.Yoke (toggle at the center of the yoke) 17..Pressing inside of the throttle sector (invisible toggle) is activated and called the Throttle Quadrant ...(pressing under the Turn Cordinator) 16..CARENADO CESSNA 210 M CENTURION II PANEL INFORMATION 1..IFR to VFR Panel toggle (Push buttom) 3.....Annunciator panel green Light=autopilot engaged.Manifold pressure / Fuel Flow indicator (In real cockpit this gauge is located at the right side of the cockpit. yellow Light Left=Open ..Airspeed indicator * 4. Propeller and Mixture respectively from Left to Right.. Nav1..Altimeter * 6.Directional Gyro * 10.....Vertical speed indicator 11.... red Light Right=Hidraulic Integrity.Vor 1 * 7.. Nav2 20.Transponder 21.Audio Control Panel 19...Radios Com1.ADF Radio 22.DME MP this gauge is called from the right side of the cockpit) www.... yellow Light Center=GPS Waypoint Captured.Turn Coordinator 9.EGT 13. Also here is the Autopilot Contol Unit (CESSNA 400 AUTOPILOT TYPE AF-420A) * PUSH AT THE CENTER OF THE GAUGE TO OBTAIN A DIGITAL VALUE 18 3 1 7 12 13 15 16 17 2 8 9 10 11 20 21 14 22 4 5 6 19 23 24 Copyright © 2003 By Carenado Carenado Customer Service: askcarenado@carenado.Over-Voltage Warning Light 2.Attitude indicator 5. red Light Center= Low Fuel.Digital clock 15... Com2.Vor 2 * 12..ADF (pressing inside of this gauge you turn to the Tachometer.carenado. yellow Light Right=Cowl Flaps is operated the Throttle..Analogous clock 14.

com www.DOWN PANEL (has been icluded into the main panel) a) Master and Alternator switch b) Auxiliary Fuel Pump switch c) Ignition Switch d) lights panel e) Lights and Pitot Heat switchs f) Master Avionic g) Landing Gear control lever and Position Lights h) Toggle buttoms for Pop Up Windows .23 a b c f h CARENADO CESSNA 210 M CENTURION II PANEL INFORMATION 23.carenado...from left to right A) Radios B) ATC C) GPS D) Electronic Kneeboard (Real Cessna 210M Checklist and specifications) E) Map F) Compass G) Trim. Fuel and Cowl Flaps quadrant d e g e FUEL CAN NOT BE USED FROM BOTH FUEL TANKS SIMULTANEOUSLY Copyright © 2003 By Carenado Carenado Customer Service: .

In OMNI INTERCEPT postion omni coupler is engaged..At the right side of the throttle quadrant you can see the WING FLAP SWITCH LEVER AND INDICATOR..Movement of the PITCH and TRIM control from level flight detent disengages the altitude hold circuit. NOT USE FOR REAL PURPOSES Copyright © 2003 By Carenado Carenado Customer Service: askcarenado@carenado.. airplane can be banked right (R) or left (L) to intercept and mantains selected heading or VOR radial.TESTED AND AND APPROVED BY REAL CENTURION'S OWNERS AND PILOTS USE FOR FLIGHT SIMULATION ONLY This document is for information and simulation purpose and is intended to be used with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002-2004 and Carenado's Cessna 210 M Centurion II only. the aircraft the elevador trim wheel should be rotated forward for more nose down trim. 3.FUNCTION SWITCH: Select mode of operation. When the lower light is illuminated..When rotated toward UP airplane will pitch up. Obviously the two lights turned off are wheen the aircraft is leveled.PITCH AND TRIM CONTROL: Controls Pitch attitude of airplane..ALT ON-OFF: When at ALT ON.carenado.In HDG position heading hold circuits are www.. 5...CESSNA 400 AUTOPILOT TYPE AF-420A 1.PULL-TURN CONTROL KNOB: when pulled on and turned. with PITCH and TRIM control in detent. mantain the selected .. a need for additional nose up tim is indicated. 6. 2.When rotated toward DWN airplane will pitch down. In real life are two commands here (Pitch and by other side trim control) but we made a simplification considering certainly some limitations of MFS. 25.AIRCRAFT TRIM LIGHTS: These lights iluminate as the pitch actuator corrects toward the selected attitude. 25 2 1 6 3 5 4 THIS MODEL HAS BEEN DEVELOPED BY REAL PILOTS.When the upper light is illuminated.ON-OF SWITCH: Controls Primary power to Navomatic 400 4.