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April 18, 2018

To: Directors Gagnon, Ali, Felder, Jordain and Walser
CC: Directors Ellison, Inz, Samuels and Arneson, Superintendent Graff, Principal Sirakavit
Re: Funding Resolution at 4/10/18 School Board Meeting

The Pillsbury PTO would like to express our disappointment in the funding resolution that Directors
Gagnon, Ali, Felder, Jordain and Walser supported at the Minneapolis School Board meeting on April 10,
2018. As a school, we have seen our fair share of cuts due to declining enrollment after the opening of
Webster, and we wrestle with the viability of our school every day.

We realize that as an elementary school, this resolution does not directly affect us at this time- we are not
losing a time allocation. To restore those funds to middle and high schools, there will be more cuts at the
Davis Center, and all schools will be shouldering some of that burden.

We are a high poverty school. We are a racially isolated school. We have a high percentage of ELL
students. We are exactly the type of school that should be at the forefront when addressing equity issues.
We have taken our cuts and we have made the best of it. We expect other schools to do the same.

We cannot bear more instability in this district. We need a structurally sound budget now. We need the
board to hold steady in the face of tough decisions, and support our Superintendent and his team.

Maybe we are more sensitive to this pattern because we have had a rapid succession of leadership
changes at Pillsbury. The current way in which the board is operating is distressing to see, and it makes it
almost impossible to position ourselves as a viable district to incoming families.

We are hurt, and disappointed by the actions of the board members who voted for this resolution. We
would like to see a solid effort to focus on the district as a whole, and not bow to special interests that
only serve to benefit a few.

We ask that you reconsider your resolution from the April 10th board meeting and find a way to resolve it
before more damage is done.

Pillsbury PTO