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Lesson Plan Template


Teacher: Ayesha Alowais Subject: English

Grade: KG 2 Unit: Letter Date: 18/3/2018

H Unit


Students will be able to:

 Write the letter H.

 Say the letter H.
 Give names that start with the letter H.

Link to prior learning: review with them the last letter that they took.

21st Century Skills: they would able to identify the letter.

Key vocabulary: Horse, hippo, helicopter, hat, house, hot.

Common misconceptions for learners: Ways of identifying and addressing these misconceptions:

 Writing the letter opposite way.  Focusing on the child until he writes the correct way first show
them the correct way then they will write it by them self

Resources/equipment needed: flash card.


Resources & Time Starter (10 minutes)

White board Teacher Will: Students Will:

Colored Pens  Reviewing letter H & ask  Say any word that start with the
questions. letter H.

Resources & Time Main activities (30 minutes)

Teacher Will: Students Will:

Group work  Hide different letters in the  First they only find the letter H
sand, including the new letter then they will search for the other
White h. letters.

Multiplication sheet

BL: Differentiation activities (Support): writing letter H on the sand by using

their fingers.

AL: Differentiation activities (Stretch): puzzle searching for letter H in the sand
then the rest of the letters.

OL: Differentiation activities (Support): they will make puzzle word from the
letter that are found.

Resources Plenary (5 minutes)

Group work Teacher Will: Students Will:

White  Split the children into groups and  Each group will present their letter
boards/markers each group will get a letter & & stand for what example (name,
give them instruction before they color, country, month).
Multiplication stars.

Homework -
Learning styles catered for (✓):

Visual Auditory Read/Write Kinesthetic

Assessment for learning opportunities (✓):

Observation Student self-assessment Oral questioning Peer assessment

Quiz Student presentation Written work and Verbal feedback