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Religare Technova Limited


I, Mr. /Ms. hereby declare that this project report is the record of authentic work carried out by me during the period from 2 August 2010 to 14 September 2010 and has not been submitted to any other University or Institute for the award of any degree / diploma etc.



Success in any regard can be achieved only with dedication to the work. It essentially needs the kind co-operation of those people who have thorough knowledge about the subject. So the success of the completion of any project is not only due to the person who has undertaken the project but also mainly because of the people who have extended their efforts in making it successful. We take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our Managing Director,Sri. Manish Kothari and Amit Gupta, Director for giving the students all the facilities.We are grateful to our institution, which has helped us in many ways.





in reality it is even lower. Having understood the perception of doctors.The success of an IT product in the Indian market is as unpredictable as rain. The need to understand the attitude and perception of doctors was of ultimate importance. The analysis and validation of the findings was done in Microsoft Excel. the project moved into the final stage of presenting the findings and suggestions. The work also encompassed traversing the various areas in Bangalore city. As far as compliance on EHR in the US goes. an Electronic Health Record in an emerging concept. the first part of the project dealt with understanding what the doctors and other healthcare professionals perceived and their reaction towards medical information in electronic forms. The perceptions of doctors were measured through a well structured survey. Therefore. It has always been difficult to gauge the market with the flooding of every kind of websites and software under the sky. . The second part of the study was the analysis of the data collected through the survey. Although a medical website is an already existing concept. Therefore. marketers need to understand the social dynamics and attitude variations within each city. but growing. the New England Journal of Medicine has been generous with its estimate of about 10% for hospitals and 17% for doctors . though nationally it follows a consistent pattern. communicating with all the medical professionals in the healthcare ecosystem and associating with them.

marketers have realized the opportunity recently. and as a part of any economy has untapped potential. we just need to put in a little effort to bring about awareness in the market. Improvement in infrastructure and reach. The marketers who understand their consumer and fine tune their strategy are sure to reap benefits in the coming years. . Electronic Health Record is an evolving concept in India.There is a high potential for the product and yet the market has not been captured. and awareness programs promise a bright future for EHR.


to have a relationship as partners in a team. It is a symbol of Hope. Traditionally. For the world. it is considered good fortune to find a four-leaf clover as there is only one four-leaf clover for every 10. the aspiration to succeed. It is the beginning of every step and the foundation on which a person reaches for the stars. Care. it is the symbol of Religare. Symbol The Religare name is paired with the symbol of a four-leaf clover. of new possibilities. Trust. to accomplish a given .About the Company: Religare is a Latin word that translates as 'to bind together'. Good Fortune. The first leaf of the clover represents Hope. The second leaf of the clover represents Trust.000 three-leaf clovers found. This name has been chosen to reflect the integrated nature of the financial services the company offers. the ability to place one¶s own faith in another. Each leaf of the clover has a special meaning. the dream of becoming.

Good Fortune. All elements perfectly combine in the emblematic and rare. Trust. Hope. Care. four-leaf clover to visually symbolize the values that bind together and form the core of the Religare vision. Diagnostics (Super Religare Laboratories. From it springs true warmth of service and the ability to adapt to evolving environments with consideration to all.the secret ingredient that is the cement in every relationship. . The third leaf of the clover represents Care . Religare Technologies is the IT services business of a large diversified Indian transnational business group. The truth of feeling that underlines sincerity and the triumph of diligence in every aspect. not in the binding. but in the bond that is built. Wellness (Religare Wellness. Signifying that rare ability to meld opportunity and planning with circumstance to generate those often looked for remunerative moments of success. The group pursues aggressive business interests globally in IT products (Religare Technova) Financial Services (Religare Enterprises).goal with the balance that brings satisfaction to all. Health Care (Fortis Health Care). formerly Fortis HealthWorld). formerly SRL Ranbaxy) and Aviation and Travel (Religare Voyages). The fourth and final leaf of the clover represents Good Fortune.

Middle East. . asset management. Capital Markets and Health Sciences (Health Care and Pharmaceuticals). Currently with over 2000 employees and presence in over 10 countries. Religare¶s largest market. Africa. the group offers a wide array of products and services ranging from insurance. broking and lending solutions to investment banking and wealth management.The Religare Technologies umbrella includes offerings in Business Solutions. In India. Religare Technologies focuses on clients in key verticals such as Financial Services. With over 10. Religare serves over a million clients. Infrastructure Solutions.000 employees across multiple geographies. Religare Finance Religare is a global financial services group with a presence across Asia. Religare Technologies is poised to be a leader in the global IT Services space. Insurance. Business Process & Knowledge Services and Information Services. high net worth families and individuals. Europe and the Americas. including corporates and institutions. and retail investors. The group has also pioneered the concept of investments in alternative asset classes such as arts and films.

Religare Voyages The group also operates in the domain of integrated Air Charter and Travel. The current footprint extends well beyond India in the Middle East and parts of Europe. Religare Wellness Religare Wellness Limited (formerly Fortis Healthworld) is one of the leading players in the wellness retail space with a footprint of 100 stores across India. The Air Charter business is one of the largest in the non-scheduled space in the country with its own top-of-the-line fleet that comprises jets. The group envisages setting up a pan India world class retail network of wellness stores that would provide comprehensive solutions under one roof.Religare SRL Laboratories Super Religare Laboratories Limited (formerly SRL Ranbaxy) within 11 years of inception has become the largest Pathological Laboratory network in South Asia. backed by innovation and diligence. Fortis Healthcare Ltd . anchored under the holding company Religare Voyages Ltd. helicopters and turbo props. It started a revolution in diagnostic services in India by ushering in the most specialized technologies. The travel business is duly accredited for complete management of both in-bound and out-bound domestic and international travel.

including multi-specialty & super specialty centres. established in 1996 was founded on the vision of creating an integrated Health Care delivery system. Currently with over 2000 employees and presence in over 10 countries. Religare Technova is in the global IT space.Fortis Health Care Limited. the management is aggressively working towards taking this number to a significant level in the next few years to provide quality Health Care facilities and services across the nation.52 lakh equity shares. The group entities provide IT services. The companies under Religare Technova¶s umbrella are Religare Technova Global Solutions Ltd (formerly Asian CERC Information Technology Ltd) and Capital Market Solutions Pty Ltd (being renamed as Religare Technova Global Solutions Pty Ltd). which provides Knowledge Management Solutions. which provides Enterprise IT Solutions and Religare Technova Business Intellect Ltd. products and solutions. Acquisitions The holding company Fortis Financial entered into a share-purchase and subscription agreement with ACERC Information Technology for acquiring 23. Insurance. Capital Markets and Health Sciences. With 22 hospitals in India.Religare Technova sells information technology and business process outsourcing to clients in verticals such as Banking and Financial Services. . Religare Technova IT Services Limited.

has been awarded membership of the elite Microsoft Dynamics President¶s Club 2008. Religare Technova has been awarded the mantle of Cisco Premier Certified Partner in India Sub-Continent. Religare Technova has been appointed ASP for Lenovo. Mauritius ² a special purpose vehicle formed by it. ("RTL")(formerly Fortis Financial Services Ltd). The relationship is for a pan-India footprint and pertains to Lenovo PC¶s and Laptops. Awards and recognition Religare Technova. . RTL acquired 76 per cent equity of CMS through Regius Infotech Private and Regius Overseas Holding Company. which is a substantial stakeholder of µAsian CERC Information Technology Ltd¶ (ACERC) ² a leading capital market software provider ² acquired Capital Market Solutions Pty Ltd (CMS) ² an Australian software major providing solutions and services to financial markets in Asia Pacific and UK. a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. The President¶s Club consists of only 13 members across India.Religare Technova Ltd. Religare Technova was also honored with the µStar Emerging SI Sales Award by Microsoft¶ in 2008. The prestigious µAmity HR Excellence Award¶ was awarded to Religare Technova at the Fifth Global HR Summit 2008.

He believes in nurturing a culture that is entrepreneurial. Mr.Board of Directors Mr. Godhwani has given strategic direction to Religare¶s growth since his joining in 2001. finding new partners for joint ventures and scouting new avenues for the business. Sunil Godhwani. customer focused and based on team-work. Godhwani brings to the company strong leadership skills. he is the inspiration as he spearheads the company¶s management and global operations. AEGON Religare Life Insurance Company Limited. Religare Macquarie Wealth Management Limited. He has a diverse and wideranging experience of over two decades in managing large scale businesses. Fortis Healthcare Limited and other subsidiaries / Group companies of Religare. Mr. result oriented. vigor & a passion for excellence. Godhwani also serves as Director on the Boards of Super Religare Laboratories Limited. He is the driving force behind REL and its global ambitions. Mr. . He is on a constant lookout for taking the Company to new heights by managing various acquisitions. He has been instrumental in establishing Religare¶s vast network and shaping the Company¶s strategies in India and abroad. and Religare Voyages Limited. A man with a vision to create a global business of excellence. Parkway Holdings. a member of the board is also the chairman and Managing Director of Religare Enterprises Limited (REL). Sunil Godhwani Mr. strategizing and directing it through its next phase of growth.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Padam Bahl has been practicing as a chartered accountant and an income tax advisor since 1979 and has more than 27 years of work experience. Amritsar. He has also received a diploma in information system audit from SSI. He is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Vikram Sahgal has professional experience of around 27 years in the engineering field. Padam Bahl Mr. Sahgal is a Mechanical Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) and MBA from Faculty of Management Studies (FMS). Mr. Dr. He is a Member of the Managing Committee of PHDCCI and also a Member of the National Committee of Defence of the CII. Amritsar. Vikram Sahgal Mr.Mr. Amritsar Branch for the year 1998-99 and was a member of the Income Tax Advisory Committee. He was the chairman of the Northern India Regional Council. Preetinder Singh Joshi . Mr. Mr.Bahl holds a bachelor¶s degree in commerce from the Kurukshetra University and a bachelor¶s degree in law from Guru Nanak Dev University. Amritsar Chapter during the years 2002-03 and 2003-04. University of Delhi.

Joshi is an eminent Cardiologist and is presently working as Director of Maharaj Sawan Singh Charitable Hospital. Corporate Projects. conceptual as well as technical inputs. Beas (Punjab). Mr. He is well known and respected in the Indian IT Industry.B.Mahindra and Mahindra Chairman.Dr.He has substantial general management. degree in Cardiology & General Medicine from Maulana Azad Medical College. Mr.Religare Technova Limited. Preetinder Singh Joshi has over 32 years of experience in medical profession in India and abroad. Amritsar and M. sales and marketing experience in the IT industry. His skills lie in strategy formulation as well as implementation and execution excellence. UK. Delhi. degree from Medical College. Grewal is responsible for fueling the growth engines of the company by providing strategic business planning. Harpal Singh Harpal Singh has a diverse and wide-ranging experience of 26 years in the corporate sector. He has been involved with growth and evolution of the industry from Compaq portables to mainframes and from DOS to the Apple OS. Dr. MD .D.S. He is also a member of Royal College of Physicians.B. Maninder Singh Grewal Maninder Singh Grewal. is a veteran of the IT Industry since over 28 years of experience. He is a mechanical engineer from IIT Kharagpur. He holds an M. He presently holds multiple positions including Senior Advisor. Fortis Healthcare Limited .

A. he is an (Hons. specializes in orthodontics. Bedford 7 years ago. He has more than 39 years of work experience.) Graduate in Economics from St.and Religare Securities Limited. An alumnus of The Doon School. Sunita Naidoo. U. U. Ms. New Delhi. Sunita Naidoo Ms. Mr. Stephens College. Mr. She has been practicing in the UK for the past 13 years. She has helped set up and run a reputable practice at Clapham.S degree in Economics and a Masters' Degree in Public Affairs from the CSCH.S. He also holds a B. Somerset. J W Balani has undertaken studies at Broadhembury College. Telco and Board Level responsibility at Shaw Wallace in the past. . Starting with the Tata Administrative Service. California.K. he has held senior positions in Hindustan Motors. J W Balani Mr. Balani is engaged in the business of export and import of white goods. She understands all aspects of dentistry and is able to provide a range of treatment plans to suit the different requirements of patients.


Relationship Managers Relationship Executive .Sales Assistant Vice President-Investment Assistant Vice President .Investments Vice President .Sales Zonal Manager Investment Regional Sales Head Senior Investment Manager Branch Manager Manager Investment Team Leader Relationship Manager Associate Relationship Manager Asst.Organization Structure: National Sales and Marketing Head Vice President .



what doesn't. Microsoft Dynamics CRM.Enterprise Solutions Religare Technologies¶ Enterprise Solutions practice provides the right technology solutions to support your business plan and objectives. While our customers are concentrating on their business issues and creating their strategy. Today there are dozens of technologies that can be used to achieve any single business objective. Microsoft Navision. Our Enterprise Applications teams specialize in knowing the difference between business driving technology and technology driving business. from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to Business Intelligence (BI). This knowledge is augmented by our experience applying technology to achieve business objectives on time and on budget. . analyze. Business Objects. Our Enterprise Application practice helps clients solve complex business issues with a combination of packaged software. just as importantly. more efficient processes and deep industry knowledge. Our clients gather. Expertise in Key Technologies The Enterprise Applications practice maintains expertise in key technologies such as SAP. access and use information from across the enterprise to create value in all aspects of their business²from the back office to the front desk. we are solving the challenges involved in making the underlying technology work. Knowing how technology has been applied in each of our customers' businesses gives us unique insight into what works and.

Application Services Religare Technologies¶ application development and maintenance practice applies software engineering best practices to understand our client¶s business objectives. software testing is a key element of all of Religare Technologies¶ processes. Religare ensures repeatable. Religare Technologies¶ end-to-end quality function guards against costly and time-consuming mistakes and actually reduces total costs while building quality into applications. translate those objectives into effective designs. . This affords the company access to proprietary technologies and methodologies and means we get the first and best training for our consultants. Religare maintains alliance partnerships with the leading software companies across the range of e-business technologies. broad access within the e-business software industry is crucial to providing superior solutions.Strategic Software Partnerships In a market where industry-leading software may only be a few months or years old. Quality Assurance Led by dedicated software quality professionals. and to create and deploy high quality. Implemented through solid test planning and management. maintainable solutions. consistent and thorough quality in all its services.

Feature Driven Development (FDD). and operating environment is the key to efficient development and successful deployment of targeted applications. Java Server Pages. we use all available resources including user questionnaires. JDeveloper. Javascript. organizational web pages and talking to our customer. Our professionals employ industry-standard software development methodologies such as the Extreme Programming. Agile Development. goals. . LDAP. Java. Religare Technologies also has the ability to align our software engineering practices to customer-specified approaches based on customer preferences and local mandates. Religare Technologies¶ language and tool proficiency includes Visual Basic. Our software development processes have been audited and found to be in compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. Rapid Application Development (RAD) and the traditional ³waterfall´ system development life cycle. Java Beans. we know that understanding our customer¶s mission. C++. Software-related applications and technologies that we regularly use include Microsoft Visual Studio. C. To gain that understanding. AJAX. Religare Technologies¶ requirements analysis approach combines understanding of the operating environment with careful discovery and documentation of the specific requirements for the project at hand. Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server DBMS. XML. Object-oriented methodologies and UML.Through experience. Java Struts. and the J2EE platform.

improved customer retention. Integrity. Travel & Hospitality. employees. Religare Technologies is well positioned to leverage the group¶s competencies in the Financial. . Health Care. stakeholders and community. Insurance. Health Care. Travel and Information Technology domain to offer a strategic mix of new age Solutions and Services. Insurance. Retail (Online and Offline) and Telecom. Life Sciences. Our customer services are focused on increasing customer base. Headquartered at Delhi NCR. Media.Religare Technologies is a Gold Certified Microsoft partner. Knowledge and Business Process Solutions Religare Technologies is an emerging full services Business and Knowledge Process Services company. We offer flexible engagement models with a willingness to invest in the growth of our clients and their processes. Driven by values such as Transparency. enhancing customer experience and driving brand loyalties. Passion for Excellence and Innovation. Religare Technologies is committed to create value for our clients. we offer a diverse range of services to different industry verticals including Banking and Financial services. better efficiencies and reduce costs. business partners. Honesty. Our software development team has received multiple agency awards for the quality of applications delivered to our customers. Our services are developed around leading-edge technology platforms and applications enabling automation within the processes to drive higher productivity.

transformation and innovation developing competitive advantage for our clients in the marketplace. The internet and mobile revolutions in the world as well as in India have opened up the information super highway for the consumers. We have seen.Our knowledge services are supported by an experienced team of domain experts and thought leaders with a strong potential to drive efficiencies. Consumers. The accuracy. It today has more than 200 clients who . and there are no signs of the same abating. new technology enabled information businesses getting launched consistently. with new developments happening at great speeds. it¶s the entrepreneurial spirit which is making it grow leaps and bounds. in India. completeness and timeliness of information in customized fashion have assumed greater importance. we live in a world which is moving at a rapid pace. Information on diverse subjects is now available and accessible due to the web and mobile. Processed information or intelligence. who earlier found dearth of accurate and timely information. whether market or business or in any other form is a gap which is gradually but surely opening up. amongst all this positivity. are today faced with humungous data or information overload. Most information is available for free. While technology is the key enabler for the information superhighway. The Information Services Division (ISD) of Religare Technologies aims to be a leader on the information superhighway and is already fulfilling various information and intelligence needs. However. there are serious challenges as well. Information Services Today. at least for the end consumer.

financial & other portals. other financial service providers and management schools. It possesses a huge amount of financial content and news covering companies. listed corporates. basis it¶s extremely robust delivery capabilities and commitment to quality standards.represent the crème de la crème of the Indian industry. This content has been sourced. equity. Today. derivatives. . It has been successful in making inroads on the international milieu as well. mutual funds. banks. commodities. cleaned. economy. ISD in known in the market for its long-standing relationships with its customers. industry. processed and stored over almost the last two decades. insurance et al. ISD is an extremely focused information and intelligence service provider in the financial services domain. It is this financial information that ISD leverages and processes to offer intelligence services to the Indian capital markets.


The President¶s Club consists of only 13 members across India and we are proud to be the only ones who have achieved this in less than 12 months. Religare Technologies was also honored with the µStar Emerging SI Sales Award by Microsoft¶ in 2008. The elite club recognizes about 100 Microsoft Business Solutions partners worldwide and their constant dedication to delivering solutions that meet their customers' unique needs. active pursuit of product and technological advancement and impressive sales performance.Awards and Recognition Religare Technologies has been awarded membership of the elite Microsoft Dynamics President¶s Club 2008. . This honour reflects our success in extending the Microsoft Dynamics platform to drive business advantages in companies worldwide.

The prestigious µAmity HR Excellence Award¶ was awarded to Religare Technologies at the Fifth Global HR Summit 2008. Kirti Manucha. Post launch of Lenovo¶s Servers. Religare Technologies has been appointed ASP for Lenovo. the ASP for Servers would be extended to the company as well. Religare Technova Limited. The relationship is for a pan-India footprint and pertains to Lenovo PC¶s and Laptops. . Vice President HR. The award was received by Ms.

Religare Technologies has achieved ³Information Worker Solutions´ ± Competency from Microsoft. The Data Management Solutions competency is designed for partners who specialize in database applications developed on Microsoft technology. including the Microsoft SQL Server data platform. We have also achieved ± ³Database Management Solutions´ ± Competency from Microsoft. This recognition enables the organization to use certain exclusive sales tools and gives access to the online technical communities. . The company has demonstrated its excellence in selling. installing.Religare Technologies has been awarded the mantle of Cisco Premier Certified Partner in India Sub-Continent. and supporting Cisco solutions in the Indian Sub-Continent.


Teamed with Domain experts. We have competitively strengthened ourselves with deep understanding of Domestic and International Market needs. technocrats and professionals with Vendor Market understanding. Our Health Care and Life Sciences (HLS) solutions and services are offered with a vision ± ³Creating an Integrated Health Care Delivery system´. Some of the industry trends in Health Care and life sciences market are: Recession has hit the world market as a whole and changed the macroeconomics and business dynamics for ever. we appreciate business demands of our customers and propose the ³Best ±in±class±cost effective±solutions´. At Religare Technologies. it helps our customers to meet their business demands by architecting the required solutions. Our main focus lies on Optimization of functionalities resulting in enhanced end user work-flow by promising value add improvement to their previous experiences. Health Care industry is not . We commit to take this relationship throughout the implementation lifecycle and beyond.About Religare Health Enabling better health care through information Health Care Religare Technologies is poised to be a leader in the global IT space by pursuing aggressive business interests in key verticals.

it requires a doctor to be well versed with using the internet for medical purposes. Provider and Pharma necessitates IT solutions across blurring lines of business Pharma: Just-In-Time manufacturing. . where demand for medicines is likely to grow most rapidly over the next 13 years. are highly varied Many governments are beginning to focus on prevention rather than treatment The regulators are becoming more risk-averse As the medical website is provided on an online platform.recession-proof though in better shape compared to other verticals Interdependency between Payor. This is why our first inclination was to find out how a doctor views a healthcare website and how often they use it for analysis. How well versed a doctor is with using the internet directly gives us an idea of how well it will be accepted by him/her. novel delivery methods and direct to consumer distribution will be adapted from other industries like the automotive industry Health Care policy-makers and payors are increasingly mandating or influencing what doctors can prescribe Regulations in Health Care like Medicare part D and universal coverage directly impacts pricing of drugs in the US The markets of the developing world.

0-1 hour 1-3 hours 3-5 hours Morethan 5 hours 60% 23% 7% 10% When asked the frequency of visiting healthcare websites.The first thing to research was how many hours a doctor spends on the internet a day. so that the traffic of doctors visiting and checking out Religare¶s healthcare website increases. 50% respondents said that they visit a healthcare website atleast once a week but not everyday. 63% of the respondents felt that the general quality of the information available on . another 13% said that they visited healthcare websites around once a month or less. This indicates that there is a high potential for the product and the platform is open. The research showed that 7% of doctors surf on net for more than 3-5 hours a day. we just need to put in a little effort to bring about the awareness of the product in the market. although 13% said they visit healthcare websites daily. 60% of doctors spend 0-1 hours a day and 23% doctors spend 1-3 hours surfing on net on a day. Regarding the general reliability of healthcare websites.

mainly through internet media. while the treatment would be completely unnecessary for the websites are usually reliable. Although a majority of the respondents said that the information provided on such sites are reliable.Doctors are paid commision for using the implants. For example. the minority of respondents have a strong counter argument.Besides the disadvantages wouldn¶t be too highlighted. It¶s a procedure that has been around for a long time. Some was of the opinion that webistes promote the interest of those paying them. Usually reliable Sometimes reliable 63% 33% Sometimes unreliable 3% Usually unreliable 0% . dental procedures like capping a tooth has been promoted like anything in the past few years.33% feels its reliable sometimes and only 3% said that it is sometimes unreliable. but the sudden spurt in using dental implants has been due to the publicizing of these treatments by organizations dealing in dental implants. hence they promote the implants.

While 17% respondents strongly agreed that the websites are informative.The respondents were asked if the information they found on medical websites were informative to them. Strongly agree Strongly disagree Strongly agree Strongly agree Strongly disagree 1- 17% 2 3 63% 20% . This shows that there is a latent need for websites with authenticated medical information. 20% disagreed with the same. 63% said that they agree that the sites they visited were informative.

4 Strongly disagree 0% 5- 0% 23% strongly agreed that using the internet for medical information is convenient. 3% disagreed that using the internet for medical purpose is convenient. Strongly agree 12 3 Strongly agree Strongly disagree 23% 50% 23% . Although 23% said they only slightly agree it. while 50% agreed with the same.

This indicates the need for creating . 73% of the respondents said they were aware of EHR and 27% was unaware of the same. very few really knew how the whole platform worked. we next went on to asking them if they were aware of Electronic Health Records and if they would like to use it for their patients.4 5Stronglydisagree 3% 0% Having thus established that a good percentage of doctors find the internet a convenient medium to gain information. Yes No 73% 27% Although the respondents said they were aware of EHR.

Yes 83% No 17% This again strongly indicates that there is a high potential for the product.awareness and providing training to the users. in the health care ecosystem . 17% didn¶t prefer to use EHR at all. Reduce the information asymmetry. Objectives Religare health will provide health care information. in the way user want it. 83% respondents said they would like to use EHR for their patients if made available in the market. at the right time and place.

on common platform Offer transparent and power full information exchange in the healthcare ecosystem Features Search and select: faculty and facility Facilitates better healthcare Electronic health records for patients and healthcare service providers Content on diseases. drug and preventive health care.Bring together all stake holders in healthcare. Convenient access to information Website Over phone (voice) SMS Benefits to health care services Opportunity to be present on large health care ecosystem in india Be found increased visibility and awareness on patient friendly platform A great tool for doctors and hospital to regulate and schedule patient traffic Help towards achieving better diagnosis and treatment .

IT Solutions. The vision is to be Asia¶s largest Health Care IT player in the next three years and thereafter gain global leadership in the same. This deal will add more than 100 experts who have worked on these IPs to its Health Care IT practice. The group has outlined a long term strategic interest in the space of Health CareIT. ³Domain focus is what drives our IT Services strategy at Religare Technologies. promoted by the Sobha Developers founder.Religare Technologies Limited has acquired the Health Care Solutions business of Sobha Renaissance Information Technology Private Limited (SRIT). Religare Technova Ltd.e. The promoter group of Religare has committed itself to the Health Care domain in the global markets via various businesses including Fortis Hospitals (India¶s fastest growing hospital network). Financial Services and Health Care. This acquisition augments our health care expertise and provides us with the necessary tools and framework to build a sophisticated and efficient solution for any health care provider globally´ said Sanjay Padode. With this acquisition Religare Technologies becomes the sole owner of the IP related to µMagnum¶ Suite of products (Hospital Information System). In Health Care. The strategy will . ITES and BPO/ KPO services. the company will provide IT Services. CEO. Post this acquisition Religare Technologies will have the ability to build and implement Hospital Management Systems that are scalable and unmatched. Religare Technologies provides IT Services to key domains which arise from the group¶s businesses i. Religare Wellness (the fastest growing wellness retail chain in SAARC countries) and Super Religare Laboratories (Asia¶s leading diagnostic network).

independent entities. This strategy is being implemented through Religare Technologies. Healthcare Ecosystem Perhaps more so than any other market. However. and business missions. all share a common commitment to see that appropriate health care is provided. . health care operates in a true ecosystem. each governed by separate laws.have defined focus on B2C initiatives as well as B2B solutions for Payor (Health Insurance). regulations. Provider (Hospitals) and Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical related) organizations. The current health care system consists of multiple.

causing delays. A patient may have health records with several doctors. such as diet and exercise routines. And any changes or updates to these records may never reach the treating provider . as well as the pressures of the competitive market. Medication and prescription history may be spread across several different pharmacies. it makes sense that these individual yet dependent entities would want to share information and manage processes between partner organizations. each organization¶s charter mandates responsibility for a distinct portion of the overall health care process. Self-care information. private story. inefficiencies and even errors in delivering health care services to patients. and clinics. These differing responsibilities. the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Health information stored mainly on paper is scattered and disconnected.Still. A critical legal and regulatory barrier to sharing a patient¶s personal health information among health care ecosystem participants is HIPAA. at times create objectives and agendas that appear to be in conflict with each other. The Challenge Today¶s healthcare system is complicated and cumbersome.Despite this commonality.The problem is that everyone¶s health history is a very personal. may be unavailable. The privacy provisions of HIPAA impose stiff penalties on those who share a patient¶s personal health information without the patient¶s consent to do so. hospitals.

Currently with over 2000 employees and . Religare Technova IT Services Limited provides Enterprise Software Solutions.The Solution Put consumers in control of their health information. The group pursues aggressive business interests globally in Financial Services (Religare Enterprises). people can store copies of their health records obtained from several sources. upload information from health and fitness devices. patient-friendly applications. This can be done through the concept of Electronic Health Record Through EHR and the growing ecosystem of connected. EHR lets people consolidate their health information into one easily accessible account to help them become more informed and active in managing their health. Wellness (Religare Wellness). Health Care (Fortis HealthCare). and make it easy to share and update. IT Services and Knowledge Management Solutions. and access products and services. and trainers. coaches. provide their information to healthcare providers. store it in a central location. The product Religare Technova is the holding company for the IT business of a large diversified Indian transnational business group µ Religare¶. Diagnostics (Super Religare Laboratories) and Aviation and Travel (Religare Voyages).

Insurance.presence in over 10 countries. Electronic health record for patient and healthcare service providers. The product aims at providing better healthcare facilities by offering transparent and powerful information exchange in the healthcare ecosystem.a prestigious service with an objective of enabling all citizens with power of choosing the right healthcare provider based on his/her preferences. Religare Technova is poised to be a leader in the global IT space. The product ensures in achieving better diagnosis and treatment. The software will provide search and select faculty and facility services to all its customers. The main features of this service are Search and select: faculty and facility Facilitates better healthcare Electronic health records for patients and healthcare service providers Content on diseases. . drug and preventive health care. Capital Markets and Health Sciences (Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals). The objective of the service is to bring together all stakeholders in healthcare on a common platform. content on Diseases. Religare Technova focuses on clients in key verticals such as Banking and Financial Services. The company is launching a new product µHealthcare Information Service¶ which is an intelligent search engine . Drugs and Preventive Healthcare.

It is called as Healthcare Information System. Radiology Labs. disease or hospital/clinic. Pharmcist etc. specialization. Pathology Labs. This Information System is going to bridge the gap between patients and Health points like Doctors. patients would be able to find the doctors or medical facilities as per his requirements on location. They may even voluntarily respond to queries from patients as per their convenience. We have seen in the industry that there is lack of Information among patients and other people regarding the facilities available for them in the Health care segment in .About the Service Offering Find a Doctor / Hospital / Path Lab / Radio Lab etc Through an intelligent search tool. Hospitals. Background of the study Religare Technologies is developing an intelligent advanced search engine for Healthcare sector in India. contact information and time of availability and the services available. drugs and preventive healthcare. Health Content The website will act a source of relevant and up to date information on various diseases. Know a Doctor The service aims to provide basic information on doctors and medical facilities including professional background. Online Forum The website will act as a platform for doctors to come together and share their thoughts and knowledge on key health issues.

They are not aware about the places where they can get the required treatment as per their budget. Doctors can also use the facility of forum to discuss anything with the other doctors and concerned people in the industry. This Health Information System consists of a web portal along with the phone facility. This Information system is going to change the concept of Health services in India. They can also avail the facility through SMS. like budget and treatment facility. The questionnaire was filled by doctors and statistical analysis was done using pie chart method. People those who uses internet can search on web portal about the services available at different locations like doctors.India. There will be facility like taking an appointment with doctors and hospitals through phone. People who does not know how to use the internet can use the facility of phone to search for a particular service according to their requirements. They can use web portal to find out about different diseases. hospitals. People are not aware about the kind of services available for them. Limitations of the study . Apart for the search part there is a facility of creating a profile for patients and Doctors. This facility also includes the facility of taking an appointment with doctors or hospitals online. Patients and Doctors can store their health records electronically on the website so that they can discuss those with anyone at any other location. and the behavior of doctors towards the product was analyzed. Objective of the research The objective of the research was to find out the potential of providing a pure online medical website encompassing all the needs of the medical ecosystem. their symptoms and cure. labs etc.

Lack of awareness about technology among most of the users. Accuracy of the information collected QUALITATIVE RESEARCH . Sample size is limited to a particular area. Doctors and Hospitals are reluctant to share their information. Acceptability of the new technology among doctors. 3. 4. 2.1.

Therefore we closely observed the behavior of those doctors and come out with the strategies to solve the issues with those doctors. They still believe that their most important and efficient way to get patient is through word of mouth. We have observed the behavior pattern of 50 doctors and on the basis of that we found out the way we can categorize the doctors along with the strategies which we can use in order to convince doctors. In our study we have tried to find out the strategies which we can use to convince the doctors so that they can provide their personal information for our healthcare information service. As we know that doctors are the most busiest community and it is very difficult for us to get in touch with the doctors. . Most of the doctors those who are mature does not believe in the concept of internet for the patient referral.Qualitative Research The objective of our qualitative study was to classify doctors according to their behavior.

thus providing you some substantial inputs and references. Territory Management: have a prior plan for tapping the areas in your territory. ³Be Patient´: Sometimes it may happen so that u may be asked to wait for 15 minutes in a dental clinic. 7. Scan it properly. But. 5. it may happen so that the same person can prove to be helpful to you . you have no idea about it at all. a. but. List the advantages to Doctors & other stakeholders and for their patients c. It is very rightly said that people do not buy the product. 4.These following points should be kept in mind while handling doctors: 1. Explain Clearly: Explain what your product is all about and the benefit it provides to the stakeholder in healthcare industry. 3.e by being professional. Secondary Research can prove to be very handy. come straight to the point 2. they buy the benefits. Tell them about product features besides their interest and then. later. Good Listener: It may happen so that you are forced to participate in a discussion which is of least importance to you . 6. Do build relations: you can get your work done by letting others sympathize with you. Should have a through knowledge about the product. However its opposite can also prove to be true i. prior to Field Work . ³Be Persuasive´: Convincing skills are necessary. instead you have to wait for three and a half hours. Have a prior understanding of the product and the idea behind it b.

Handling Queries with effectiveness . Sending Collaterals with Visiting Cards works a lot. Carry some Filled Forms with you. Because during these hours you can get the doctors and once they will start checking patients its really difficult to talk to them 10. This shows how professional you are and you are not their for wasting the time of doctor. 9.Presentation skills are the most important way to convince someone. For example. Follow KISS not KILL Strategy. If you can talk properly and explain things clearly you can easily convince anyone. 16.In order to achieve the targets time management is very important. Don¶t Lie: You don¶t have to create any false image regarding your product or the company. 11. 14. Proper Presentation skills. 12.Filled forms can be used as a sample to the doctors and it will help you in convincing the doctors. Time management. Cold Calls Work.8.It is very difficult for a sales person to take appointment from each and every doctor because they are very busy and they don¶t have time to meet other people except their patients.if a doctor is taking a long time and asking you to wait so its better to go to some other doctor and take the visiting card of the busy doctor so that you can take the appoint for some other time. Visit the Doctors either at starting or end hours of his/her consultation time works. Rather than wasting the time of doctor and talking waste things its better to talk which is important for doctor and the benefits which the service can provide to the doctors. 13.Keep it short and simple. 15.

24. Use crèche lines in front of Doctors & Chemists like. Ask for References from doctors. they buy benefits¶ Categorization of Doctors 1. µSir.¶ 18. 23. 22. . its entirely a new project first time in India. Dr Old -these are not aware of the product.¶. Proper follow-up Avoid Redundancies Appearance matters. They matter a lot and save a lot of time and energy 20. chemists etc. You could also explain the things to the receptionist and collect the questionnaire in a few days. 21. terminologies. Use Appropriate keywords.17. jargons etc Maintain your calm«and «KEEP SMILING! And remember: µPeople do not buy products. Dr Busy -the best option is to take an appointment here. Have some Prior information about the questions asked in forms like name of medical equipments etc 19. 3. ¶You will be a part of the Platform which is nation wide. 2. The whole concept of search engines has to be explained to them in the most simplified manner. Dr Idle -³hard to find´ because Delhi doctors and healthcare elements love to pretend to be important and of a great magnitude even if there have no patients or customers to entertain.

Dr Young -³easiest target´. Give their totally insignificant and vague inputs. if you know that this particular person is just wasting your time and will not help you in anyways«say thank you and leave immediately without wasting your time. They would listen to your entire story for an hour. they are aware of the technology and love to help! Dr Quest-they are also ready to help provided they do not think of you as a spy or a quack. Dr Time-Waste: these are funny elements. Argue most of the times. Conclusion of Qualitative Research In order to achieve the target in the limited amount of time we need to focus on the above mentioned strategies so that we can achieve the maximum amount of information with less efforts and this is going to improve the quality of the information.4. show their importance for no reason. As we know that doctors are usually busy during their working hours and it is very difficult for the other people to get in touch at that so above mentioned strategies should be use. the best alternative to such a lot is to act intelligent. energy and a copy of questionnaire. You have to convince them and be best at your communication skills and presentation. . 6. keep you waiting for hours etc. 5.

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