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tendencies checked along the last years,

the appearance of centers of esthetics they

proliferate in the market. It is not difficult
the popularity and status associate the
good physical appearance. The increase of
the search of services that could contribute
to an improvement of the physical aspect
leads also to the appearance of one
without number of offers to the measure
of each one.


SPASO ZEN ® concept, passes by a Wellness

On summer or on winter the
center with complete services in the area
preoccupation of the Portuguese with the
of Image, esthetics and relax. A center of
image is bigger. To correspond to the
Integral Beauty. To resort to the SPASO
beauty standard in rowing, to be felt well
ZEN ® means also a search of balance in the
with his body, to cultivate a good
daily routine. Anxiety, irritability, fatigue,
appearance, became a priority for a
stress, healthy true impediments to the
number every time bigger of persons. The
human realization, putting in question the
essential preoccupation is turned now for a
harmony between body and mind. THE
constant search not only by the physical
SPASO ZEN ® highlights, also, the spiritual
well-being but also psychologically. Thanks
slope of the beauty, associating to the
to the transformations of the society, the
esthetic treatments, therapies and
changes of mentality, the biggest attention
techniques of relaxation in a more efficient
of the persons for with his appearance and
combat to a stress, benefiting the body
his aspect, an excellent fountain of profit
with a physical and emotional well-being.
revealed this activity. To explore the “weak
The variety of services that the SPASO ZEN
points” of each one, to alert for the
® offers, demonstrates that when there are
consequences of the bad habits in the daily
associated to the esthetic benefits of
routines and for the benefits of a pretty
immediate one the therapeutic advantages
and healthy body, made into the bet of
of a given treatment, objective already
many investors that, individually or
does not pass only for taking care and
through the franchising they turned the
being rejuvenated of the body, but also
beauty into a great business with excellent
revitalizing and to relax the spirit for a
alternatives while disposing of the
healthier and happy life.
consumer. Centers of esthetics, gyms,
services more and more personalized in
the struggle against the stress, excess
weight and bad food, appear in the market
with the most varied offers, appealing to a
change of habits that guarantee more
health and quality of life. Result of the

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The Wellness centers are a new concept
devoted to the relaxation, to the care of
the health and of the beauty that is shown
through different techniques and
treatments inspired in the Nature. We can
The term “Wellness“ (well to be) integrates compare a Wellness Center to a temple of
a spacious concept that includes healthy beauty – interior and outside – because it
habits of life, practical of physical exercise represents a center of integral treatment in
and balanced food, joined the worship of which there are looked this physical and
the intellect and release of the mind. This psychological balance supplied by
form of facing the life leads to the concept therapies and thousand-year-old
of well-being or “Wellness“. In a center treatments. In a Wellness center a normal
"wellness" the client can treat his personal esthetics treatment is not obtained only,
image, and to the same time be forgotten because his concept is much more intrinsic,
of his problems using the time to do responding to the necessity of for what
oriental massages and to relax in a specific today the persons look: the search of a
rest zone. better quality of life, of a more elevated
auto-esteem, of a balance body-mind.
Completely this is got not only through the
THE “WELLNESS” CLIENT esthetic treatments but, also, of the
techniques of relaxation and direction. The
The “Wellness“ client tries to feel and to concept that today exists appeared in the
look good, tries to lose weight, to ease the United States and it is spread by all Europe,
effects of aging, to manage stress, etc. At since more and more persons try to
present, for these they are offered client's improve his auto-esteem, even if for that
type, in many SPAs, programs that respond they need of altering his everyday habits,
to the search of a healthy way of life that from the food to the cares dispensed to his
they pass over the fitness, nutritional skin, body and hairs. The stress, the
advising, you cure and preventive pollution, the sedentary way of life and not
medicines, resolution of problems as stress much healthy group to whom the persons
or depressions, natural medicines, natural have notion of which the premature aging
and alternative therapies, orientated in is eminent, from there what are receptive
order that the good is of the client so that taking care of himself, avoiding these
this one feels significantly better of what undesirable effects .
when it reached the SPA. For these reasons
the SPA it returns in a way of life.

However, with the bustle of day by day, the

lack of time and the elevated price of the
SPAS, this type of perfectly urbane client,
looks for an "escape" to his routine and opt
for a place that offers to him the same
services as a SPA it offers in terms of
programs of relax, except the treatments
for water.

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customers that our service at a price just of
market. We do for an environment healthy
and a sustainable future!


It Isn't possible treat from beauty & of the The SPASO ZEN® Mark is positioned in the
body without care from soul. This is the
marketplace with a concept of “Integral
philosophy from our Brand. We wonder beauty”, based on wellness philosophy
what it is important sermon exacting, as where ally the health, the physical and
many with the wares what we put on skin, I emotional wellbeing on the beauty. To the
eat with those who meddle. By it we Master franchise, the adhesion on the
decide for working with products SPASO ZEN® network, allows beneficial to
ecologically certificates. Hair care, facial &
of essentials advantages:
body pure, simple & ecologic products,
without surprises or unpleasant • Notoriety from the mark in a
substances. Such, the wares with which we strong growth Installment
work are certificates with ECOCERT. IS the • Accessible services on the majority
warranty of what they respect the settings population
exacting internationally recognized & • Negotiation central of Marketing
defined at Ecocert , about to the caution and Communication
capillary , facial & body. The sequel is • Initial and continuous formation
magnificent: products natives & ecologic, • Make good use of the excellent
fully free of parabeens, petrochemical, Know How of the network
alcohol, perfume synthetic or another organization
substances hazard, destroyer of hormones • Equipment with guarantee of
& hurtful the environment. The BIO safety and quality
cosmetic respects the notebook of charges • Permanent investigation about the
Ecocert and Cosmebio , and integrates the value upgrading from a lot of offers
materials - cousins deriving from of service from SPASO ZEN®
agriculture biologic. The health, the Business
equilibrium, the happiness & the future • A good deal: adaptable the
from our families depends also from our facilities already existing
gestures assessment, from our behaviors • Exclusiveness of zone
often strange. If all if we may give a little of
• Fast return of the investment and
we'll be, the add up for preservation of the
good probability
environment and from the natural
resources to avail from the generations
upcoming. IS our preoccupation offer
always a service from taller quality to our
customers, as we are willing be recognized
by safety & effectiveness from our
solutions, and we establish the
engagement of make accessible the all our

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