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Lindsey Miller

805 Oak Street FL2 Mobile: 717-679-5209 “Why, who makes much of a
Indiana, PA 15701 Email: miracle? As to me, I know of
nothing else but miracles”
~Walt Whitman

English Education
Dedicated teacher concerned with the achievement of all students, no matter their level or style or
learning. Genuinely concerned with the well-being of each student outside of the classroom. Highly
confident in content area, which allows students to explore a wide range of topics and deeper levels of
thinking. A well-organized teacher with high expectations and the scaffolding ability to help students
achieve at elevated levels. Effectively created a classroom environment to harbor comfortable learning,
acceptance, growth, exploration, achievement, and a love of lifelong learning.

Core areas of excellence

● Creating engaging lessons
● Maintaining high classroom expectations
● In the moment problem solving
● “Students come first” attitude
● Data-driven lessons, projects, and assessments
● Implements research-based teaching techniques
● Differentiates to help students learn and succeed

● Millersville University
PO Box 1002, 1 South George St. Millersville, PA 17551
Bachelor of Science in Education: Secondary English Education
● Indiana University of Pennsylvania
1011 South Drive
Indiana, PA 15705
Masters of Literacy: Reading Specialist Certification

● Professional I English Education (7-12)
● Reading Specialist (K-12) *Attained as of August 2018

Teaching Experience
● Swift Middle School, Solanco School District- Quarryville, PA
o Cooperating Teacher: Lindsay Capoferri
o August 2012-December 2012
o 8th grade: All-inclusive classrooms
During this position I initially observed the 8th grade classroom and co-taught the first unit with
my cooperating teacher. I then created and taught the second unit on poetry. I engaged
students with relevant applications to the real world and scaffolded their ability to appreciate
and understand the classic cannon. I created a culmination “poetry project” to showcase
student understanding and creativity. I developed behavioral action plans and worked one-on-
one with the Special Education teacher to create an environment where every student felt they
could be successful.
● Smith Middle School, Solanco School District- Quarryville, PA
o Position: Long-term substitute 7th grade Language Arts
o November 2013-March 2014
In my first paid position, I instructed students in several content units including short story,
poetry, and informational non-fiction. I maintained high expectations, and an appreciative
learning environment. I created lessons, projects, and assessments based on, and in response to
data. I engaged student interest with technology and relevant real-world applications of
information. I implemented differentiated lessons, projects, and assessment to maximize
student achievement and learning. Parent meetings were emphasized, and I worked with
parents to assist them in helping students achieve in their highest capacity. In addition, I applied
student interest to content area to improve awareness and appreciation.
● Cedar Crest Middle School, Cornwall-Lebanon School District, Lebanon PA
o Position: Long-term substitute 9th grade Language Arts
o October 2015-March 2016
During my time in this position, I designed engaging lessons for both Honor and Academic
learners. I implemented daily writing routines based on research-based practice. I managed and
lead a group of diverse students within the context of content area learning. I also mentored
struggling students. I taught several novels, short-stories, and poems within the English
Language cannon, and introduced new project-based learning initiatives to improve student
intrinsic motivation.

● Lebanon School High School, Lebanon School District, Lebanon PA

o Positions: Long-term substitute 9th grade Language Arts, 11th grade Keystone-Prep, ESL
Instructional Assistant
o April 2016-June 2017
In my many positions within the Lebanon School District, I feel I made the most impact while
teaching the 11th grade Keystone-Prep classes. While in that position, I had a chance to teach
students with low test scores and low motivation. I learned a great deal about including student
interest in a curriculum. I managed a wide range of ability, language acquisition, and
motivational levels. In my other positions within the district I engaged students through digital
literacy, global, and writing skills. The district is labelled as Title I, and therefore while in my
position as an educator in this district, I operated with students through many various struggles.