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Adylene Guzman

Feb 23rd, 2018

8th period

The korean war was a time where south korean and north korea had conflict, when the
korean war ended which was july 27th, 1953 a war called the Vietnam war began. The vietnam
war was a time where the united states ​believed that communism was threatening to expand all
over south east Asia. Neither the Soviet Union nor the United States could risk an all-out war
against each other, such was the nuclear military might of both. There were many events
occurring during this war that led to turmoil during 1968. Some people may say that the Tet
Offensive event was the most significant to cause turmoil due to the actions, casualties and the
reasons why the tet offensive started.

The tet offensive was a surprise attack. On January 30th, the vietnamese celebrate New
Years eve. ​The offensive was an attempt to fight with the South Vietnamese population and
encourage the United States to back off in the Vietnam War. The United states and South
Vietnamese “forces managed to hold off the attacks” explained on This proves that
the tet offensive was the one causing more turmoil due to the actions made to scare the
americans and people in america believed that the war was unnecessary. ​North Vietnamese
and communist Viet Cong “forces launched a coordinated attack “ stated in this
proves that tet offensive was causing turmoil because Coordinated attacks were being targeted
to just the south of vietnam therefore the americans and the vietnamese were unsure when the
attack was going to drop and were living in fear at the time period.There was ​3,895 american
dead and the South Vietnamese suffered “4,954 killed in action” stated on which
means that the tet offensive was the most significant to cause turmoil because many people
such as americans and vietnamese were dying due to a purposeless war.

However, many people may say that the election of 1968 and democratic national
convention in chicago was the event that caused the most turmoil. People may say that the
convention in chicago caused the most turmoil in 1968 because in the video watched in class it
showed how protesters where getting mistreated by cops but the protesters were fighting back
showing that there was chaos and riots not just in vietnam where the war was but also

To conclude, during the vietnam war there was turmoil due to the significance of the tet
offensive. The tet offensive included a lot of casualties, unnecessary actions and reasons why
the north vietnamese were attacking south vietnam and americans.