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In-scope items


1. IT Architecture Plan
2. The RFP process
3. Software requirements and design
4. Database requirements, design & purchase
5. Outsourced software development
6. The secure online payment method
7. The pilot test
8. Staff training
9. System implementation
10. Integration with the back office systems
11. Data migration
12. Contract process for software development
13. Support contracts for H/W, N/W, S/W, Database and Security solutions

Notes on In-scope:

 Contract management for purchasing the H/W, N/W and Security is part of the RFP
 Contract management for purchasing the database would be part of the purchase process
 A contract for the outsourced software development needs to be created even though Sharp
Software is the software development partner
 Out of scope is not necessary
 As the scope is about what needs to be undertaken, the scope items need to written using
appropriate language. For example “Develop an IT Architecture Plan covering…”

The 3 level WBS

Must have been in the following format with levels 2 and 3 being repeated for all scope items
documented in section 8. In Scope

 Level 1 – the Project
o Level 2 – the Scope items
 Level 3 – Key Activities for each scope item and
 Level 3 – a Key Deliverable

For example

 Gourmet-Online Project
o Develop an IT Architecture Plan
 Develop Hardware Architecture plan
 Develop Network Architecture plan
 Develop Security Architecture plan
 Develop Software Architecture plan
 Develop Data Architecture plan
 Deliverable – The IT Architecture Plan

11. Quality Management Process
[The project’s quality management process is about how you will undertake and

manage quality during the project] For successful delivery of the “e-TextBook” the project will is committed to undertake a quality programme tailored to be specific and realistic to address the quality outcome in relation to the project. The following diagram illustrates on a high level the components of the quality management framework the project will adopt. Figure can be used from following source: Project Quality Management framework (adapted from Marchewka (2012) p321) .