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from Thuja to the cancerous state

"A morbid obsession"
by Misha Norland
In the light of David Mundy's article on Carcinosin , I submit a few thoughts of my
own. Although I wrote
these down fouryears ago, and feel inretrospect that someofthe ideas are
undeveloped,yet still Ihope that
the general tone and content is comprehensible and helps to illuminate a dark area in
which there is much
room for speculation

The mental sphere of Thuja's action is characterised by obsession. Obsession arises
when the individual has been forced into submission by suppression.
We become attached to ourconditioning,just as the
Conditioning has been attached to us.We then condition the future,impressing upon it
the projections of our psyche,a pseudo-masochistic type of response to the world,
exemplified by such behaviour traits as:- "Kick me
again to prove to me that life is unjust, so that I can feel the bruise, the tangible
manifestation of my inner torment".This creates a sense ofsecurity, it ist he expected
response: it hurts, therefore I am! Or again the fixed ideas typical of Thuja may be felt
as though there were a watcher, a third party, one's internal censor; it
is as though the mind is separated from the body. The world becomes an untrustworthy
place, nature herself has become suspect and we cannot feel our bond with her.
The threads of connection with which we touch the world are loosened.
Think of the gonococcus weakening the bonds between the cells; their natural cohesion
is disturbed and they are given to unruly multiplication typified by sycotic growths. This
condition is produced by the suppression of bodily secretions and eliminations,where
upon disease is forcedi n wards to internal organs. Vaccinations owe
their action to the mobilization of the body's defence systems,they are left in a state of
readiness,perpetually armed against the invader.What a good foundation for an
obsessive personality!
On a personality level therepeated suppressions of natural modes of behaviour, thoughts
and actions may
end in a schizophrenic state. We may hypothesize that cancer and schizophrenia are
manifestations of suppression, the former being internalised in the physical body, while
externalised inthe formof"non-reality" fantasy projections.Forinstance, the child of a
parent whorepeatedlynegates
the child's independence, suppressingthe libido, (seeR.D. Laing's thesis on the "double-
bind" and schizophrenia)
whereupon the child is forced ever and again into the land
internal and external world dissolve

That which isobsession on the mentallevel,becomesexcrescence, figwart-like growth
upon the physical. It is
attached,typicallybyastalk, itis an appendage,

The body succumbs to the disease and all subjective symptoms cease.itiscomposedofundifferentiatedcancerous tissue which has assumed its own identity. and traumas. In women the trouble spotis oftenthe breasts. thecontagionwouldneverhavebeen transmittedtohim.multiplying. The bodybecomesstuckwiththe obsessionofthemind.withunnecessaryand harmful desires. born out ofa deep rooted selfdistrust and disgust. its companionsand allies on themental plane areguilt. This growth is morbid.and greed. thiswilloftenbe thebowel. These attributes are tightly bound up together. The secret is concealed and the case is all jammed up. One cannot see the component elements.andyoucannolongerdetect the mother ship of all diseases: Psora . devouring. Thismorbidityisatfirstmanifestedbythepersonalityat the causativerealm of desires . aparasitic exuberance. Itisbornbecauseofgreed. guilt. a dreadful sinking of the spirits.for itowesits existence to gonorrhoea. At the physical level there is the cancer which forms at the sight of injury. undressed wrongs.Itdesiresto growand toobtainindependent status. The reciprocal action of these twomiasms is characterisedbythe impulse todestroy. selecting the bodywithwhich it hasaffinity.overgrowing. Homoeopathic cure is effected by arousing the body's vital force.and the groundwork formorbidity is laid.or accidents.Associatedwiththe excrescence. The desire to smash and to destroy. Since it is composed of the body's own cells.ortherecurrenceofillnesses. she is obscured by the flotilla of her satellites: the multifoldand colourful symptoms of Sycosis and Syphilis . and had man remained at home. to defile and denigrate. Slowness of recovery typifies the state ofaffairs.thebody havinggivenupthe fight.This is because of indulgent living and anxiety producing acidity. locked in one another's arms.that istosay at the incarna- tional vortex where the descending spiritclothes itselfwith the garment ofmateriality according to its nature. depression. Depression is the mentalstate. the natural channels of defence and elimination are closed. for it lacks integration withinthebodilystructure. Thesedays.At the emotional level there is gloom. so that symptoms are manifested and . or in the weakest organ. satisfied with his lot. In either case there is an unnatural redistribution of the vital body's activities. envy and jealousy. ofcourse becomeobjectsof desire arousal.which have. going berserk.addthistothepicture.ratherthantheir intended function of suckling the young.Atthementallevel themorbidity is felt as the obsessive recollection and mulling overpast unpleasantness.

to freeup the conditionsofphysical and etheric stasis.1. for the unique symptomsof disease to appear before we can tackle the higher realms with higher potencies.advise uponapurifying. High potencies are used to release theauricandemotional levels. Shock produces a state ofethericstasisinwhichthebodycanno longerhealitself. Morbidityresults in the shuttingdownofwholeareasofnatural protection. Addto this Sycosis the Syphilitic colouring of self destructiveness. Summer 198 . from above to below. From The Homeopath Vol.vegetariandiet.We must wait forphysicalchanges tooccur. Wemust also helpthebody'seliminative system to copewiththe toxicoverload. help him to clear his house oftheareasofchaos andunrulyproliferationoftissueswhichthreatento usurphislife. and the cancerous diathesis isborn. free of the salts of sodium. and from the centre towards the periphery. toreach uptowardsthe causal realm of desire. etc. overproductionandrecurrentconditions.regressed into the state of their embryological past. whichisthe final physicalmanifestationof thesubtlerrealms. and the highestpotenciesto redirecttheflowof astral energies. Thus in the treatment of cancer. Obsessive thoughtsfind their physicalcounterpart inovergrowth. To sum up. so that cellular anarchy may result. and give remedies tocleansetheblood. wetreat thephysicalsymptomswithlowpotencyremedies. we have said that cancerous tissue is born ofthe cells ofhighlyintegrated structuresthat.treated from time present towards time past. We must prompt the individual up out of the physical state of inertia.Weuselowpotenciestopromoteclearing anddisintoxication. and to tone up the organs. No..4.having harbouredtraumaorunnaturalhabits.have gone primitive. etc.