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Directions: Match each literary element, literary device, or rhetorical device to its
correct definition!

1. Pathos _____ A. The persuasive technique that tries

to convince an audience based upon
the character of an author. When a
writer tries to convince you he/she is
an expert or has a unique knowledge
of a problem, he is appealing to ethos.

2. Logos _____ B. the choice and use of words in

speech or writing.

3. Diction _____ C. The use of descriptive language to

appeal to one or more of the reader’s

4. Ethos _____ D. The overall emotional feeling of

a work.

5. Imagery _____ E. An underlying message an

author sends to the reader through
his/her work.

6. Mood _____ F. The persuasive technique that

appeals to the reader’s emotions or
feelings. A writer uses this technique
to create sympathy for his/her cause.

7. Theme _____ G. The feeling an author intends to

convey to the reader about his or her
subject. Tone contributes to the
overall mood of a work.

8. Tone _____ H. The persuasive technique that

convinces the reader by use of logical
appeals. A writer uses logos when he
or she makes claims supported by
reason and evidence.