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Motivation Letter

Eva Khofifah/1710313320019

Organization is the place to express creativity and able to contribute in it either in the
field of academic and non academic. The one of organization i want to join is Lambung
Mangkurat Debate Society. Before that Let me Introduse my self. My name is Eva Khofifah,
i am from economic and business faculty on Department of Accounting. LMDS is a new
student organization in Lambung Mangkurat University but i know there lot of achievement
that got form debate competition, that why i want to join this organization. For me this
organization is an organization that i was looking for this and i feel this organization will
bring future benefit for me.

Secondly, my motivation to sign up as a member in LMDS in ULM is my desire to

improve my debate ability. I was a member of English Debate Club at my Vocational high
school. I ever join many english debate competition. There are English Debate Tournament in
SMASA English Competition 2015, Debate Competition ESA Anniversary 6th in
Kalimantan Islamic University, English debate contest for senior high school students in
International events IAIN Antasari 2015, English debate competition for vocational high
school in Banjarmasin 2016, English debate competition AWWE 2016 in ESA English
Department Lambung Mangkurat University and Lambung Mangkurat Debate Competition
2016. Lambung Mangkurat Debate Competition that held by LMDS directly make me want
to be a college student at Lambung Mangkurat University and join to Lambung Mangkurat
Debate Society.

Third, the influence of seniors who are members LMDS in ULM. When i looking for
the information of LMDS in Instagram i saw many seniors got achievement, lastly i heard
they are join NUDC 2017 in PGRI Semarang University. That is makes me really want to
Join LMDS. Fortunately i ever competed them at Lambung Mangkurat Debate Competition
2016. So, i know a little people in Lambung Mangkurat Debate Society. If i was elected as a
member of LMDS, i would be very proud. Write this motivation letter is one of the
requirements to entry into LMDS , for which i am very earnest in completing the form. I
think, this is all I can write, may be taken consideration to qualify for next selection, thanks
for attention.