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Speaker: ______________________________ Topic: _____________________________

Criteria Exceptional/Skilled Proficient Developing/Inadequate

Attention Effective use of attention-getting strategy (quote, Use of relevant attention-getting strategy, No attention-getting strategy was evident.
Grabber statistic, question, story, etc.) to capture listeners’ but did not seem to adequately capture No clear or relevant connection to topic
attention and to introduce topic. Attention getter is audience attention and/or lead to desired and/or speech purpose.
relevant and meaningful, and it seems to gain the outcome.
desired response from audience.
Topic & Topic is clear and argumentative. Thesis is strong Topic is clear and argumentative. Thesis is Topic lacks clarity or focus. Thesis is
Thesis and well supported; calls on audience to take recognizable and supported; calls on unclear or lacks sufficient support; call to
Statement specific action. audience to take action. action may be indiscernible.

Subject Depth of content reflects knowledge and Provides some support for main points, but Provides irrelevant or no support.
Knowledge understanding of topic. Main points adequately needed to elaborate further with Explanations of concepts are inaccurate or
substantiated with timely, relevant and sufficient explanations, examples, descriptions, etc. incomplete. Listeners gain little knowledge
support. Provided accurate explanation of key Support is relevant, but not timely. form presentation.

Rhetorical Makes excellent use of all three rhetorical appeals, Makes use of all three rhetorical appeals Makes use of rhetorical appeals but may be
Appeals interweaving multiple examples throughout the and has at least one example of each. missing one of the three, OR does not make
(Ethos, speech. good use of rhetorical appeals.

Conciliation Puts audience members (including opposing side) Puts audience mostly at ease. Offers Some of audience may be at ease, OR no
& Rebuttal at ease and offers respectful, well-supported respectful, supported disagreement to conciliation. Refutes only weak opposing
disagreement to reasonable opposition. reasonable opposition. opinion or none.

Organization Uses effective organizational pattern for speech General structure/organization seems Lack of structure. Ideas are not coherent and
purpose. Main points are clearly distinguished adequate but some blurring between main transitions are forced or blurred. Difficult to
from supporting details. points and supporting details. follow speaker’s points.

Credibility Sources of information clearly identified and Most sources clearly cited but fails to Fails to identify and cite sources. No
properly cited. Establishes credibility and effectively establish credibility and attempt is made to establish credibility and
authority of sources presented. authority of sources presented. authority of sources presented.
Eye contact Consistently and effectively uses eye contact to Conspicuous use of speaker notes. Seems Reads speech from notes/manuscript.
establish rapport with audience. Inconspicuous disengaged from audience for noticeable Avoids eye contact with audience. Only
use of speaker notes and effective use of scanning periods of time. occasional and sporadic glances.
to established an expanded zone of interaction.

Body Expressive, dynamic, and natural use of gestures, Stiff or unnatural use of nonverbal Body language reflects a reluctance to
Language posture and facial expressions to reinforce and behaviors. Body language reflects some interact with audience. Distracting
enhance meaning. Body language reflects comfort discomfort interacting with audience. movement and/or use of self-adaptive
interacting with audience. Limited use of gestures to reinforce verbal behaviors.

Voice Natural variation of vocal characteristics (rate, Limited variation of vocal characteristics. Monotone or inappropriate variation of
pitch, volume, tone) in Standard English to Use of rate, pitch, volume and tone seemed vocal characteristics. Inconsistent with
heighten interest and match message inconsistent at times. verbal message.

Fluency Appropriate pronunciation, enunciation, and Few noticeable errors in pronunciation, Excessive fluency errors interfered with
articulation.. enunciation and articulation. message comprehension.

Final Draft Draft of speech is nearly flawless. Works Cited Draft of speech may contain some errors Draft of speech contains frequent errors
& Works lists all sources and is free from most errors. with spelling, punctuation, or grammar. with spelling, punctuation, and/or grammar.
Cited Page Follows MLA format completely. Works Cited contains all sources but may Works Cited does not contain all sources.
have minor errors. Follows MLA format. Partially follows MLA format.


Score: ____________ / 100