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Govt. Of Punjab Directorate General Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Control Punjab
(164) Applying for: Facilitation Manager For Official Use Only

Bank Online Deposit (*Note: Application Form will not be entertained without Original Deposit Slip.)
Branch Code
Deposit Date
Note: Test Center in the desired city will be arranged for minimum of 200 applicants. Once selected a test center cannot be
changed. Passport size Recent
Test City: ☐ Rawalpindi ☐ Lahore ☐ Multan ☐ Faisalabad Photograph Affix with
(Tick only one) Gum (Latest By 6
☐ Gujranwala
Domicile District: ------------------------------------ YOUR APPLICATION FORM CAREFULLY.
Domicile ☐ Punjab ☐ Balochistan ☐ Sindh (U) ☐ Sindh (R)
Province: ☐ KPK ☐ Islamabad Capital Territory ☐ FATA
(Tick only one) ☐ Azad Jammu and Kashmir ☐ Gilgit Baltistan ☐ Other

1. Personal Information (In Block Letters)
Name (in Full): __________________________________________________ Note: Tick Only One Circle in each Row.
Religion: ⃝ Muslim ⃝ Non-Muslim
Father’s Name: __________________________________________________
Are You Disable? ⃝ Yes ⃝ No
CNIC/B-Form: Gender: ⃝ Male ⃝ Female
(Family Number Mentioned on the back Armed Forces: ⃝ Yes ⃝ No
Family No.:
side of your CNIC) Only for personnel of Armed Forces of Pakistan
Age: __________ Date of Birth (D-M-Y) ___ -____- _____ Marital Status:________ Deceased Servant: ⃝ Yes ⃝ No
Deceased Civil Servant wife, son or daughter
__________________________________________________ Government Servant: ⃝ Yes ⃝ No
Postal Address:
__________________________________________________ with Two Years Continuous Experience

(Do not give here Network
Scheduled Cast /Buddhist: ⃝ Yes ⃝ No
Phone #: ______________ Cell #: ________________ converted mobile Numbers)

2. Academic Information (Note: In case of incomplete academic information, Your Application will be Declined.)
Certificate/Degree Degree Title Major Subjects Year of Marks Total Institution
Passing Obtained Marks Name
SSC (10 years)
HSSC / DAE / A-Level
(12 / 13 years)
Bachelor (14 years)
(16 years)
MS / M.Phil. (18 years)
Other (Diploma / Certificate)
3. Employment Information (Note: If you need more rows to write your information, you can add an additional page with Application Form.)
Organization Type Organization Name Designation Start Date End Date
(Government / Semi Government / (Name of the Organization / Dept.) (Your Designation / Position (Starting Date) (End Date)
Private) Title)

your application form will not be entertained. (DGETN) Open Testing Service (OTS).  In case of more than one apply use separate application form along with original deposit slip.  Please visit OTS website a cc or din g to the test schedule to c heck your status. Undertaking by Applicant I d/s/w of do hereby solemnly affirm that I have read and understood the conditions for applying in the above mentioned Post and that I have filled the form as per instructions given above and in the event any information contained herein is found to be Thumb Impression (Left Hand): ……………………………………… Document Check list: Tick if Attached / selected: ☐ Photograph is Attached ☐ Original bank Deposit Slip is Attached on the back side of Application Form ☐ CNIC Copy is Attached on the back side of Application Form Instructions:  Application Fee (Service Charges) is nonrefundable / nontransferable. Signature & Date: ………………………………. 200/.  Without photograph your application form will not be original bank deposit slip with this application Bank Online Deposit of Rs.  OTS will not be responsible for l ate receiving of application through courier / Pakistan post etc.………. Islamabad Help Line: 051-2375081 Email: info@ots. Phase 6.  In-complete forms will not be entertained.  Application must reach OTS office latest by last date of submission of application form. h Send Registration Form to: Manager Operations. (All the fields are mandatory / Required)  In Person/By hand sub mission of Application form is n o t allowed.  Mobile phones or other electronic gadgets are n o t all owed in test center premises. Central . Bahria Town.ots.  Without Signature & Thumb impression. Website: www. Office No 01.  Attach your recent photograph (Latest by 6 Months).must be attached with application form. Cut Address box given below and affix it with gum on the envelope. CNIC copy. I shall be liable to disciplinary action which may result in cancellation of my candidature at any stage.4.

200 200 Two Hundred Only Two Hundred Only k .