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ARENAS, Jea Marie A.
BELTRAN, Czarina VF C.
DELA ROSA, Lyndel R.
LUNA, Michael Jorge
QUIGAO, Rene Baby C.

1) Where did the first inhabitants of North America come from?
a) Greenland
b) Panama
c) Siberia
d) Colombia

2) The only land connection between North and South America.
a) Costa Rica
b) Venezuela
c) Colombia
d) Panama

3) The first people in America were called Native Americans or _____________.
a) Americanos
b) American Natives
c) American Indians
d) Indians

4) Where did most of the slaves in North America come from?
a) India
b) Africa
c) Siberia
d) Mexico

5) It is the national ethos of the Unites States. It is the vision of land in
which life should be better, richer, and fuller for everyone with
opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.
a) US Dream
b) North American Dream
c) American Dream
d) South American Dream

6) What language provides a common channel of communication and point
of reference all over the world?
b) Latin
c) Spanish
d) Mandarin Chinese

7) Food that the Anglo-Afro Americans started?
a) Afro Cuisine
b) Soul Food
c) Spirit Food
d) Street Food

8) A much criticized and praised trilateral agreement signed by Mexico,
Canada, and the United States in 1993.

b) NAFTI c) NAFTE d) NAFTU 9) SPP means? a) Secured Property and Prosperity b) Secured Partnership Program c) Security Prosperity and Partnership d) Security Process and Partnership 10) Indigenous Americans and original settlers of the entirety of America. a) Anglo-Afro Americans b) American Indians c) Latin Americans d) Metis or Mestizos .