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Subject Code: 2830102 Date: 09/JAN/2018
Subject Name: Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)
Time:10:30 AM TO 01:30 PM Total Marks: 70
1. Attempt all questions.
2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q. Question Text and Option Attribute 6
Q.1 Marketers often introduce new brands into markets that are mature and saturated because of consumer's
(a) tendency toward:
A. internal search B. novelty seeking behavior
C. external search D. brand loyalty
__________ is a quality possessed by individuals that enables them to generate novel approaches to handling
problems and that is reflected in new and improved solutions to those problems.
2. A. Uniqueness B. Dramatization
C. Creativity D Proficiency
___________ are NOT one of the major participants in the integrated marketing communications process.
3. A. Advertising agencies B. Advertisers or clients
C. Advertisers or clients D. New-product development firms
__________ is defined as the passing of information, the exchange of ideas, or process of establishing a
commonness of thought between a sender and receiver.
4. A. Advertising B. Sales Promotion
C. Encoding D. Communication
Ads have been placed on the back of envelopes that contain airplane tickets and on banners pulled by planes
that are flown over sports arenas. Both of these are examples of: ________
5. A. support media B. out-of-home advertising
C. indirect communications D. advertising accessories
A(n) _____ occurs during the first stage in the consumer decision making process
6. A. internal search B. external search
C. problem recognition D. Alternative evaluation
Q.1 (b) Give the meaning of the following. Each is carrying 1 mark 04
1. Creativity
2. Target Marketing
3. Advertising appeals
4. Transit Advertising

Q.1 (c) Explain what is meant by zipping and zapping and how they affect television viewing behavior. 04
Discuss some of the ways advertisers can deal with the zapping problem

Q.2 (a) What is DAGMAR? Discuss the advantages and problems associated with the use of DAGMAR. 07

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McDonald’s is a significant user of sponsorship as a key form of promotion. including sponsorships. According to the theory of classical conditioning how is she most likely to behave in response to the advertisement of a third hair fall? reducing oil?why Q. or do you think that they are primarily interested in associating their brand with food and Page 2 of 4 .3 (a) What is media driven creative strategy? State advantages and disadvantages.3 (a) Explain in depth the FCB grid 07 (b) What is meant by positioning? Explain various positioning strategies giving examples. direct 07 marketing. for many years. In addition to having thousands of locations throughout the world.4 (a) What are cognitive responses? In all buying situation consumers do not pass through learn-feel-do 07 sequence. Because of McDonald’s long history in fast food offerings. critics argue that McDonald’s should not be associated with anything regarding health or sport. sales promotions and direct marketing for a brand of your choice? OR (b) A consumer buys hair-reducing oils of two different brands.5 Case Study 14 Case . McDonald’s also has very strong brand equity and is generally considered one of the top 10 most valuable brands in the world. it has worked hard to broaden its menu offering and try to broaden its food appeal.4 (a) What is media driven creative strategy? State advantages and disadvantages 07 (b) Name any two brands that you think are global. (b) What is integrated marketing communication? Develop an IMC plan that includes advertising. advertising and other forms of promotion. 07 (b) Explain the usage of subliminal perception in advertisements with examples and also state how they 07 are used by marketers to the detriment of consumers OR Q. This has been achieved over many years through a combination of store locations. What according to you gives them a global appeal? 07 Enlist the factors that need to be considered while designing a global advertising campaign? Q. And McDonald’s uses sponsorships in order to counteract this and create positive view of the company by doing good things in the community and for local groups. In many countries. In recent years. there is a proportion of consumers that have a strong negative attitude towards McDonald’s – because they perceive McDonald’s as primarily selling “junk” food. they also are sponsors of sport and children’s activities. It has introduced some healthier options and has also added higher quality food and coffee as well. However. However. For example. 07 Q. McDonald’s have been involved in Ronald McDonald house and various other related health sponsorships. media attention. Why? (b) Describe the communication-persuasion process of advertising with an example? 07 OR Q.The Ethics of McDonald’s Sponsorships McDonald’s is a well-known fast food chain throughout the world. Discussion Questions  What is your current perception of McDonald’s in terms of their food offerings? Do you think that they have worked hard enough to broaden and diversified their product offering or are they still primarily a fast food chain?  Do you think that McDonald’s is acting as a “good corporate citizen” in their sponsorship activities. she does not experience any 07 noticeable problem reduction.

may only use fitness centers on an they play top level ad hoc basis sports. provided that McDonald’s is supporting worthwhile causes. They are reasonably committed to fitness. meet people. this group is aged 18 to 30% to improve the 35 and tend to be fairly dedicated to physical look of their fitness – but they also like to party body too Losing Weight As the name suggests.5 Case Study: Fitness Fast 14 Fitness Fast currently consists of eleven fitness centers throughout Sydney. or engage in extreme or endurance sports The firm is also unsure about what type of message they should communicate and the best way to Page 3 of 4 . They don’t have view fitness as vital to ambitious goals. even though they other areas (that is. who to make friends and work part-time (due to children). around 20% this group is attracted 30 to 45 years. they have budgeted just over $1m (which is a substantial amount for them) for an upcoming promotional campaign. up and down) weight loss goals Just Surviving This is a relatively This group is predominately aged 50 10% new segment. and are happy to do long-term health and a light work out a few times a week work out to help make their day-to-day life easier Among Friends This group see fitness This group mostly consists of 30% center as a great place females aged 25 to 40 years. That’s why they need your help/advice. even though it is their secondary motivation Pushing the These people use This group is mainly aged under 30 10% Boundaries fitness centers to help and are extremely committed to them achieve goals in their fitness goals. They years plus. Currently. This group is slightly older. Their fitness to a fitness center to dedication seems to go in cycles help them with their (that is. This means that they will greatly benefit from more customers (as most of their costs are fixed costs – in premises and equipment). most of their fitness centers are operating at only 60% capacity. does it really matter what McDonald’s intentions and goals are? OR Q. health?  Referring to the question above. As a result. They have identified five different segments of people that are attracted to joining a fitness center. Their goal is to expand to around 20 centers in Sydney before expanding interstate. Their problem is that they are faced with too many choices and are unsure how to structure their campaign. These segments are: Name of Needs Profile Proportion of Segment Market Looking Good This group is attracted On average.

present that message. To help them with their decision. they have constructed the following: Name of Segment Best Appeal/s and Message Best Source/s Looking Good Rational – best equipment and staff Fitness Instructor Sexual – ‘want to look like this’? Real customer Losing Weight Fear – risks of being overweight Expert/doctor Emotional – ‘take care of yourself’ Actor (little overweight) Just Surviving Two-sided – ‘now that you’re older’ Real customer Humor – ‘I used to hate to work out’ Older celebrity Among Friends Emotional – ‘where you belong’ Actors (group of friends) Humor – having fun Staff and real customers Pushing the Boundaries Rational – become fitter/faster Spokesperson (face of firm) Fear – ‘your competitor trains here’ Actors (fit looking people) ************* Page 4 of 4 .