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Student Name: Laurie Shapiro Age: 6 years Grade: First

Tutor: Laurie Shapiro Date: 11/14/17
Word Lists Passage Reading Reading Rate Comprehension
% questions answered
Difficulty Sept. Nov. Sept. Nov. Sept. Nov.
 Timed Total Timed Total WRC WRC ORAL ORAL
Sept. Nov.
%age %age %age %age % Corr % Corr WPM WPM
PPA 94 100
Preprimer 65 65 85 100 PPB 77 91
PPC N/A 83
Primer 0 25 35 50 Primer N/A N/A
1st N/A N/A N/A N/A 1st N/A N/A
2nd N/A N/A N/A N/A 2nd N/A N/A
3rd N/A N/A N/A N/A 3rd N/A N/A
4th N/A N/A N/A N/A 4th N/A N/A

Sept. Spelling Assessment Nov. Spelling Assessment

WTW Inventory: Primary Spelling Inventory PALS Quick Check(s): Set A form 3
Score: 2 out of 26 Score: 12/12
Spelling Stage: Middle Letter Name Pals Quick Check: Hybrid- Set B forms 9 and 10
Examples of Confusions: Score: 12/12
Letter reversals: p, g, k Spelling Stage: Late Letter Name
Short vowels: a,e, i , u, o Examples of Confusions:
Paige demonstrate mastery of all short vowels in the first spelling
*these are her only confusions- all other features were missed altogether* assessment.
Paige also demonstrated mastery of each feature assessed in the second
spelling assessment. These included initial and final blends and digraphs.
Letter reversals: j, b, p
Sept: Independent Reading Level Readiness Instructional Reading Level PPA Frustration Level Begins at PPB

Nov: Independent Reading Level PPA Instructional Reading Level PPB Frustration Level Begins at PPC
Instructional Accomplishments Sept -Nov:
Fluency Word Knowledge Reading & Writing

Paige has developed her ability to write two to

three sentences conveying a specific message,
which relate to one main idea. She now uses
punctuation in her writing, and often remembers
to capitalize the beginning letter of a sentence.
This accomplishment was shown during the
lessons, in which Paige wrote summary
Paige has increased her word bank from
sentences of guided reading books
approximately 15 words to 60 words. This is
evident in her ability to memorize and retain
Paige’s reading has developed over the course of
words from word banks during weekly lessons.
tutoring sessions. She is now reading more
This data also stems from the 20% increase in
fluently, as she has a greater sight word bank.
her sight word knowledge from the WRI Paige has demonstrated mastery of short vowels
She is also able to decode more words based on
PrePrimer list, ant the 35% increase sight word and s and l blends. This is evident in 100%
her increased word knowledge. This was evident
knowledge from the Primer list, both of which accuracy of sorting weekly word study words,
during the reading practice and guided reading
were timed. after appropriate instruction. It is also evident in
portions of instruction. Here, she practiced
her final PALS assessments, where she scored a
developing her word bank, and practiced
Paige is reading with phrasal fluency in familiar 12/12 on lists that addressed both short vowels
applying new word features to understand
texts. This is evident in her ability to read and blends.
various spelling patterns in her reading.
fluently, without stopping to decode during the
reading practice portions of each lesson.
Paige’s development as a reader is also
Additionally, Paige demonstrated automaticity
portrayed through her WRC assessment data.
in reading books on her independent level
Before tutoring, Paige read at a PPA level with
during the assessment.
94% accuracy, and now she reads PPA with
100% accuracy. Previously, Paige read PPB
with 77% accuracy, making it her frustration
level. Now, Paige reads a PPB with 91%
accuracy, making it her instructional level.
Paige’s new frustration level is PPC, where she
read with 83% accuracy. This data demonstrates
that Paige has moved up a level in reading.