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K.Malarvizhi, B.A.(Corpo.),ACA.,PGDHRM, All the Superintending Engineers,
Chief Financial Controller/Revenue, Electricity Distribution Circles,
7th Floor, NPKRR Malaligai, TANGEDCO.
144, Anna salai, Chennai-600 002.

Lr.No.CFC/REV/FC/R/DFC-R1/AO/F.Tariff/D.782/17, dt.16.11.2017.

Sub: TANGEDCO – Implementation – Tariff Order in TP No.1 of
2017, dt. 11.08.2017 – Lavish illumination – LT & HT services
- Instructions – Issued – Reg.

Ref: 1. Tariff Order TP No.1 of 2017, dt. 11.08.2017.
2. Circular Memo No.CFC/REV/DFC/R.1/AAO-WI-1/F.Tariff/
D.580/17, dt. 17.08.2017.
3. Circular Memo.No.CFC/REV/DFC/REV/AS.3/D.No.374/17,
4. Circular Memo No.CFC/REV/DFC/R.1/AAO-WI-2/F.Tariff/
D.637/17, dt. 28.08.2017.
5. MoM of the conference of DFCs/Distribution Circles and
Distribution Regions held on 07.10.2017 at Headquarters

Instructions have already been issued vide reference (2) to (5), for lavish
illumination with respect to the Tariff Order in TP No.1 of 2017, dt. 11.08.2017 in
comparison with the previous Tariff for both LT & HT.

As per para of the Tariff Order in ref.(1) cited, in case of Lavish
illumination, if the illumination is done frequently or permanently, separate regular service
connection shall be provided for lavish illumination and charged under the LT tariff VI.

The following are considered as Lavish Illumination.
(a) Illumination done for hoardings & advertisement boards.
(b) Extra/additional illumination done outside the building and in the open
areas for parties/functions/occasions.
(c) Illumination done in the outer surface/outside the buildings/shops by
display lights, serial lamps, decorative lights, special effect lamps, neon
lamps, ornamental lamps, flood lights, etc.

the Superintending Engineer/EDCs are instructed to issue one month notice to all the HT/LT consumers who are utilizing power for lavish illumination frequently/permanently. streets and roads. dfcrev.1. fcrev. of No. The compliance report at the above aspects may be sent in the following format through e-mail to cfcrev. IIB. S. in which for all No. it has been stated that In case of HT supply under IA. Explanation: The supply used for the purpose of indicating/displaying the name and other details of the shop/buildings shall not be considered as lavish illumination.1.. per Tariff Order 1 2 3 4 5 6=(4-5) 7 This may be taken as MOST URGENT. to get a separate regular temporary service connection for the purpose of lavish illumination. etc. please. path ways. (d) Temporary Illumination done for public meetings in pandals/shamianas. of Notice issued Out of Sl. viz.11. IIA. Existing Total No.4 Balance Action No.. Copy submitted to the Director (Finance) & Director (Distribution)/TANGEDCO. . of taken (Seperately) the probable identified separate services lavish services. III. Sd xxx (21. Tariff LT/HT Scs. the supply used for any additional construction of building within the consumer’s premises not exceeding 2000 square feet may be allowed from the existing service and charged under the existing tariff. in the Tariff Order para 6. No. Hotels/Malls/Marriage Halls and all other services susceptible for lavish illumination.2017) Chief Financial Controller/Revenue Copy to all the Chief Engineers/Distribution Regions. Such metered energy consumption shall be deducted from the total consumption registered in the main meter of the HT/EHT supply for billing. Hence. Further. If meters fixed meters illumination is not reasons for lavish to be identified for the illumination as fixed category wise same. for kind information. The use of electricity for the additional construction beyond 2000 square feet and lavish illumination (as defined under LT tariff VI) shall be metered separately by the licensee and only the energy shall be charged under LT Tariff VI.5.

TANGEDCO Office of the Superintending Engineer VREDC / Virudhunagar.11. To All the Executive Engineer’s / Distribution / DFC/Rev/Co/ Virudhunagar Copy to ATO/Co/Virudhunagar. 1510/17 Dt. within due date without fail. And also DFC/Rev/Co/Vdr. Lr. Copy to AO/RIS/Co/Virudhunagar.2 / F. fcrev. dt.No: SE / VREDC / VDR /AEE /GL / AE. Copy to AEE/GL/Co/Virudhunagar.CFC/REV/FC/R/DFC-R1/AO/F. are requested to collect the compliance report from all the Executive Engineer’s / Distribution of this circle in the given format and the same submit HQ (format through e-mail to cfcrev. 24. And all the Executive Engineer’s / Distribution are requested to follow the above instruction strictly and issue one month notice to the respective consumers (HT/LT sc).No. . Endt. of this circle for information. TNERC circular /D.2017. ******** Copy of letter forwarded to all the Executive Engineer’s / Distribution and DFC / rev/ Co / Vdr.Tariff/D. dfcrev).2017 Ref: 1.782/17.NO.11. Sd/*** Superintending Engineer VREDC / Virudhunagar.16.

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