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As well as everything that I do, I would be honored to dedicate this

Portfolio to my parents. The two persons that gave the tools and

values necessary to be where I am standing today. My parents

support me on every step I make, and decisions I take; but is

necessary to understand that they let me take my decisions alone in

order for me to learn from my personal mistake and as my father

says to “learn and grow from each seatback”. I will never finish to

thank my father and my mother for all the opportunities that they

have offer and gave me, for all the teachings that they have told me

and for every advise that come out of their mouth. I am so graceful

with them for trusting me that I would do a good job in school.

So that’s why I dedicate this Portfolio to my parents, whom expect

my effort on everything that I do, and I think that this Portfolio is

the perfect image and reflection of my effort and hard work.

Mom & Dad: I hope that I can make you proud, the same way that I

am proud of having both of you as my parents and as the compass

of my life!