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Hamlet and the Modern

World: Webercise

1. In the introduction find when Hamlet was first performed and a provide a summary of the contents in the


2. Navigate through the website and find the Hamlet Themes section (click on it), relate each theme to

modernity (news, movies, TV, Music, etc.).

a. Revenge -

b. Deception -
c. Madness and Suicide -

d. Immorality and Consequences -

3. Analyze a character and provide characteristics that resembles the most realistic features in the real world.





4. Click on Hamlet Quotes. Pick one character (from the play) and write down the top three quotes that

resonates with you the most and provide a sentence to why you chose it.



5. Click on Supernatural Elements in Shakespeare (watch the 2-minute video).

a. How does supernatural events occur within Hamlet (provide an example from the text)?

6. Choose a video, pick one more video-category and analyze its overall theme below. Also, indicate a

specific point within the video that is interesting and discuss why. (ex. 1:22, Hamlet the character shows

signs of madness when he sees the ghost. All of which pushes him into the pursuit of identifying the killer

of his father.)
7. Activity #1: Pick a movie, or a related visual, watch it (or find clips on YouTube) and describe topics that

arise that highlight the various themes within the Hamlet. Indicate the time it happened (1 hour and 22

minutes) and support your claim of what the theme is. Approximately 3-5 sentences.

8. Activity #2: Choose a song, (excluding vulgar comments) and discuss the language (the way it is written

and or thematically influenced from today’s culture) and analyzes it similarly to Hamlet’s language. How

has Shakespearean language changed compared to today’s music?
9. On a separate piece of paper, write a paragraph consisting of five sentences that analyze and describes how

Shakespeare’s Hamlet themes and language, relate to today’s modern language and events. Make sure to

support the claims on the websites provided. This is the opportunity to talk about topics of one’s choosing,

but make sure to relate it back to Hamlet!