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Baguio City

December 21, 2017


 There are FORTY (40) Essay Type and Objective Type Questions.

 Each question is worth 5 points for a total of 200 points as this is
equivalent to 2 long examinations as agreed upon.

 Just to guide you, it would be a good idea to memorize the

1. The four (4) kinds of aggravating circumstances and state their effect on the
penalty of crimes and nature thereof.

2. Distinction of recidivism from habitual delinquency.

3. Difference and similarity between a fence and an accessory to theft or

4. Accessories exempt from criminal liability?

5. Effect of minor offender under the dangerous drugs act.

6. Award of civil indemnity for multiple counts of rape (same woman).

7. The exceptions to the general rule that in case of acquittal of the accused in
a criminal case, his civil liability is likewise extinguished.

8. Elements of subsidiary liability for operators of PUVs.

9. Computation of loss of earning capacity.

10. New provision on the Probation Law (must memorize).

11. Elements of acts punishable under the Human Security Act (RA 9372).

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Definition of “qualified trafficking in persons” and the penalty. Attempt to commit child prostitution under Section 6 of RA 7610. 27. 26. 23. Birth certificate simulation under the RPC and Anti-Trafficking Act. New rules on RA 10591. 31. 25. Crimes Against Property. Definition of grooming luring and pandering under Section 4 of the Anti- Child Pornography Act. 15. Persons liable for violation of the Anti-Hazing Law. 21. Crimes Against Persons. 29. 17. 19. Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act. 28. Ways of committing the crime of estafa. 22. Crimes Against Personal Liberty and Security. Rules on Adultery and Concubinage. Anti-torture law. What qualifies the offense of hazing? 24. 13. Ways of committing the crime of rape. Rule if husband kills identical twin of wife when caught in the act. Elements of each. 14. 30.12. Elements and rules in libel. Page 2 of 2 . 20. Rule if the paramour is the one who invokes self-defense when caught in the act. 18. Definition of a loose firearm under RA 10591. Rule on plea bargaining under the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act? 16.