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PART- A (5 X 2 = 10

1. What are the objectives of production planning control.
2. Define standardization and list any one merit.
3. Define method study and state three different levels in method study.
4. What is meant by work measurement?
5. State the aims of value analysis.
6. List the merits and demerits of batch production?
7. What are the basic inputs for MRP?
8. Distinguish between single machine scheduling and flow shop scheduling.
9. What is ERP.
10.Distinguish between P and Q systems of inventory.

PART – B (5X 13 = 65)
11.a)Explain different types of production system and differentiate them.

b) Write about economics of a new design for a product.

12. a)Explain the basic procedure of method study?

b) What are the basic requirement of work sampling?

13. a) Discuss in detail about various steps in process planning.

b) explain with example about value engineering procedure.

-balance method.a)Explain in detail about ERP & MRP-II? (OR) b) Write detailed notes on computer integrated production planning and control.a) Write short notes on: (i) Aggregate run-out method of batch scheduling. (ii) Line-of .14. (ii)what are the assumption in flow shop scheduling(6). (OR) b) (i)Distinguish between single machine scheduling and flow production scheduling(7). 15. .