My Idol Idols represent an icon somebody worships or aspires to be.

Whatever the reason, they want to be somewhat like them, to absorb and/or improve certain qualities that they see important and hope their figures of paragon virtues will be their compass in life be it social, or even at work. Some would prefer to idolize people who are naturally successful in their career paths. Others, however chose to idolize men or women who are close to them who made a significant impact on their lives, say relatives, or a godfather/mother. While most people prefer to idolize people who are technically alive (or had been alive) and physical« I would like to disappoint the reader by saying this:

My idol is neither alive nor physical; for my idol is, Spiderman.

Yes. Peter Parker. You did not imagine this nor did you wore your spectacles the other way round. You know the drill; bitten by radioactive spider , get spider like powers , saves New York (and to a certain extent, the world) from various villains and what-nots besides getting a girlfriend (currently wife) who loves him so. True, he may seemed to be too good to be true, but sometimes, people just lose out the tiny details in his life that makes him essentially, my idol. Peter may be fiction, but the dilemmas he faced, deaths he had to bear, are somewhat real if you look at it from my point of view. I chose him as my idol as certain parts of his life as somewhat alike mine. You see, Peter Parker came from humble beginnings; grew up without parents but with his grandparents, even his grandfather had left him in his world (note it is HIS WORLD, not ours) due to a robbery incident. Not many would be mentally prepared to live through life without manly figure, yet Peter managed to live through it well. I am particularly fascinated by how he maintained a harmonious relationship with his family, or rather his grandmother Aunt May. I used him as a reference as to how should I maintain a good relationship with my family, no matter how harsh they scolded me before, for I know when I am down, or sad, they will be the ones to stand by me no matter rain or shine. Peter knew that. That is why he would go to lengths to protect Aunt May as well as Mary Jane for they are his family. Peter is also my idol for he possesses somewhat unrealistic amounts of willpower and perseverance. You see, Peter was a nerd in school. Aced his subjects but flunked social communication. Often a target for jocks and hotshots in school, he managed to persevere through flames of high school without being burnt so much. If I were him, after the power acquisition incident, I would massacre those who had wronged me and reign supreme and redefine nerd as ³Intellectual Bad A#@´. But, he didn¶t! Why won¶t he? He has all the power in his hands to do that, yet he did not. This inaction of his taught me that revenge is not the solution to the problems. In fact, there were many instances besides this that allowed him to take revenge on those who wronged him. Yet, he let them go, out of extreme kindness which

I do know that what he did was the right thing after all and I should follow his steps as his uncle advised him to. my idol choice justified for the reader¶s viewing pleasure. I may not be a hero to the world. batman or whichever superhero for that matter but due to Reason#1 I chose him. So. or hunted for the decisions they have made. I MUST do it. Now. someday in the future. They may be hated. doing the right decisions at the right time. I get to be a hero to somebody.I may not comprehend. But superheroes. and hopefully my reminding myself how I have deviated from how my µidols¶ would act. I may be reminded time and time again by my ³powerless state´ that I am human. Human idols have their limits. for the storyteller says so. they are perfect no matter what. Yes. powers and everything« Which is exactly what I want to follow. there you have it. These are the virtues I intend to acquire. given certain circumstances they will choose the wrong path and not be such µidol candidates¶ anymore. In fact. but I believe the traits and lessons in life can be a suitable guideline for anyone for that matter. but if it¶s the right thing to do. I shall conclude this essay with a small yet powerful quote from the last manly figure Peter had in his life: ³With great power comes great responsibility´ Benjamin Parker . another reason for me to idolize such a non-existent character. I could even idolize superman. However. they would do it. I can achieve a somewhat similar attitude towards how I achieve in life. I want to be like them. but I hope my reasons are not as extraordinary to a normal human to comprehend. and hopefully. pursued. with such perfection no human can achieve is because of the same reason: His perfection is unlimited. however. or even not at all. Though my idol choice may be somewhat out of the ordinary and extravagant. Stan Lee gave him such a good traits.