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Qualifications of
February 2493 An Act to amend Act no. 310 regulating the practice in a. Chairpersons and Members of the Board
5,1915 the Philippine Islands of Medicine and Surgery in all i. Be a natural born citizen of the Philippines
their branches to repeal section 1 of Act no. 1632 and ii. Member of good standing of the accredited professional organization of
Act no. 1651 and to provide for the examination and nurses(i.e. PNA)
registration of nurses in the Philippine Islands iii. Be a RN and holder of Masters degree in ng., education, or other allied
Section 7: Applicants for registration as RN medical profession as long as majority as well as the Chairman are holders
 At least 20 yrs. Of age of master’s degree in nursing
 Has evidence of good physical health and moral iv. Have at least 10 years of experience as RN with the last 5 years spent in
character the Philippines
 Graduated from a school of nursing and with entrance v. Not convicted of any offence involving moral turpitude; membership must
requirements equal to intermediate grades and gives represent nursing education, nursing service and CHN
a 2 ½ course of instruction an has a hospital with 30 b. Admission to NLE
beds and essential facilities i. Citizen of the Philippines or an country that permits Filipino Nurses to
*2nd class nurses/ Unregistered Nurses must apply to district practice within its territorial limits provided that the requirements for
health officer and seek approval of the Director of health registration in the said country is the same with those prescribed in this
March 1, 2808 An Act Regulating the Practice of the Nursing Act
1919 Profession in the Philippine Islands/ Nurses Law ii. Is of good moral character
~known as the true 1st nursing law of the Phils. iii. Holder of BSN degree from a college that complies with the standards of
~created a Board of Examiners: ng. education and duly recognized by the proper gov’t agency.
c. Faculty in an College of Nursing
 Physician(president/chief executive officer)
i. RN in the Phils.
 Other 2 members are nurses with at least 5years of ii. Have at least 1 year of Clinical Practice in a field of specialization
experience in the ng. practice iii. Holder of a Master’s degree in nursing, education or other allied medical
 All 3 are appointed by the Secretary of the Interior and health sciences
December 4007 The Reorganization Law of 1932 d. Dean
5, 1932 The board exams were placed under the direct supervision of i. Same as faculty but must have a master’s degree in nursing and at least 5
the Bureau of Civil Service. The Board Exams for Nurses was years of experience
placed under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public e. Nursing Service Administrator
Instruction(prior to this, it was under the Department of the i. RN in the Phils.
Interior) ii. At least 2 years of experience in General Nursing Service Administration
June 19, 877 Philippine Nursing Law iii. BSN with a least 9 units in management and administration courses at
1953 Repealed all laws, orders, ordinances or regulations in conflict graduate level
with its provisions as pertaining to ng. education and practice. iv. Member of good standing of the accredited professional organization of
June 15, 1080 An Act Declaring the Bar and Board Exam as Civil nurses(i.e. PNA)
1954 Service Examinations
Prior to this act, the passers of the Bar and board were
f. Chief Nurse/ DONS
required to take another exam (The Civil Service Exam) in i. Same as Nursing Service Administrator but with at least 5 years
order to work in the Government. This law doesn’t require experience in a supervisory or managerial position in nursing
them to do so anymore. ii. A master’s degree major in nursing
June 18, 4704 Amendments on RA 877 II. Important Laws
1966 The membership of the Board of Examiners is increased from a. RA 8981/PRC Modernization Act of 2000- designates places and dates for NLE
3 to 5; all are appointed y the President; they need a masters
degree; must be below 65 years of age; 18 year olds can take
b. RA 6758/Compensation and Classification Act of 1989-defines the minimum
salary of PHN
the Board Exam but may only get their permit at age 21.
III. Revocation of Permit is Done Due to:
August 31, 6136 RNs may administer IV and parenteral meds under the
a. Unprofessional/ Unethical Conduct
1970 direction and presence of physician.
b. Gross Incompetence or Serious Ignorance
November 7164 Philippine Nursing Act of 1991
c. Malpractice or Negligence
21, 1991 Modified/Repealed nursing laws inconsistent with the new
d. Use of Fraud, Deceit or False Statements in obtaining license
Philippine Nursing Act
e. Violation of this Act, Code of Ethics, Policies of the Board
July 2, 9173 Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 f. Practicing his profession during suspension
2002 Modified/Repealed nursing laws inconsistent with the new
Philippine Nursing Act