorities and the
storms of protests manifest that amidst current mechanisms that ought to favor them, the
conditions of the Indigenous Peoples remain oppressive and fascist.
As a part of the UP Baguio community, us Iskolar ng Bayan should always be united and one with
our IP brothers and sisters in their struggle for land, life and right to self-determination.
Down with State Fascism!
Advance the struggles of the indigenous peoples!
Daga, biag, kinabaknang, Salakniban!