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The Role of a Teacher in the 21st Century?

How do I prepare students to succeed in the 21 st century?

How do I prepare for this role? Where do I learn these skills?

Teacher prepares lesson Learning from teaching
Recognise students as Enrol in college of
using IT tool. Eg: chrome institutes and colleges
digital natives education
book, mobile (IPG)

Make investigation possible Teacher conduct pilot study
(R&D) on possible pedagogical Take part in collaborative Conduct PLC and
approach learning microteaching

Using technology to reach Assign tasks through
out to digital native students Multiple platforms for Attending workshops and
Frog VLE (Flipped
competency training seminars for professional

Teachers themselves have Teachers have to be in par
to be IT savvy with the evolving technology
to meet students’ demand Philosophy that encourages
teachers to imagine new Putting theories into
and creative ways to reach practice (Reflective
students practices, etc.)
Prepare a conducive
Provide a flexible framework environment for student’s
for project-based learning betterment and convenience
in learning