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6-9 OCTOBER 2002

Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental

Engineering in Arid Lands

Edited by
H.A. Alawaji
King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia




Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering in Arid Lands, Alawaji (ed.)
© 2002 Swets & Zeitlinger, Lisse, ISBN 90 5809 514 2

Table of contents

Foreword IX
Prof. Abdullah M. Al-Faisal
A message from Professor Saleh A. AL-Athel XI
Preface XIII
Committees XV

1 Geotechnical Engineering

1.1 Keynote lectures

Centrifuge and full scale models of geotextile reinforced walls and three case studies of 3
such walls in Turkey
E. Guler
Behavior of foundations on arid climate soil deposits 11
N.F. Ismael
Experimental study: Influence of moisture on tensile strength in granular soil 21
S. Sture & T.-H. Kim
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of underground structures 27
Th. Zimmermann, A. Truly, S. Commend & A. Bisetti
Geotechnical characterization in offshore conditions 39
W.F. Van Impe
Measures to reduce rock fall hazards: case history in Mena 71
Y. El-Mossallamy & H. Zein Al Abideen
Collapse behaviour of red soils 79
S.M. Rao

1.2 Engineering properties of soils and rocks

Properties and anisotropy of Riyadh limestone rock 89
H. Alawaji
Effects of cyclic loading and stress/strain level on the elastic properties of limestone 95
N.A. Al-Shayea
A prototype triaxial permeameter for the filtration of a soil/geotextile system 101
A. Abdul Aziz
Prediction of fractured rock permeability in Pasir Impun, Bandung, Indonesia 109
S. Notosiswoyo, Suyono & L.E. Widodo

Engineering properties of Red Sea coastal plain soils 115
Y.E.-A. Mohamedzein &A.M. El Sharief
Prediction of compressibility of some Sudanese soils using cone penetration test method 121
A.K.M. Zein & M.M. El Tahir

1.3 Foundation engineering

Stiffness and damping constants of piles in layered soil 129
F. Aboul-Ella & A. Elhabashy
Behavior of a model steel pipe pile pushed in dry dense sand 135
O.M. Alansari &H.M. Mekkiyah
A general algorithm for computations of shallow foundation settlements 143
M.A. Al-Shamrani
Computed and observed micropiles capacity (case studies) 151
M.A. Benltayef H.O. Tumi & O.M. Edali
System reliability assessment of cantilever retaining walls 157
M.M. El-Meligy
Winkler coefficient for beams using elastic continuum approach 165
B.M. El-Garhy & M.M. Osman
Geotechnical parametric study of vibrex piles 173
P.A. Naushahi & Habib-ur-Rehman
Behavior of reinforced concrete stability piles during a full scale loading test 179
A.M. Yousef, S. El-Gayyar & A. El Nimr

1.4 Soil reinforcement

Settlement of shallow square foundation with structural skirts resting on sand 189
M.Y. Al-Aghbari
Mathematical models relating creep characteristics of geosynthetics under different conditions 195
H.F. El-Mudhaf M. El-Shabrawy, A.S. Gaballah & Sh.M. El-Badawy
Strength properties of flexible geogrids under UV fluorescent exposure 203
C Hsieh & C.-K. Lin
Laboratory pull-out tests of geogrid strip reinforcement 209
A.A. Senoon

1.5 Soil improvement and stabilization

Evaluation of improvement techniques for strip foundations on expansive clay soils in Sudan 219
A.M. El Sharief & I.M. Saeed
Improvement of the bearing of soil by using lime - rice husk ash 225
A.S. Muntohar
Use of olive wastewater 'margine' for the stabilization of earthen dikes in the arid zones of 231
M. Ouessar & L. Raboudi

1.6 Problematic soils

Anisotropy factor for swelling rocks 239
M.N.J. Al-Awad
Settlement prediction of sabkha formations using rectangular hyperbolic method 245
M.A. Al-Shamrani
Effect of percentage of fines on sand liquefaction in arid regions 253
A. El Nimr, A. Dif& A. Ibrahim

Localization of lateral heterogeneity using shallow refraction seismic technique 259
H.H. Seisa & M.A. Omran

1.7 Dams and embankments

Assessment of sediment yield from recharge dams in arid environments 267
A. Al-Rujeibi, T. Cheema, A. Al-Harthy & I. Ahmad
Analysis of new model for embankment on soft clay simulating the construction 275
A.K. Mohamed
Rock foundation effect on non-linear response of the concrete gravity dams subjected to 281
B. Navayineya & I. Shooshpasha

1.8 Ground water

The characteristics of non-uniform flow over fixed bedforms 291
J. Taghavi
The effect of dam on ground water quality of Wadi Hawasina (Khabourah) catchment 297
S. Alkhanbashi, I. El-Hussain & T. Cheema
Hydrogeologic evaluation of central Najd area, Sultanate of Oman 305
M. Amerjeed, T. Cheema, I. El-Hussain & T. Al-Hosni

2 Geoenvironmental Engineering
2.1 Keynote lectures
Time domain reflectometry: operation principles and its potential application for determination of 315
subsurface concentrations of pollutants
A.M.O. Mohamed
Solid waste management: new trends in landfill design 327
M.A. Warith & W.S. Braz

2.2 Landfill ing

Hazardous waste landfill design and construction practices in Turkey 337
C.B. Avci, E. Guler & E. Cetin
Landfill sites in the basement terrains of arid regions (a case study from Sharm El-Sheikh area, 343
south Sinai, Egypt)
E.H. Shendi & M.H. Geriesh

2.3 Barrier system

Capillary barrier system development for water conservation in arid lands: I. Experimental 351
A.M.O. Mohamed & I. Shooshpasha
Capillary barrier system development for water conservation in arid lands: II. Determination of 359
coupled heat and moisture diffusivity parameters
/. Shooshpasha & A.M.O. Mohamed
Characteristics of shredded tires as landfill filter media 367
M.A. Warith, G. Abdel Aziz & W.S. Braz

2.4 Soil pollution

Pollutant migration experiments in unsaturated multilayered soil 377
A.K. Abdel-lah, M. Hashem, A.A.R. Mohamed & K. Watanabe

Evaluation of nitrate transport to under ground environment as effected by water table depths 383
A.H. Almdny, S. Salim & M.S.M. Amin
Removal of heavy metals through bacteria reduction 389
A. Khodadadi, S. Ghasemi & R.N. Yong
Adsorption of organic pollutants by a locally made palm date kernel activated charcoal 393
A.M.O. Mohamed & KG. Haider

2.5 Soil contamination

Chemical remediation of oil contaminated sites 403
M.M. Amro
Assessment of potential contamination of Seiyun - Wadi Hadhramaut-water wellfield 409
S.M. Bin-Qadhi, A.K. Mohamed & S.Y. Bashir
Modeling contaminant transport through porous media out of landfills: I. Model development 415
K.I. Hamza
Transport modeling of landfill leachate contaminants incorporating the effect of pH and 423
M. Sartaj & L. Fernandes
Use of cement by-pass dust and cement in solidification of oil-contaminated soils 429
R. Taha

2.6 Sewage and wastewater

Development of a low cost wastewater treatment unit - pilot scale unit 435
W. Akhtar
Treatment of sewage water in Oman University: case study on effluent quality and economics 439
M.H. Al-Riyamy, M. Y. Al-Aghbari & J. Abu Ashour
Impact of wastewater near coastal aquifer 445
K.I. Hamza

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