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Engineering Services
Start With Quality Destination will be Excellence
Our company has achieved a widespread recognition in the industry by

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Manufacturing, Wholesale Trading and Exporting the best quality range of
Measuring Equipment ,NDT Accessories and much more.

About Us
Established in the year 2015 at Maharashtra, India, we “Kirti NDT And Engineering
Services” are Sole Proprietorship based firm, involved as the Manufacturers, Wholesale
Trader and Exporter of Measuring Instrument Like Ultrasonic Calibration Blocks,
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Digital Infrared Thermometer, Digital Anemometer, Digital
Lux Meter and NDT Accessories like Coaxial Cables, Probes, Calibration Blocks for
ultrasonic Testing and Welding Inspection Gauges Like Bridge Cam Gauge, Fillet weld
Gauge, V-Wac Gauge and much more. All our products are getting widely acclaimed among
the large clientele for their exclusive designs, superior quality, and reliability. Apart from
this, our ability to maintain timelines as well as quality in the assortment, providing cost-
effective solutions and assurance to make timely shipment of the orders placed by customers
have assisted us positioning our name in the list of top-notch companies of the industry.

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Measuring Instrument Probes for Ultrasonic Testing Cables for Ultrasonic Testing

Welding Inspection Gauges Ultrasonic Calibration Blocks

We offer Various Calibration Blocks for measuring

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specification of various metallic and non metallic
tools under various parameters and are available
in various specifications that meets International
Quality Standards that are used for various kinds
of engineering applications. We manufacture
these Calibration Blocks using extreme quality
raw material that is procured from our reliable
and trusted vendors.

We Manufacture Ultrasonic Calibration Blocks

like IIW Type 1, V1/5(A2), V2-IIW2(A4), DC, DSC,
DS, RC,IOW-A5, Step-wedge Block, IOW Beam
Profile, ASTME317, ASTM Area Amplitude, SC

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For calibrating ultrasonic flaw detection equipment in both laboratory and
on-site conditions. Our version of this block includes a 100mm radius,
3.0mm and 50.0mm holes, engraved reference mark scales, slots at the
zero point which provide calibrating signals at intervals of 100mm range.
In accordance with EN 12223 and ISO 2400.

Dimensions: 25.0 mm x 100.0 mm x 300.0 mm 100mm radius, 1.5mm dia

hole, 6.0mm deepx2.0 mm wide slot, and 25.0 mm radiused slot x 1.5 mm
deep x 3.0mm wide.

V2-Calibration Block 12.5/20/25mm 1018 Steel Geometry:25mm and 50
mm radius, 5.0/1.5mm hole, engraved reference mark scales from 35 to 75

Dimensions: 75mm x 43mm x 12.5mm. 12.5mm thick small calibration

block for on-site checking of miniature shear wave probe index, time base,
beam angle and gain. In accordance with EN 27963, DIN 54-120, and ISO
Step-Wedge Calibration Block,

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Step-Wedge block is used for thickness and linearity calibration. It can be
available in 3 different materials
(aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel)

Geometry: 4,5&10 Step- Wedge Calibration Block is a Special step block

for thickness and linearity calibration. it goes from 1.0mm to 10.0mm
(10step), 6.25 to 25mm(4step),2.5 to 12.5(5step), Blocks can be available in
3different types of materials(Carbon Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel)

AWS Resolution Block-RC

AWS type RC block is used for checking Resolution Capablities of angle
beam transducers. It can be available in 3 different
materials(Aluminium,Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel).

Geometry: 1 " x 3" x 6". Contains nine 0.062" diameter holes for 45, 60 and
70 degree transducers. Dimensions: 6.000" x 3" x 1.000"(152.4mm x
76.2mm x 25.4 mm)
DSC Calibration Block,
DSC Block 1018 Carbon Steel (Metric Version) AWS type DSC Block Distance,

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sensitivity, refracted angle and beam index calibration for angle beam transducers,
per AWS and ASHTO requirements.

Geometry: 1 " thick, 4" long with 1" and 3" radius. Contains 3/8" deep x 1/32" radius
notch and a 1/8" diameter side drilled hole for 45, 60 and 70 degree probes.

Application: Calibration of transverse and longitudinal wave distance, setting

determination of the sound beam point of incidence, angle of propagation and

ASME 19mm DAC Non-Piping Block

Application: Angle Beam Calibration.

Material Thickness 1" or less Block D

Block dimension :350 mm Length, Block Width- 300mm 19mm Thickness,

With 3 Side drill hole and 2 EDM notches
AWS DS Reference Block,
AWS-type DS block used for Shearwave Distance Sensitivity Calibration. It can be

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available in 3 different materials(Aluminium,Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel),AWS-
type block used for longitudinal distance and sensitivity calibration. Contains a 2.0"
high section between two 4.0" sections. In accordance with AWS requirements..

Dimensions: 6.000" x 4.000" x 2.000" (152.4 mm x 101.6 mm x 50.8 mm)

AWS does not specify a separate metric version of the DS block. The metric block in
AWS shows only the metric equivalents to the standard design. Therefore, this one
block can be used for both inch and metric requirements.

AWS DC Block

DC Block 1018 Carbon Steel (Inch Version) AWS type DC calibration Block
Geometry:1.0" radius overlaying a 2.0" radius on a 180° segment. In
accordance with ASTM E164 and BRR/AWS X-1 specifications.
IOW Beam Profile Block

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Specifications: BS2704: 1978Calibration

Function: Angle Beam (beam profile 45º, 60º, 70º; probe angle)

It can be available in 3different types of materials(Carbon Steel, Aluminum and

Stainless Steel)

IIW Block Type 2 Specification: IIW ASTM-E-164 MILSTD-2154.IIW Block Type 2 is used for
calibrating Beam Index; Angle Determination;Transverse Wave Distance
Sensitivity; Longitudinal Wave Distance Calibration; Depth Resolution;
Sensitivity.IIW-Type 2 Block 304 Stainless (Metric Version) A modified
version of the original IIW-Type 1 design in a metric version. Includes a
50mm radius x 5.0mm deep cut-out superposed on the 100mm radius for
distance calibration. Also includes 1.0mm, 2.0mm and 3.0mm through
holes for sensitivity testing or surface wave inspection, and distance
calibration marks to the 50mm hole. PH Tool design based on
International Institute of Welding, ASTM E164 and U.S. Air Force NDI
Manual T.O. 33B-1-1 specifications..
SC Calibration Block

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AWS-type block used for shear wave sensitivity calibration. Contains two
.062” diameter through holes. In accordance with ASTM E164 and
BRR/AWS requirements. Dimensions: 3.00” x 1.25” x .905”. Metric
version available.
Ultrasonic Calibration Blocks:
KIRTI NDT manufactures a comprehensive range of truly standard test blocks. All raw material is ultrasonic-

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inspected and certified prior to manufacture of blocks.

These blocks are manufactured to the exact requirements of the prior to precision machining
Many materials other than the standard materials listed before are kept on the shelf and are available for immediate
fabrication to customer specifications. All blocks are available in metric dimensions.

Blocks are precision manufactured to tolerances well within the allowable limits of their respective codes. All blocks
pass a comprehensive quality control inspection in accordance with ISO 9002 (formerly MIL I 45208 A), with
instruments calibrated in accordance with NABL

Non standard blocks made to customer's material & design requirements are also manufactured. Blocks to other
international standards are also available on request.
KIRTI NDT & Engineering Services,

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707/B-Wing, Shree Sai Raj Park,
Rajaji Path Rd, Near Madhavi Bungalow,
Dombivali, Thane
Maharashtra, India 421201