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Sr.No. Agenda of Meeting with Chief Engg., Hubballi, on 18-12-2014.

1 Approval to Proposal of substituting GSW pipe with UPVC pipe.

2 Clearance of 2nd RA Bill and negotiating/representing for payment of item of
GSW pipeline.

3 Approval to proposal of Excess Qty.; cropped up - STP.

4 Finalization of Qty. of RCC pipes. 300mm size pipes which are already
procured have been asked to replace by GSW pipes, in nallah portion.

5 Resolving the issue of item of Rubble Pitching indicated in construction
drawing, in the absence of provision of item in BOQ
6 Accepting and allowing to procure bricks available within the resonable
periphery of site of work, those, satisfying the requirements of tests, to max.
level, but those are available.
7 Expediting clearance of QAPs of materials, by allowing to communicate through
internet and accepting scanned copies of applications and QAP documents and
issuing clearance through internet.
8 Encroachment in the alignment of Nallah protection wall.

Qty. 10 Approval to submitted proposal of offering. Test of GSW pipeline 12 Visit to Belgaum for clarifications on design matters .9 Jointly deriving methodology of tacling septic tanks obstructung the alignment of GSW network. ILKAL " in stencil.GSW.Ltd. obstructing alignment of sewage network. 19 To maintaion top level of manhole cover chamber 200mm above GL. 18 NKUSIP CMC ILKAL marking on each pipe . For precast manhole chambers.PVC. thk. 11 Discussing poor feasibility of successful funnel hyd. for cleaning septic tanks. CMC. 15 To complete the process of execution of agreement between SGS India P. on top of covers. 16 To grant Material Advance 17 To allow Brick manhole chambers instead of precast chambers. to expedite the work. of manufacturer: Rajvaibhav. .Sluice Gates. 20 To issue soft copies of drawings. at free of cost. 21 To allow 100 mm. The manufacturer has offered to fill letters ‘KWB’ with cement and paint the name “NKUSIP. Bangalore. and Sizes of RCC pipes.KUIDFC and client. wherever feasible. available with client.DI. covers ?. 13 Issuance of Data sheets of Sluice gates 14 Issuing letter of acceptance of submitted methodology for embossing requisite marks on already casted SFRC manhole covers and rectifying wrongly embossed marking. Jetting and sewage suction vehicle. To allow to lay RCC pipes procured till today wo marking (Tensil). Sluice valves.

market rate proposed with rate analysis. ongoing canal work. CE proposed to reduction of the section. pl clarify Approved at the rates almost at For 300 GSW . Qty. UPVC pipe approval ? . amount of item of network to Is there any condition in secure 80% part payment for tender. of RCC pipes NP3 maintained as mentioned in BOQ. Some doubts. of hearting by think it is as per there reducing slope and suggested standard design. shall we par with tendered rates. to deliberate with Team leader Is it possible. network in the absence of funnel hyd. pl clarify to avail BC soil available at by putting letter. remark of GSW pipes inserted at some locations by scrapping RCC pipes as indicated earlier. Original construction drawing rectified. which is a one time facility for entire project. to deliberate with Team leader Finalise today.test. and furnish BG of 20% of Now why they have denied. substituted by UPVC pipe. Declined to execute item at SR. Size GSW pipe cannot be only. I reduce qty. DI pipe QAP. 300 need to use 300 GSW pipe mm . Furnish indemnity bond to Earlier they were secure 50% material advance consideing part payment. who will give market rates proposed with rate revise approval for analysis.

50% against submission of indemnity bond. To engrave marks on new covers ( at top . Issuing model drawing permitted to scrap earlier embossed marking by applying cement slurry. To put required marks by tencil for the covers in stock only. Head. they will give us if we will go for 100 mm thick precast MH .25mtr. Drawing already have you issued letter to issued.CMC ILKAL . Agreed. to be tested at 1. Agreed in the form of PDF files. . UPVC pipes. Marking required for .DI pipes. to claim amount in RA bill and to seek reimbursement.NKUSIP) Already execited by Project Director. RCC pipes. To devise rate by KUIDFC . where septic tank is obstructing the alignment by allowing 45 degree turn or by passing through the septic tank by introducing PVC pipe. Not required for GSW pipes. in middle: marks of Manu. manhole covers. about what rate proportionate bottom.Permitted extra two nos. vehicle to be availed at Why operational cost ? operationl cost. Agreed. of chambers.