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Lesson Plan

Subject area(s): Unit Topic/Theme: Lesson Title:

Art Valentine's Day Heart Fish
Relevant TEKS:
Art, Kindergarten
1. Foundations: observation and perception
-"identify the elements of art, including line, shape, color, texture, and form, and the principles of design, including
repetition/pattern and balance, in the environment."
2. Creative Expression
-"create artworks using a variety of lines, shapes, colors, textures, and forms"
-"arrange components intuitively to create artworks"
-"use a variety of materials to develop manipulative skills while engaging in opportunities for exploration through
drawing, painting, printmaking, constructing artworks, and sculpting, including modeled forms"

Lesson Objective(s)/Performance Outcomes

The student will be able to create a fish by tracing, cutting, and gluing paper, and drawing designs on the fish.
The student will be able to relate the project to the theme of Valentine's Day through a discussion and
through their use of shapes and colors.

Essential Questions
What is a theme?
How can I create a fish with heart shapes?

Art Concepts
Tracing, Cutting, Gluing, Patterns, Theme

Assessment (Description/Criteria)
Heart Fish Assessment Criteria
Excellent, Exceptional Successful performance of Inconsistent performance Unsatisfactory
performance on artistic standard artistic with progress towards art performance with little
concepts, exceeds standard expectations, on grade standard expectations progress towards art
expectations level standard expectations
-Traces right against the -Traces mostly against the -Traces up to a quarter of -Does not trace, cut, glue,
edge of stencil edge, with some mistakes an inch off or draw correctly, or at all
-Cuts along the line -Cuts mostly along the line, -Cuts up to a quarter of an
-Glues all shapes correctly with some mistakes inch off
-Neatly draws designs -Glues most shapes -Most shapes are not glued
correctly, with some correctly
mistakes -Draws designs somewhat
-Draws most designs neatly neatly
Materials and Resources
6 x 6 inches pink/red construction paper
3 x 3 inches pink/red/purple construction paper
Red construction paper cut to shape of fish body
Cut-out heart stencils - Big size and small size
Glue sticks
Document camera and projector

Management of the Instructional Environment

Using "call and response" and "count-down" techniques to maintain attention and order

Technology Integration
Using document camera and projector to demonstrate how to create heart fish to students

Diversity and Equity (Accommodations, Modifications, Adaptations)

Lesson can be accommodated by:
-Rewording discussion questions that are not being answered to ensure understanding
-Doing hand over hand tracing/cutting
-Using jumbo crayons for tracing
-Using fine motor scissors

Pre-class set-up:
 Have stacks of paper (cut-out fish bodies, and big and small paper squares) on the back counter
 Place big and small heart stencils on each table for students to share
 Markers, scissors, and glue sticks are already on table in table buckets

 Students will be instructed to sit at their spots on the carpet when they walk in the classroom
 Teacher will let them know that their clay hearts are still drying, so today they will be creating a fun
fish. Let them quickly see example on "learning wall."
 Remind students of theme we have been focusing on - Valentine's Day - by guiding a short discussion.
What is one shape that you noticed on the fish?
Have we been creating other things with hearts the last couple of times in class? What were they?
What do hearts make us think of?
What colors remind us of Valentine's Day?

Guided Practice:
 Using document camera and projector, demonstrate how to trace big hearts on the bigger paper
square with marker. Let students know they will trace 2 big hearts - 1 for face and 1 for tail of fish.
 Demonstrate how to trace small heart on smaller paper square for the fish's lips
 Demonstrate how to cut out hearts

Independent Practice:
 Call students by table numbers to get their 4 papers - 1 fish body, 2 big paper squares, 1 small paper
square. Tell students they can choose from the different Valentine's day colors.
 Tell students they can go to their tables, and start tracing and cutting as soon as they get their papers.
 Tell students that once they are done, they are to throw their trash away, put their scissors away and

Guided Practice:
 Demonstrate how to glue the hearts on the fish's body using glue sticks

Independent Practice:
 Students will glue their heart fish

Guided Practice:
 Demonstrate how to add designs to fish by using Valentine's Day colors (pink/red/purple markers) to
make patterns and shapes
 Tell students to write their names on the back of their heart fish

Independent Practice:
 Students will add designs on their heart fish

 Students will turn in their heart fish and clean up their area.
 If enough time, students can play with "done early" toys/games
 Students will sit at their spots on the carpet and wait to be lined up to leave

Reflections and Documentation/Evidence of Lesson Effectiveness

 The students' answers and comments during our short discussion, and the final product of their heart
fish will show the effectiveness of the lesson.