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The Implementation Eliciting Activities Learning Model to Increase Student’s Physics

Problem Solving Skill at SMA Negeri 10 Kupang

Maria Magdalena Goe Liman1; Fakhruddin2; Marsi D. S. Bani 3)

Model-Eliciting Activities (MEAs) in this research is a learning model with problem

solving approach. In the process of this model, the students as groups is mentored by teacher
to solve the problem. MEAs is bond between model and interpretation, and it will give more
chance for the students to explore their own knowledge. MEAs can interpret the problem as a
picture, graphic, symbol, or mathematical. The implementation is depend on condition of the
learning activities that oriented with action to increase the problem solving skill and to
construct the knowledge.
This research is experiment research with Rendomised Control Group Pretest-
Postest Design. The population in this research were whole first grade students of SMA
Negeri 10 Kupang in 2017/2018 academic year. The sample in this research is used simple
random sampling technique, the sample were students in X MIA1 as experimentgroup as
many as 33 people, and students in X MIA2 as control group as many as 31 people.
Instrument test in this research is essay test. The essay test is consist of 6 number to measure
student’s physic problem solving skill.
Analyse of the data is using t-test, this research shows result that there is difference
between the physics problem solving skill of students taught with Eliciting Activities as the
main learning model and students taught with Problem Based learning as the main learning
model. It also shows that the students who were taught with Eliciting Activities learning
model have higher problem solving skill than the students taught with Problem Based
learning model. In this research have found that Eliciting Activities learning model get the
higest score in fourth problem-solving indicators , that are implementation, Planning,
checked back, and the last indicator is undesrsatnding the problem which have the most low
increase than other indicators.

Key word: Eliciting Activities Learning Model, Problem Based Learning Model, and
problem solving skill