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(+91) 9617643094 


A backend developer with a technical background in BlockChain and Web-related 
technologies. Expertise in developing horizontally scalable, highly concurrent 
systems, Cloud computing as well as systems integration.  


Techracers, Indore​ — Solutions Engineer 


I have worked on five projects, since I began my journey in Techracers, this 

gave me an opportunity to become accustomed to multiple software engineering 
services. Currently, I’m exploring Blockchain Technology as a member of research 
analysis wing of Techracers, while handling three blockchain based projects at 
the same time. Following is the list of projects I’ve worked on and their 
respective learnings: 

Ematic Solutions: 
● Mailchimp 
● Campaign Monitor 
● MongoDb 
● Node.js 

● Amazon Web Services (AWS)- Elastic Transcoder, S3, Elasticsearch, Aurora 
● Google Cloud- Google Speech API 
● Swagger Tool 
● Sequelize 
● Node.js 

Tokeny, Remitano and iComply: 

● Ethereum 
○ Solidity 
○ Remix 
○ Truffle 
○ Ganache 
○ Web3 
○ Etherscan APIs 
○ ERC 20, ERC 721, ERC 827 & ERC 223 
● Bitcoin 
○ APIs 
○ Bitcore 
○ Bitcoinjs-lib 
○ BIP 32 & BIP 39 

● Bitcoin Cash 
○ Bitcoincashjs 
● Node.js 
● Rails 

Apart from this I do security audits for Solidity Smart Contracts and recently 
I’ve been exploring into scalability solutions from Blockchain perspective. 


IET-DAVV, Indore​ — Information Technology 

AUGUST 2013 - MAY 2017, INDORE 
● Degree - 80.86% 

Campion School, Bhopal​ — PCM with CS 

APRIL 1998 - APRIL 2013, BHOPAL 
● 10th - 9.6 CGPA (CBSE) 
● 12th - 82.2% (CBSE) 


Poster Presentation at 103rd Indian Science Congress 
Poster  entitled  “Study  of  Important  Security  Features  of  Android,  Windows  for 
Mobile,  iOS  &  Blackberry  Operating  Systems”  during  the  103rd  Indian  Science 
Congress held at University of Mysore, Mysuru from January 3 to 7, 2016. 

IET Cultural & Technical Club Organizing Committee 

This club organizes all the cultural & technical events of our college- 

Garba Night| Engineers Day | Aakshank | Invento 

Organizer at other college events: 

Invocation | Convocation | Admission Help-Desk 

Editor College Magazine ‘Pegasus’ & Secretary at IET Literary Club 

Editor in Creative Designing Section of annual college magazine. 

Awarded Honourable Mention at Indore M.U.N. 2016 

An  award  for  showing  outstanding  research  &  diplomatic  skills  in  D.I.S.E.C.  as 
the delegate of Israel at Indore Model United Nations Conference 2016.