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Detailed lesson plan in culinary arts


I. objectives

At the end of 60-minute period with 70% proficiency level the students will be able to:

a. Identify the different three parts of canapés;
b. Enumerate the different ingredients of canapé;
c. Demonstrate the step-by-step procedure in making canapé.

II .Subject matter

a. Topic: Canapé
b. Reference: culinary art book
c. Materials: PowerPoint presentation
d. Method: discussion and demonstration

III Procedure

Teachers activity Students activity
A Preliminary activities

a. Greetings
 Good afternoon class!  Good afternoon ma’am!
b. Checking of attendance
 Who is absent for today?  Yes sir/none ma’am.
 Why do you think it’s important to  It is important so that we will not
attend our class every day? miss any topic and discussions.

c. Setting of classroom standards  Keep quiet and listen.
 What are we going to do if someone
talking here in front?  We should raise our hand and
 How about when you want to speak? wait to be called.
 We should raise our hands and
 And when you want to go out? wait to be excused.

 Can I expect all that from you?  Yes sir/No sir.

d. Passing and checking of assignments
 Pass your assignments to the center
 at the count of 5 and pass it forward.  (The students will perform.)

e. Review
 Last meeting we have defined
 The assorted delicacies served in
Now let’s see who can still bite-size portions.
remember the following terms.
 What is appetizer?  These are typical assortment of
delicacies, attractively presented
and served in small or bite-size
 What are the 7 classifications of  The 7 classifications of
appetizers? appetizers are the fruit
appetizers, canapés, grilled or
over-the-coal appetizers, party
breads and pastries, vegetables
hors d’oeuvres, tasty tidbits,
B. Lesson Proper

a. Motivation
 Class would you like to play a short  Yes sir/No ma’am.

pictures that tells about canapé. thin crisp toast. spread. understand?  (the teacher will assist their work)  (The students will perform the activity).these are usually small pieces of bread. In small bowl. Developmental activities  I have here the procedure in making canapé what you will do is to arrange  Yes sir/No sir. but it is better to use a more highly flavored spread. Using egg slicer or sharp knife. Base – may be made from several different items. Spread – may be as simple as butter or softened cream cheese. cut rounds out of toast to make 12 circles. Garnish – any food items or combination of  Garnish is added to the food that items placed on top of spread. crackers. c.  (The students will guess until  (The teacher will show different they will get the correct answer). 2. on top of it and that is often served at mixture. 3. Dijon mustard 1tsp chopped fresh herbs Dash hot sauce Pinch freshly ground pepper 2 slices cooked bacon. part of canapés such as a slice of ham or cheese. Using 2 inch circle cookie or biscuit cutter. slice hard- cooked eggs crosswise into ¼ inch slices.  Class. combine mayonnaise with mustard. 2.) b. what are the different  (The students will response. because sharp or spicy flavors are better for stimulating the appetite.  Did you understand class?  Yes/no ma’am!  Do you have any question?  None ma’am!  Now. topped with highly seasoned food meat. herbs.peeled 3 slices whole wheat or white toast ¼ cup low-fat mayonnaise ½ tsp. It may be a major serve as decoration. let’s proceed to the ingredients and procedure of canapés. 3 parts of canapés 1. ( the students will response)  What are three parts of canapés?  The three parts of canapés are base.) ingredients in making canapés? Egg and ham canapés Ingredients: 3 hard-cooked eggs. . and garnish. hot sauce and pepper.  We will play the game fun ways to think.  What do you mean by garnish class? 3. party. fish etc. or crackers spread or Canapé. them in order. Discussion  (the teacher will start the discussion)  What is canapé?  Canapé. Procedure : 1.small piece of bread or crackers that has cheese. cut into bite-sized pieces. Examples: bread cutouts. toast.

or crackers spread or topped with highly seasoned food mixture? 2. toast. These may be made from several different items like toast bread? 3. IV Evaluation:  (The teacher will call 3 students. dollop of mayonnaise. Are any food items or combination of items placed on top of spread? 5.III Practice Teaching Coordinator Approved by: NORLITA ORPILLA Principal III . These are usually small pieces of bread. What you will use to slice the bread? V Assignment: Agreement: The assigned group will bring their ingredients of canapés including their complete cooking outfit.) 1.. VALDEZ DR. Prepared by: Checked by: MARIEL S. COLOMA LETICIA MARIANO Student Teacher Cooperating Teacher Noted by: ROSALINDA B. These may be as simple as butter or softened cream cheese? 4. To assemble: top toast with 1sliced egg. demonstrate how to make egg and ham canapés.)  (The students will answer the following questions. RODELIO GARIN Head Teacher. 4. 1/4 tsp. Generalization:  Name again the different ingredients in making egg and ham canapés. a piece of bacon and garnish with herbs d.