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Hatari Competition Calendar

This year we have a good number of events scheduled for Hatari and are
currently planning to arrange two more - thanks to our sponsors -
Darshan and Bharat. In addition to this there is also a plan to have a
wekend away - details to follow. Watch this space.
Sunday 8th April - Ice Breaker at Ricky and AGM

Sunday 29th April Away Day at Wycombe Heights

Jun 10th Stratwicks Trophy Venue - Wycombe Heights

Sunday 1st July - Chawda and Joban at Aldwickbury Park

Sun 15th July - Shay Shay Trophy - Venue to be confirmed

Sun 5th August - Mangal memorial ( Open) Venue - Haste Hill

Sat 25th August - Malaika Cup - inter society Comp Details to follow

Sun 9th September - Jagjit Open - Venue Haste Hill

Sun 14th October September - Jasmine Trophy Venue - Haste Hill

Sun 11th December - AGM and FED Ex presentation post golf at Haste Hill