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Who are we?
Who are we?
Who are we?
We are the future,
and we have a request!

Today, we are here to ask you, to demand you, in fact, to take action.
We must save, we must conserve, something very important, very dear to us.
It is older than us,
Without it, we would not be.
For, without it, even now, we would cease to be,
as will all living things around us.

It manifests in different ways,
it has many names,
many functions.
Very important functions.
Without it, the world would cease functioning!

What is this thing??
Where can I find it??

Everywhere, everywhere,
It's everywhere!
In the city,
In the jungle,

. WITHOUT IT. Even up in the mountains! Recently scientists discovered that it's even in Mars!! Mars??? Yes! In Mars!! Whoa!! IT'S EVERYWHERE! Even in the most remote corners of the earth. In fact. they would not even 'be'!! 'IT' is sustenance. But. if that's what you are thinking about. WATER. If you are there. IT will be there! For it is within you! Within me?? Is it the brain?? WHAT?? It's the heart then!! What are you blabbering about? Are you saying they found 'brains' and 'hearts' on Mars?? Don't be RIDICULOUS!! It's not an organ. Life giving. In the valley. Your organs will definitely stop functioning without it. WE WILL CEASE TO BE.

Those are all words used to describe it's movement. Trickling. shimmering. rippling. gleaming. We use many words to describe it. Clear. splashing. Wow. glistening.. WITHOUT IT.. too little or too much of anything is never a good thing. I think. WATER. gliding. sparkling. whatever 'IT' is. It could easily KILL us! Indeed. glittering and luminous Describe it's appearance. deceptive and dangerous Also describe it! OKEY. Still. swirling.. dirty.. for all the words that are used to describe it.. . crashing.(unsure tone) Nevertheless. gurgling. drizzling. soothes and heals us.. sluicing. WE WILL CEASE TO BE. rushing. deep. murky. rolling. it must be very beautiful!! Well. falling. It cleanses. that is scary!! What does it look like??? Hmm..

. thin air! And appears as cotton candy and white stuffed animals.. WITHOUT IT.” I know who said that!! Who?? Bruce Lee!! Bruce Lee? Yes. Well a very famous man once used it as an analogy for life. that is so essential. It is Formless and cannot be grasped easily. Like water. This is what he said: “You put it in a cup. you put it in a teapot. Bruce Lee! Soo. so delicious! Delicious? Yes. . delicious. WATER!! Water.. Be water my friend. WATER. shapeless. Be formless. Empty your mind. Sometimes it disappears into thin air. WHAT is it?? Lets see. WE WILL CEASE TO BE. in the sky!! So. Thin air? Yes. it becomes a teapot. it becomes a cup.It's WATER? Water? Water? YES. so important.

High temperature. waste and pollute it. We take it for granted. WATER. And so precious. Still we do nothing! (sound effect: ong gedek-gedek . That people kill and wage wars for it! And then. We do nothing! We do nothing! We do nothing! Our climate has changed. WE WILL CEASE TO BE. Who squander it. ong gedek-gedek) Oh no! we have the boiling frog syndrome! What is that? If you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water. All over the world. Even though we realise and have seen the effect of its lack. we spill. low temperature. But. there are some of us. WITHOUT IT. wind storms. . We are careless. Flood and many more. it would jump out immediately. Droughts. It's unpredictable.

the frog will float quite placidly.. WITHOUT IT. Before perishing! That's comforting! But remember .2. We will die. in a tranquil stupor. WATER. Yes that's true. 1. a person can last up to three weeks. In a stupor. cease to be! How is that? Well an average human can last for about 3days without water. Only three days? Yes. Before long. Before the body gives up.. it will unresistingly allow itself to be boiled to death!! We are much like the frog in cold water that is slowly boiling. If you place a frog in a pot of cold water and turn the heat on low. without food. No water ! No crops ! No food! Oh no!! We will die!!! OMG!! I don't want to die!! What do we do? . WE WILL CEASE TO BE.3!! 3days However.

Then fix the toilets with smaller flush tanks. WITHOUT IT. scrubbing clothes and dishes. WE WILL CEASE TO BE.. TURN OFF THE TAP!! Finally. We must wake up! We must act today! . we must conserve water. Tup.tup.. tup.. These will reduce water consumption by 80% Next. don't waste it!! When brushing your teeth.. WATER. install low flow shower heads and tap heads To slow the flow of water. Take short showers or change to bucket baths. The tap! The tap! The tap is running! Don't forget!Fix leaking taps and toilets in your home! Every drop wasted is life or death for someone across the world! So. reuse water for different purposes. tup. What do we do? We need to change! Change? Change? How? First..

WITHOUT IT. WATER. me and our future! . Now! Now! Now! It's Now Or Never! Stop the waste. WE WILL CEASE TO BE.THE END- . Save and conserve! For without water we will cease to be. everything will die! Save water for you. Without water.

WATER. WITHOUT IT WE WILL CEASE TO BE! By Miss Sanggeetha Rajendran SMK BANDAR SUNGAI PETANI Pertandingan Choral Speaking Sekolah-Sekolah Menegah Daerah KMY 2017 . WITHOUT IT. WATER. WE WILL CEASE TO BE.

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