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1 mark questions:
1. Louis XVI came into crown in the year_________.
2. Who were November Criminals?
3. What is responsible for deflection of wind from its normal path?
4. The scheme SGSY launched in the year_________.
5. Who appoints the Chief Justice of India?
6. Explain No Confidence motion
7. In which year did the Mandal Commission give its Report?
3 mark questions:
8. In what ways did British regulate forest trade?
9. Write a short note on triangular slave trade.
10. “There are some demerits of democracy that we routinely hear”. State any three.
11. What are the organs of government? Explain.
12. One final test of the free and fairness of election lies in the outcome itself.’ Justify the
13. Why are rights necessary for the very sustenance of a Democracy?
14. What is unemployment? Elucidate its divisions.
15. How do ‘Fair Price Shops’ help food distributions in India.
16. Write a short note on global Poverty scenario.
17. Write a short on corals
18. Describe the features Indian Desert

5 mark questions :
19. Explain what role women had in Nazi society contrasting with French revolution
20. How did Russia's participation in the World War cause the fall of the Tsar?
Why socialists were against private property?
21. How is the climate of India governed by the atmospheric conditions? Explain with
22. Why is the distribution of population in India uneven? Explain with five examples.
What is migration and what are different types of migration? How does it affect population
of a country?
23. What do you mean by working capital? How does it affect day to day affairs in
manufacturing sector?

24. What do you understand by the different dimensions of food security?

Who is food insecure? Suggest policies and planning for food security of our country.
25. Differentiate between political and permanent executive. Why does the political
executive have more power than the permanent one?

Study the map below and answer the following questions:

26. Identify major slave trade centre in France and in the same map locate Bordeaux
1+1=2 marks
27. From the following political map of India identify
A. Meteorological station in Jammu and Kashmir 1mark
B. Tropical rain forest , Kanha National park 1\2+ 1\2 = 1 mark
C. The state having lowest density of population 1 mark